Mobile Game Industry: Cost involved in Game Development

By witnessing the throat cut competition in the app market, it can be concluded that many app based companies will be in deep trouble. By 2018, only 0.01% of the companies will be able to gain profit. And to balance the equation we are about the witness the shift in the strategy towards games development from the top android game development companies. But does the game industry has enough financial potential? How much does it cost to develop a mobile game? And what factors need to focused for the pricing of the game? We will look into all these in this blog.

Cost Determining factors

Game cost, primarily depends on the genre of the game. Social, multiplayer, general and heavy graphics are some common genres of the mobile game. And all these have their own cost associated with them.

Casual Games

They are most common genre of the games. They don’t need any specific kind of skill to play. And they are cheapest one too. Most famous examples of casual games include, Clash of Clans and Candy Crush. With their 2D graphics, they provide good features for the user to play. These games can cost you anywhere between $50 thousand to $80 thousand. And they are among the high grossing games. Angry Birds, for instance stood at $200 million collection and is still running.

Small Games

Most of the games that are being developed now a day’s fits in this category. If you wish to sell your game on the app stores, then you need to focus on development of the game. This will cost you anywhere between $25 thousands to $100,00. You can publish this game at a particular price tag or you can make this game free to download along with in-app purchase.

Multiplayer Games

These games are played more than one player in real time over social networking sites or even within the game itself.     8 Ball Pool and Mini Militia are common examples of multiplayer games. Games that are deployed over social networks are developed using network’s development kits such as Facebook SDK for games on Facebook. These games cost about 100,000 to 300,00 USD.

High End Games

These are the best in class games, with high content and real life like graphics to improve the gaming experience. Shooting, racing and fighting are the common genres of the games are common areas that these games are found. Mortal Kombat, Need for Speed are examples of this category. However, there are some android games as well such as Real Racing 2, which costs about $2 million. Infinity Blade 3 is rumoured to have cost $1.86 million.

Other Aspects

Apart from the genre of the game some other consideration that cast their effects on the cost of the game. Although getting the right cost for any game is really difficult. Game development, just like app development is unique combination of design, OS and quality.


Choosing the right OS is very crucial for the game development as the number of downloads depends on the OS that you are selecting. Moreover, there is a difference in the cost for the different OS’s. Android is considered to 10-20 % cheaper than iOS. No wonder why android game development companies are flooding the market.



And finally, if you have tons of cash to spend on the marketing of your product, you can go for the marketing, which will further increase the cost of the game. However, it is not important to spend money on marketing as there are other alternatives for the paid marketing. After all, word of mouth is still the best type of marketing.

Convinced to get a game?

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