Is Artificial Intelligence Competent enough to Supersede Human Intelligence in 2017

Is Artificial Intelligence Competent enough to Supersede Human Intelligence in 2017

With the plethora of predictions, Artificial intelligence is expected to reach the critical point in 2017. As per prediction by Forrester, business all across the industries understood the importance of Artificial Intelligence and are expected to boost the investment not less than 300%. The speed of Artificial Intelligence has amazed not only tech-loving or science-driven personalities but the general masses as well.

This terminology is far beyond the intellectual intelligence, Spiritual intelligence and Emotional Intelligence. Earlier we were into the deep understanding thinking that robots may not reach the level of reasoning as the human beings do. But it is quite astonishing to see where considerable proportion of the employees lost their job. As per the statement of an experienced Economist where he clearly mentioned that half of the jobs in British will be successfully replaced by the Robots. This action has proved the fact that reasoning comes secondary. All other things apart from reasoning for instance accuracy and efficient productivity is responsible for the appointment of the robots worldwide.

Concept of trans-humanists

Whenever the topic of trans-human is discussed, this is quite essential to know that the generation is spreading widely. This terminology has ensured that machineries have outpaced the nature. After few years even the human beings are integrated with the chips and perhaps the concept will be surpassed sooner. When we are concerned with the advancement of technology in artificial intelligence as well it is more likely to reinforce real-life challenges for instance industrial robotics and automated driving as well.

Although these algorithms have been introduced by the human being, but these have stimulated to make the human being as not capable enough to match the efficiency and productivity that it serves.

With the echoes of the latest technology by AI for instance Blade Runner which has intensified the further disappointment when people are dragged into the world where the value of the human activity and authenticity is as equivalent to nil. These inert qualities of human being has been replaced by the standardisation of the robots.

Machine learning- a big renaissance

With the substantial amount of investment by the investors, these are capable enough to build the silicon-based machine. Empowering the giant like Google, Facebook and Netflix algorithms have entirely underpinned the concept. They are followed by creating unique bits of codes that are proceeded to create computation. Although AI further propounded the fact that computers possessed with the sufficient advanced technology, which will be able to enhance and can easily replicate the human minds.

As far as machine learning is concerned, it is quite distinctive and accurate which is slightly different from human learning. Since humans are subjected to constant variations because of the influence of the emotions, beliefs and thoughts. The artificial intelligence of machine learning has successfully replaced the old functioning of the machine learning. This beguiling belief is frozen more in reality rather than metaphor.  While considering the rule of the metaphor, human has always tried to do something beyond the predetermined. But the computer metaphor has perhaps ignored this characteristics of the human being.

Human loves to violate human laws

Recently a trend has been exploded of Chinese innovation in the arena of AI as well as machine learning, with investors are enthusiastic to fund in the AI-centred start-ups even Chinese government has promised solemnly to allocate $15 billion in AI funding by the end of 2018. With so much enthusiasm of investing in artificial intelligence we are still explaining if machine learning more competent than human learning.

It is well evidenced that machine learning has been fiducially slaves of nature. It learns the nature without any distortions and typically works the same way as the nature does. But this is something opposite in case of human learning. Astro ML, Tensor Flow, Encog are few examples of the machine learning programs.

Capitalist economy

Coming into the generation Facebook, which further intensified the spirit of Capitalist economy. How can we expect the top of the pyramids to get the work precisely done by the human beings which are although considered to be a social animal but influenced by thought, their part of concerns and worries as well.

Materialist mind started to realise infinite energy which can also hamper the level of authenticity and accuracy and disrupt the monetary income which is the sole desired product at the end of the day in the world of capitalism.

The end verdict

With so much explanation it can be realised that the way human is unappreciable at the end of the day with his creator, similarly artificial intelligence is also unappreciable to the Almighty.

But it should not overlook the fact that human being has created the artificial intelligence, with the tremendous pace of the technology, it can easily be replaced with the latest version.

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