10 Benefits of Android App Development Over iOS App Development

10 Benefits of Android App Development Over iOS App Development

Snap Inc. which is considered to be the official name behind Snapchat, filed for Initial Public Offering (IPO) on 7nd February 2017 and is also planning in future to be declared as a publicly traded company roughly expected to be in March. Snapchat has revealed that app envisions to be more usage on Apple rather than on Android. Although it expects that consumers with an Android smartphones are not receiving the same match than its iOS counterpart really qualifies for.

But now the trend is somewhat different there are android apps  development which can make iOS users envious. The way Android nougat updates are rolling out, Samsung Galaxy S8 is almost here and the LG G6 is on the queue. Although iPhone 7 and even iPhone 7 plus with iOS 10 operating system seems amended rather than Android but there are still few characteristics apart from the feature of price which infers that Android is still better than iOS.

Diversification of choices

As far as choices are concerned, Apple is known to offer wider variety of choices with the recognition of iOS mobile app development companies who are working really hard to attract more of the users. But the models are iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone SE even considering older models, then it has still extended its tentacles of astonishment on three screen sizes as well as two designs to select.

But when it comes to Android app development services are modulating its steps with iOS. Android has also established its fame after introducing waterproof phones, more colours, different screen sizes etc. As far as waterproof devices are concerned Galaxy S7 is qquite competitive with the additional modular design feature. Android phone has also come up with replaceable battery along with wireless charging. So users have a wide variety of choices from the phone size till designs without blocking huge sum of money in a single device.

Android Studio

As far as Android app development is concerned Android Studio is a fantastic IDE designed and developed in order to create the most android app development. It is not only remarkably swift but efficient enough as far as its development is concerned. Although a project can be started without wasting extra seconds. Android was initially done with Eclipse as well as the developer Tools Plugin which has obstructed after the introduction of Android studio. The characteristics are:

  • With live-layout editor as well as Gradle-based build system
  • In order to create preview effect to run on the multiple screen configurations in order to create real-time app designs
  • It ensures better performance, usability as well as better compatibility

Google Maps is improved on Android

Initially Apple Maps are far better rather when it was launched but it is still lacking various points of interest, complete streets or neighbourhood and it still finds it on sending unearthly routes more often.

But Android, Google Maps offer wider transit direction covering a wide range of cities, offering better driving directions, an intensified deep point of search, which integrated with the smartphone so that addresses can be opened up into Google Maps unless you select an alternative site map.

Although Google Maps can be installed on the iPhone but it cannot be make it on the default app.


With the robust Java Programming language native android apps can be fabricated and hence can easily be ported on the other operating systems like Symbian or Blackberry very easily. It can also be easily ported to Chrome OS.

Convenience to clear the cache

With apps both more and more photos are downloaded, videos and other pieces of informations’ as well. If you are considering the size of an app then Instagram or Vine on the Android or iPhone then it would likely to accommodate a lot of storage. Although the app can be accommodating lot of data related photos as well as video that it basically downloads.

But when it comes to iPhone then it needs to be deleted and re-installed in order to get the space. While a user is focussing on the 16GB iPhone, it has to be done once in a three months.

Whereas Android is very easy to clear the cache, but this is although opposite as far as iPhone version is concerned. Nowadays even Apps are provided with the clearing of the cache in case of Android Software is concerned.


Java is although the most powerful programming language which can be employed on multiple operating systems. It is so versatile and convenient to use that one can easily fabricate for different operating systems and devices as well. Objective-C and Swift which are most prominent languages for the Apple’s development, developers are only trained to support App-centric development and cannot be further utilised for catering other operating systems.  Although Company has advented with Swift i.e. open source along with the Linux tools. But Java is considered to be the prevalent language for catering other host of applications as well.

Quickly uploading of Google Play Store

As compared to the rigorous procedure of Apple, apps found on the Google Play Store can easily be uploaded before getting it promoted on Apple apps store. As far as updating of the app is concerned, one can easily update an app at multiple times which is completely a different scenario in case of iOS when the user is introduced with the bug fixing.  The Play store is considered to be the most flawless platform for android mobile app developers in order to refine the apps as soon as possible.

The play store also help the developers to launch an app as either alpha or beta in order to pass on the accessibility to the public as well or either in a selected group of testers.

Android widget support is improved rather than iOS

Focussing on the Android, users can pick up the widgets that can be visible on the lock screen and even on their home screen. With just a glance of the screen weather information, a live calendar and various other information can be easily be visible. Although iPhone users even can add some widget with the support of iOS 8 that is already available on iOS 10, but they are still available in the notification centre.

Hence Android users can easily tap on the home-screen rather than be opened in the notification centre.


iPhone are basically used by the people who are considered to be abundant and hence they are pronounced more to spend on it rather than the Android users. But now the Android are even sharing the same platform and has even outpaced as far as profitability and lucrativeness are concerned. It has proved to be quite beneficial for the initial app-purchase and even in-app purchases. Like the freemium model is generating enough revenue for the android mobile app development companies along with the low cost involved in advertising android apps. Hence advertisers can leverage the benefit more rather than iOS app developers.

Android customisation is far better than iOS

Android can easily surpass as far as customisation is concerned. Although Android users can easily install new launcher that would otherwise change the entire look of the homescreen.

Various Android versions have already come up with the options to change either the colour or the theme as well. Samsung and various companies are coming forward to introduce the tweaks so that it can hook more of the users attraction. In case the users are looking for more control, then Android can be a better option to achieve more personalisation.

The last Verdict

Although the competition between iOS and Android is quite intense, hence in the future more strategies to maximise the user experience on both the platforms are coming up in order to manifest themselves best as compared to others.

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