Google Daydream VR Platform: Open for All Developers

Google Daydream VR Platform: Open for All Developers

In September last year, Google announces Daydream VR platform. But then only selected developers were allowed to develop apps for the device. And with the throat cut competition from Samsung Gear VR which is backed by Facebook’s Oculus, which has a better app collection than Google, it was obvious that the US based has something to do like this. Previously only Jaunt, Within, Lucid Sight and others were involved in the development of apps and games for the VR platform. The decision is also coming in the view of poor sales figures of the product as compared to other VR sets. According to Super Data Research, Google shipped only 261,000 Daydream VR last year, while Samsung Gear VR got 2.3 million units shipped during the same time.

Release and stuff

Google has confirmed that Pixel and Pixel XL will the first devices that will be Daydream supported. Although Google also said that other manufacturers such as Samsung, Asus, HTC, LG, Xiaomi and ZTE will craft smartphones that are friendly with Daydream VR. AT CES, many smartphone manufacturers announced partnership with Google to support Daydream VR. Samsung is the leader in the VR category now, but given the reach of Play Store the spectrum of phones that are going to support the Google’s product, Google will not face problems in catching up. Google Daydream VR has a motion controller and is supported on Android Nougat 7.1. The device costs $79.

What Developers has to do?

Be sure to read Daydream App Quality for information on the usability and quality standards that your Daydream apps should meet, to ensure a great user experience”, says Google. The company has placed some guidelines on the development of the apps related to quality and features. The developers have to place the objects at a distance of 0.5 meters so that users can focus on them easily. The font size should take the 1.5 degree of the view of the user. There must not be any heating issue within 30 minutes of the usage. And other general instructions include that apps should install and run smoothly and there should not be crashing with unexpected errors. Google is also trying to make good use of 360-degree view. The company is hopeful that more apps will be available for the product by the end of the year. Developers have to download the SDK, which are available for android, Unity and the Unreal game engines.

What it means?

With the opening of the gates for individual developers, Google has created wide opportunities for the developers as well as for top android app development companies, that are going to enter the market for sure. This will result in the creation of greater apps for the use of users, increasing the sales of the product, where Google is aiming at. By allowing open app development, Google also creates the base of a whole lot more developers and android app development companies, give the penetration of android in the market. This will give an edge to the search giant over its arch rival. This growing environment will attract more smartphone manufacturers as well as customers towards the Daydream. However, as of now a standalone app Netflix VR is supported in the Daydream but it can show only 2D content, it is expected to roll out 360-degree view soon.

What an app?

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