How to Market Your Game? A Complete Guide for Game Promotion

How to Market Your Game? A Complete Guide for Game

Since game development is becoming easy day by day, more and more games are flooding on play store and app store. Moreover, game development is a completely different business as it was in 90’s. Games accounts for 75% of the total revenue on App Store and a whopping 90% revenue on play store. Over 500 games are submitted to iOS app development store every day! About 25% of total downloads on iOS were games only. With that number of contenders only better game play and life like graphics won’t bring you downloads. There are tons of great games that failed to catch the eye of the user because of poor or no promotion at all. Although there are digital marketing agencies that one may hire in order to get a word of mouth. But there are other strategies too that freelance developers opt for game promotion. Let’s have a look at them.

Take the giants with you

Big game development houses like miniclip and addictinggames offers you the space to submit your game under their brand name. Which means that you can get your game published on their websites and play stores and earn money through them. Minilicp offers flexible partnership solutions for new developers. These companies also offer services like help in development and beta testing. By publishing your game on these popular companies you can get hits on Google play store as well as on iOS app store. Additionally, you can get different API’s like chat and avatar creation on these platforms, saving your time and code lines.

Going social with the game

Very effective way of promoting your game is the use of social network. Facebook, twitter, google plus, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram are great platforms to reach out to gamers out in the town. Creating a page on Facebook and sharing it with others starts your game marketing. You can pay for Facebook ads they may come handy in promotion. Twitter also, if used properly can get you downloads. Sharing screenshots, gameplay and tips and tricks on social media accounts makes the audience keen about your game. Writing blogs also helps to market your game.

ASO is the key

Majority of the game downloads starts with a search. In fact, according to Nielsen, 63% of people finds their app through app store search. Which translates to a simple rule that easy game discovery means more downloads and here ASO comes into play, you need to focus on keywords. According to MobileDevHQ, apps with keywords in their titles have more than 10 % rise in rankings as compared to those which don’t. It is a very cost effective way to get traffic to your game. ASO is vital for small and freelance game developers who don’t have cash for best online marketing companies.

Review your game

You may send your game to game reviewers, YouTube channels and bloggers. This will help you to attract audience from their circle to download your game. This is easy and if your game is good enough to impress them, you can get the response you were dreaming of. Although reviewers may be hard on the game but once you get it through, you are done. Indiegame magazine is of such review sites that helps you to get an unbiased review of your game. Reviews not only attracts downloads but you may know what people may think about it and you may enhance your game before launch.

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