Want to raise funds? Why not Through Mobile Apps?

In the mobile age of today, you cannot imagine any arena where mobile apps haven’t impacted, not even for fund raising programs. If you are looking for fund raising, do let the apps help you out. It is the most attractive and tech savvy way to attract investors and gather funds. With tons of business models coming in every year in the market, raising capital is not so easy. It’s not just idea that matters but a robust plan need to be in place.

And mobile apps can help you in every aspect from a plan to proper execution and gathering capital as well. These apps have created millions of opportunity in the tech world in terms of business creation and expansion.  Many mobile app development companies are already there to help you to get the right app for your idea.


Who have been benefited?

Some of the most famous and benefited apps that have gained success through fund raising includes, Ola, Freecharge, Paytm and Uber. One of the biggest fund raising by any Indian start-up is of the Freecharge, on 1 September 2014, the company received $33 Million Series B Funding from Sequoia Capital, Sofina and Ru-Net. And again on 6 February 2015, Freecharge further raised $80 Million from Hong Kong-based fund Tybourne Capital Management and SF-based fund Valiant Capital Management and existing investors.

The newest in list includes Zoyo, Townista, Highway Delite and MyOfficeCab. All these apps along with others have raised more than $1 million in Bengaluru in January this year.


What investors are looking for?

As mentioned earlier, it’s not only that idea matters, but also the complete business model. That is the same what investors to look for at the very first page. And if your business is mobile centric or you are focusing on the mobile strategy, then you must have a well build and attractive mobile app that will cast its spell on the investors. And that can be done by a top mobile app development company in the town.

Along with the app what need to be kept in mind is that if you are opting for the mobile platform, then it is important to choose the right platform and right audience as well. This is something that investors will definitely look for.


Why apps are leading the way?

  • Mobile is present and that is something that helps you to get funds if you have a visually attractive app.
  • Getting more technology oriented is the need of the hour, and apps comes in first row.
  • Apps increase the reach of the business, even beyond borders.
  • Apps are much closer to the users as compared to that of websites.
  • Apps provide direct and seamless connectivity between the service provider and the business owner.
  • Investors likes the working app in front of them because it is easy to develop more on an already working app.
  • Investors need to look into the actual face of the business that can provide millions of potential customers.


Ready to get started?

Fluper is there to help you to get the best app according to the needs of your business. We provide comprehensive mobile solutions for both android and iOS. We the best in class mobile app development company that provides services at most affordable price. With over 5 years of industry exposure, we have delivered more than 125 successful projects. You can reach us at enquiry@fluper.com.





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