Revolution of Techno-Sphere with Mobile Apps

Revolution of Techno-Sphere with Mobile Apps

The first “smartphone” was launched in 1992, it was called Simon Personal Communicator and it was created by IBM. Although we never used the term “smartphone” until 1995. The first recognizable apps come with Psion’s handheld computers with EPOC OS.

But with the launch of iPhone in 2007 and G1 in 2008, a whole new era started in the world of mobiles. Their processing power was so high that it could match aged laptops at the time. This was the time of OS like Symbian, where apps were not a priority and so, they were limited, full of bugs and unresponsive.

A year later, in 2008 Apple launched app store for iPhones and in the same year Android Market was also launched, this has started the fruitful war between the two. Since then apps have changed the way we live.

Technology is constantly evolving and apps are no exception. Let’s rewind the years and see how all this happened?

The Rising


With the launch of android 1.0 features like gmail, Bluetooth etc were offered. This was the first time that a top down notification window was seen. The app market had only 35 apps, but still it caught the eyes of the developers around the globe.

On the other hand, the iPhone was launched even without the appstore, it was only in 2008 that first iOS SDK was launched that paved the way for 3rd party apps, and more than 500,000 apps on Apple store today. This also pushed the iPhone ahead because of limitless possibilities. Mobile app development company also come into existence.

But apps were still not common. The word “features” were used instead. Remember the addictive snake game, it was an app too!

The Second Wave

By now the word app was the “word of the year” as chosen by American Dialect Society in 2010. The total evolution of the apps started with the Google Play in 2012. Now the apps were available for everything. Massive battery size of the smartphones fueled the usage of apps by the users.

Meanwhile in 2009 total apple app store apps download exceed 1 billion. Bigger and better screens encouraged the development of better and heavier games.

The next big event in the world of apps came with the booming downloads. Angry birds was downloaded 2 billion times by 2014. Snapchat, Pokémon GO also crushes the records of downloads. The growing popularity of the apps have forced business to get an app present on the store so, mobile app development companies are coming up with their app solutions for the business.

The Change

Complete evolution of the apps has been very dramatic and exponential. Today, the apps are way more sophisticated than they were in their early days. Responsiveness and robustness and has gone too far.

Real like graphic games are available, thanks to complicated processors. “There is an app for that” is a phase that we hear too often. Availability of API’s have turned the world of apps upside down. Apps like Uber and amazon have developed exceptionally on the base of API’s.

Possible Future

With the current picture, apps seem to take over almost everything we do. Release of movies on apps is one of the most searched topics. Download and installation of the apps is one thing that mobile app development companies need to focus.




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