Why do You Need a Mobile App for Ecommerce Business?

Mobile is increasingly becoming popular among young guns, and with that apps are charging up too. You need to have an online presence regardless whatever your business you own. And when websites are done by all perfectly, it’s time to move on. With an e-commerce business there is an extra burden on the web platforms. 40% of the total eCommerce traffic is from smartphones whereas it accounted for more than 22% of sales. No wonder, why mobile eCommerce business is skyrocketing and ecommerce mobile application development is on rise hand in hand. 83% of top retailors has one or more app(s). But do you need an app for your eCommerce business, let’s check out.

People loves apps

According to TechCrunch, users spend 85% of their time on apps while using smartphones. This is because it is much more convenient than websites. No more remembering url’s, no passwords, no logging in makes it easy and time saving and downloading app is one-time task, so 78% of buyers prefer apps over mobile browsers. Apps provide less and required information at the arm’s hand which is loved by the buyers, giving people what they want. Apps have access to mobile hardware, which increases the performance, such as GPS allows better usage of taxi apps and camera facilitates use of barcode scanners.

Push notification

Push notifications increases user engagement and tell them the crucial information whenever you want. It ensures that you can send messages to buyers and also that they read it. According to a study, push notifications can increase user engagements by 3 times. 50% of the people signing up for push messages, wants to do know latest offers and deals which means they are looking to buy your products. And they are app exclusive. Also people goes for push notifications themselves, meaning that they are not annoyed with the messages they receive.

Better stats

Because apps interact with buyers more closely, they gather more data on the preferences of shopping, products and favorite brands. This helps you to understand your audience and then customize services accordingly, this will translate in higher sales graph. Apps lets you to interact with your customers directly and understands their wants through feedback and customer interactions which forms a solid loyal customer base for your business. 67% of the mobile shoppers buys only from their favorite app.

App is cheap

When a customer opens a website on laptop, he opens other websites too, which increases the probability that you might lose the potential buyer. While in case of app, you are bypassing the competition. Likewise, it is easy to maintain then a website and brick & mortar retail store. Thus reducing investment and increasing the reach. You can hire any ecommerce mobile application development company with affordable price.

As more buyers are switching to smartphones, the retail chains are also shifting their strategy and going for smaller screens. Thus having an app is a “must” for your retail business. App can be the bridge between you and your customers, that provide all in one solution for your buyers.

Ready to get started?

Fluper Ltd is one of the top ecommerce mobile application development company. Based in Noida, Fluper has completed more than 100 projects for clients all over the globe. We have complete expertise in application development along with the creativity to create tailor made app solutions for you. Contact us at enquiry@fluper.com.

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