iOS App Development Trends in 2018

iOS App Development Trends in 2018

Application sector for iOS Ecosystem has rapidly increased in 2016 according to our latest survey Apple announced $ 1 billion revenue through Apple Store and iTunes combined with the in-app purchases and claimed to grow this 200% in 2017.

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Also iOS App Developers roughly earn $45 billion on Apple Sore which further signify the immense need of iOS App Development. Immense growth in iOS Ecosystem also states that their continuous supply and demand of iOS Apps due to which iOS App Development Company standards and techniques are also growing and changing rapidly with increase in new iOS based devices with addition of apple watch and apple pro app developers, are preparing themselves in order to match with the current iOS app development trends.

Here, are some of noticeable iOS app development trends:

Swift Programming

Swift language is rapidly gaining immense popularity among iOS app developers because of its all in one inclusive package of frameworks and development methodologies. Its modern compiler structure and architecture drives optimized coding via Xocde tool. Apple’s Swift programming is now catching heat due to open source and free development guidance for Swift programming. In Sep 2016 when Apple announced Swift Developer training application for developer’s network in order learn how to code in swift programming. It is predicted in 2017 that there will be immense usage of Swift programming in upcoming applications for iOS, watchOS and tv OS.

GPS and Augmented Reality Apps

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Navigation and Location based applications using GPS enabled services are already popular and most used application in iOS Store but now businesses are more keen to use these services in other verticals with tours and travels, m-commerce etc.
Pokemon Go in 2016 present perfect app example for GPS-enabled applications success as it combined Augmented Reality with GPS beautifully. 3D Games is another example where developers are expanding scope with GPS and AR techniques. In 2017 it is predicted that there will be more focus on Geo fencing application using Augment Reality and GPS are a powerful tool.

IoT- Internet of Things Apps
IoT became heard in 2016 when developers tend to make IoT based applications with 35% increase in apps on Internet of Things which made it more powerful in usage of interaction between physical devices and computer systems with the help of application. In 2016 when Apple announced Home application where you can control maximum physical devices with the help of Home applications (Free for developers to use) shows the shift from traditional apps to modern day interactive apps. In 2017 it is predicted that iOS Apps will be more interactive and will offer immense value by taking advantage of internet enabled devices interaction and utilizing IoT devices to the fullest. Message Encryption, Signal Sensing through Wifi or Internet, Rescue signals etc. will become more focussed in app development.

iOS Ecosystem has been considered to be the most stable, secured and privacy enabled platform from existence. Data Security has become one of the most popular issues and working Idea in recent years and Apple proved to focus on privacy and security of data with the launch of App Transport Security protocol which compelled iOS Apps data security. Data encryption and secure exchange in 2017 will be more focussed on by iOS App developers.

In 2016 Apple declared messages application API and SDK to be open for all iOS App developers hence we also predict in 2017 real time messaging and networking will be definitely focused and worked upon vertical. Messages app updates like new message effects where we can write text with effects, animations, stickers, emojis, reactions and handwritten text features going to definitely gain popularity in usage of other vertical or domain based applications.

Enterprise Apps
Enterprise application development have constantly been heard and experienced as customer real time interactions and user engagement features are needed. Networking between data and real time tracking or tasks are the major features implemented. There is an immense exposure in this pool of enterprise applications ranging from CRP, ERP, E-Learning and Management applications. Also applications specific to technologies like big data, IoT fused with enterprise mobile applications will be continuously be focused by iOS App developer in 2017

“iOS Apps are gaining popularity with immense selling of iOS Devices in recent times. Also with more open developers network and by opening hardware and software functionalities of iOS Devices and Application respectively will definitely prove to be opportunity for iOS App developers to immensely utilise iOS Ecosystem in a more efficient and productive. ”

Do you tend to get iOS App developed in 2017?

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