5 Apps that are as equivalent to Siri for Android

Are you aware of Siri? Although the concept is not uncommon to be familiar in this technological ecosystem. But still if the topic is ambiguous then the story starts with the concept of bots. Putting it simply this is a kind of software that are capable to run tasks over the internet. This is the big umbrella canopied from the beneficial to venomous technology.

Search engines have used the concept of bots for future searchability which is considered to be the trickle-down effect of artificial intelligence. Similarly the popularity of Siri is reckoned by the trickle-down effect of bots.

As far as voice recognition technology and Artificial Intelligence are concerned, it has precipitated a yield called Chatbots. Siri is a bot analogous to Google Assistant. It is taking the lead in the ecosphere of digital voice assistant                . Voice assistant has gained popularity with the Siri’s integration and competence which helped in the accomplishment of different tasks in iPad and iPhone, but Android has also initiated alternate solutions tantamount to Siri. These apps have successfully established its existence in presence of Siri. But how the popularity of Siri augmented?

This has been exaggerated by Voice assistants which try to maintain the track of significant things that can make the life uncomplicated. Siri is no longer an only digital voice assistant. There are few apps that have flourished in accommodating in Android OS. If you want to test the same level of exhilaration in Android, then here are 5 apps.

Google Assistant

Like android mobile app development is modulating its steps with the iOS mobile app development. There are few apps which really can make iOS app developers envious. Analogously, Google has although successfully invaded the market of Voice assistant after Amazon’s Alexa with its intelligent service called Google Assistant. It was unveiled at Google I/O conference in May 2016. It was pitched as the new virtual assistant that was improvement over Google Now.

Google Now was efficient enough to pull the relevant information in case you have been using Android for a while. But after all these fuses Google Assistant started with a new bot-centric AI experience which brought new designs of the conversational interfaces.

But in case if you concerned with the compatible devices Google Assistant is available on the Google Home, Google Pixel Smartphones, and the Google Allo App. Another important feature which has still made it incomparable is navigation that proved to be efficacious enough to find the coffee shop on the way.


Robin is considered to be the strongest Siri challenger which is as efficient as Android Terminal. It allows to communicate with the cellphone via voice orders. Robin is efficient that enables to know the nearest burger bar around. It directly drives into the terminal screen i.e. the way to GPS. Similarly, the phones microphone can be used to tell the weather on a specific place and that would show the all other relevant information related to the weather. Robin has appropriately proved itself a great personal assistant but available only in English.

As far as navigation is concerned, it has not restricted itself to cater with the traffic information but help to find the gas stations nearby. Robin can open apps, play music or even can read Twitter feed. Robin is best used while driving and ensures interactive assistant that work for researching directions as well as parking in order to keep our eyes on road.

Dragon Mobile Assistant

Dragon Mobile Assistant which demonstrates the best stylish interface. It caters the approximate functionality of the most reliable Siri on android app. It serves the most personalised virtual assistant which supports the feature:

  • Send and receive text messages, posting of Facebook as well as Twitter updates, and emails that all serves to be hand-free by backed Nuance’s incredibly accurate Voice recognition technology.
  • Make appointments, set reminders, and can enhance searching of the internet without using of the fingers.
  • It gives the notifications regarding upcoming appointments
  • Even if the screen is locked, attentive mode can be turned on in order to wake up the assistant.
  • Voice can be chosen by creating the name of the assistant.
  • Voiceprint can easily be created hence the assistant can be attentive with only one command

Hence Dragon Mobile Assistant can be installed immediately or can wait next best for best app equivalent to Siri running on Android app.

AVC (Alice)

It is considered to be the digital assistant in order to get the job done. Alice ensures to do the things conveniently. Via Alice, It gets the useful assistant that only Android users can realize more than just one command. This app ensures satisfaction of instructions and can even ask for general information.

Currently Alice can be assisted with the following functions i.e. SMS, call, Navigation, Alarm, Translation, Facebook, AppLauncher, search images, weather, and many more. Alice ensures the opportunities in order to control the devices via web surface.


It is an intelligent personal assistant, which has the sufficient knowledge of navigator as well as voice control software which is specifically designed for the Android devices with the exponential increase of the user base. It can send text messages, gives the navigation and also initiate phone calls. It covers all the Wikipedia information, covering algebra questions that can also answer related to weather and time. It is a smarter option even though your first language is not English.


Although Google launched new assistant on the Google Home speaker and Pixel phone. Assistant can deploy directly Google’s vast library of internet knowledge in order to bring the answer you are looking for.  With the support of UK based startup called VocalIQ, Apple started up with the excellent AI and voice Technology which will allow the users to sync with all the Apple gadgets by using just Voice which will be useful for home, car and even AirPods. Hence it would be a tough competition between Siri and Siri on android Operating system.


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