Encourage your Business with Incredible Android Apps

Launching and running business in this impulsive competition is quite intense and sometimes overwhelming. Hence if you are sitting in the office, deadlines are being brooded regularly and breaking a sweat, then mobile apps play an essential role in getting things done in an effective manner. We must appreciate all the mobile application development companies that have taken initiative to create something amazing. Although Desktop PC is capable enough to keep you on top of all the tasks, but why keep chasing behind PC in this modern era of technology when you are carrying the most powerful computer in your pocket. But this utilisation must be proper in order to expand the business and provided with the additional benefits of being connected actively.

Undermentioned are few of the Android apps for business owners:

Quick Office

With Quickoffice –Google Apps, it enables to access, create and edit all word, Power Point documents, and Excel in their respective formats (DOCX, PPTX , XLSX) even if they are saved in their previous versions. It serves with a lot of MS-office-type-application which enables creation and alteration of reports, spreadsheets and presentations.

It possesses all the key components that can be expected to find within the word processor. Similarly in PowerPoint and Excel which ensures all the things to be done in a similar way with the comfort of a smartphone or tablet.

Google Drive

This is considered to be invulnerable place for all files. So, the drive starts with 15GB of free Google online storage where you can keep anything to everything from photos, designs to videos. It ensures deployment of files stuffed in a drive from any smartphone, tablet or PC. Hence wherever you go, it ensures to follow you. Since this is Google’s own data stockpiling solution, this application is totally integrated with Quick Office. It just looks to sign into your Google account and it ensures to quickly transfer to Google Drive’s Cloud the moment you make any alterations. It enables collaboration on all the files where you can invite others to view as well as download where Google Drive desktop application can be introduced in the official PC in case you are looking for a second option to utilize archives and records.

Google Calendar

Although there are innumerable scheduling applications as far as Google Play Store is concerned. However one of the best mobile applications for business clients are available at free of cost. Hence it gives the limited room to skip any exceptional updates from upcoming calls, business meetings, e-mail sending alerts to conference since this application compiled up all even in a single platform and sends an email update with respect to the same.


Skype is recognizably useful from calling, video conferencing to sharing of files. And in case if you have purchased Skype number then it ensures quite a convenient way of having business calls on a mobile device which would maintain the professional appearance. Since it is a paramount application, it works as efficiently as offline mode in order to send message to the client or worker.


It renders all the tools that keep you effortlessly organised from writing, collecting to capturing ideas as notebooks, searchable notes in a variety of formats such as texts, photos, sketches, PDFs and more. It ensures to access over camera to capture, get it scanned and comments on a piece of paper which includes business cards, printed documents etc. It attaches from Microsoft Office Docs and PDFs that can be used as a digital notepad and easy-to-format word processor to sync across all the devices. Hence to progress in this impulsive economy, this application is quite vital to arrange the life and business in a track.

Hence all the latest mobile application development companies in India must get inspiration from all the aforesaid apps. These apps are as incredible that by employing these android applications which will ensure you to be associated with PC without pulling an all-nighter by just employing a modest size of smartphones or tablets.




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