iOS First vs Android First: Why iOS is Leading

In America, where android is considered as the underdog, is increased in the number user significantly. In just two years from 2013 to 2015 android grew from 52% to massive 65%. In the traditional strong hold of the android is untouchable for the iOS. Asia, is one of such strong holds, here Japan is the only country where iOS is in lead over android. Others all markets fall in line of the android. While choosing the platform for app development, there should be no confusion in the minds of the developers or mobile app development companies, right? Wrong. iOS first is still in the trends when it comes to app development. Why? Let’s look.


Why iOS first

Although when it comes to numbers of the apps beings developed, android leads but iOS generates more revenue. This is persistent even after the fact that android phones are selling much more than iPhone. Globally, android phones have captured more than 80% of the market, while iPhones struggles at merely 18%. Yet, iOS first? How

Well there are couple of strong reasons for that. Many mobile app development companies prefer iOS over android.

  • Apple’s weakness is its strength. Less number of users means less number of devices and less diversity in devices, this makes iOS ideal to launch and manage the apps. Also, 80% of Apple users goes with latest version of the OS within a year. This makes it even easy to find bugs and kills them as well.
  • Apple uses Objective C and Swift programing languages which are way easier than what android uses, Java. Objective C is also criticized for using more words than required. According to a fact, android requires approx. 40% more coding than what iOS needs. This is an important point because more developers are coming in the industry every day.
  • Monetary reasons are at the top. iOS no doubt, provides more revenue. iTunes is made for selling apps not downloading it for free. Although some most famous apps such as Facebook and Twitter are available without cost, but rest are paid. iOS store earns approx. 75% more than Google Play. Moreover, developing app on iOS is 30% cheaper than android.
  • Better hardware and performance of the device also plays a vital role in edge of iOS over its rival. iPhones is considered to be heavy build devices with huge hardware capabilities along with processing power. Android on the other hand, have diversity in devices. There are some phones that lacks hardware power a lot.


Why not android first?

Many successful businesses launched their app on android way later than iOS. Most common examples include, Instagram, Clash of Clans and Snapchat. But why android lags, despite of such huge user base. Following are some of the reasons that justifies the status quo.

  • Google has much less adoption rate when it comes to latest OS and latest versions of app. This causes flaws in the performance and even computability issues if the version of app or of OS is too old.
  • Due to huge diversity in the devices, handling bugs is a difficult task. Snapchat issue is still burning over the same problem. Android app is crashing again and again and the company is unable to find out a solution.
  • Android makes an app available for free most of the time. This hampers the revenue of the business. Although it has in-app purchases but majority of the downloads are free. This is possibly the biggest reason for iOS heading the way.


Final Word

The platform of the app depends on the needs of the business owner. If you want to bring your service through an app, then you have to provide your app for free. In this case you should go with android as this will increase your reach to your potential customers.

Whereas, iOS should be preferred when the app itself is the business. So losing revenue by allowing free downloads will be nothing but foolishness.


Convinced to get an app?

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