Myths and Myth-busting: Android App Development

Myths and Myth-busting: Android App Development

According to the AppBrain, number of mobile applications on Google play store is reaching close to 3 million. And in this crowd, getting the right app at the right corner is a tedious task. Moreover, app business is comparatively new with respect to any other IT arena, this causes many myths among the app based start-ups. There are many misconceptions that an individual developer as well as a top android app development company faces while developing an android app.

And if you are planning to get an app for yourself or for your business, you must take care of these common myths so as to take complete advantage of the app.

Myth 1: App development = Writing Codes


The most common myth regarding android app development is that it’s all about writing codes. This myth essentially prevails in non-technical community. Although, this may be true in ancient ages, but now app development is lot more fun and easy to create. Thanks to drag and drop app development tools such as, Alpha Anywhere, EachScape and iBuildApp.

Moreover, what you need to keep in mind is “return on investment”, this way you can judge where to deploy hard work and where not to.

Myth 2: Users = Customers


This is again, a common myth among developers. They cannot differentiate among users and customers. The two words are really apart from each other, user is a person who downloads and interacts with the app. While customer is the person that is served by the app. The difference can be better understood as the person who interacts with it and the person who will download it for use.

The very first step in building the app is the research on the target audience. And to answer the question “why people need this app?”. If you get this answer right, you are half done.

Myth 3: Release = Downloads


One thing app developers and even android app development companies fails to understand is the power of marketing and the fact that merely releasing the app on play store or any other app store does not guarantee the downloads. The reality is, releasing the app is just a beginning and there are miles to go from here. To get the downloads and increase the retainability of the app what you need to focus on is called, “marketing”. You need to tell people that there is an app available for the problem that they are facing. This will increase the downloads exponentially, and you have got it right, retainability of the app will also face up.

Myth 4: Marketing = Tonnes of Cash


The best marketing strategy is word of mouth, and this directly contradicts the myth that marketing means spending huge sums of money.  Yes, you can hire an expensive marketing agency, but this will not be necessarily the best way to catch the eyeballs. Looking at the success pattern of any top downloaded app on the play store, is just the word of mouth take examples of WhatsApp and Inshorts.

On the other hand, we have apps like Line and WeChat that failed even after huge marketing. So the moral of the story is, it’s not important how much money you spend on the marketing, but how many potential users you can target.

Myth 5: Better Looks = More Revenue


It is common is both technical and non-technical groups that building better looking app means more revenue. It is for sure that better looks matters, but not to that extent. Performance and ability of the app to respond the user is more important. If you have built an app that is utterly good looking but it crashes swiftly, then there is no point in expecting revenue from it. While focusing on performance more and less on looks is the key.

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