Apple Watch 3: What We Expect?

Apple Watch Series is at the top of the wearables, despite of all odds. And the company is willing to take the road ahead. Apple is working on the next edition of its smartwatch series, the Watch 3. There are many rumors and expectations out there related to this product.Many top wearable development companies are coming up with their app to make these devices more sensible.Apple Watch 3 is expected to launch in September 2017 along with iPhone 8.

Google, on the other hand has already powered many smartwatches with its powerful watch OS. This makes the fight interesting as the two are well known rivals. But above all Apple has always topped the selling ranks. They have managed to outnumber the sales figures of Google powered watches.

Although the name is not given officially, but the media has hyped the name, “Watch 3”. It is yet to see whether Apple continues with the official name of Series 3 or goes out of turn to something new. Here is an update on the news and what we expect from the upcoming device.

Design: Looks First

Two patents filed by Apple, suggests some exiting changes in the new device. One of the patent is for a smart fabric wristband that shows time and notifications. Another one is for the strap embedded battery, that powers the watch.

On seeing these activities, we expect to see a bigger and better battery and better fabric in the watch. Apple Series 2 featured a Non removable battery. This is expected to continue in the new watch as well.

Processor: Beast under the Hood

The Apple Watch 2 featured a Dual Core S2 processor, which was 50% more faster than the one featured in the first Apple watch. However, any information on the processor of the third watch is not available.

The customers expect to see a better version of the Processor, as the demands are increasing from the wearable app development companies, because they are coming up with bigger and better apps for the watch.


Battery: The Powerhouse

According to are port, a Taiwanese company named Quanta will supply the battery for the Apple’s new product.This is indeed going to be a bigger and better battery than its predecessor. It will be a better show to witness as the new product is going to have a strap embedded battery.

We expect to see a much slimmer design because of this.


Display: The Scenes

According to reports, the Watch 3 will have glass-film capacitive glass rather than ‘touch-on-lens’ screen.This will help the user in better screen of the watch. The resolution of the display is not expected to increase. The last series featured a 1.65 inches’ screen along with a display resolution of 390×312 pixels. Many users and wearable app development companies will get disappoint by this.


New Features: The Upcoming

Apart from the other features, Apple is going to focus on what it didn’t in the last edition, the connectivity. This time it is rumoured that the watch will come along with LTE connectivity. This was desired by many, after missing the connectivity in the previous model.

Apart from this, camera is also expected in the watch for taking those duck face selfies 😉 and making video calls.


Final Comments

Latest sales figures show positive results for Apple in this segment. According to IDC, Apple’s shipment stood at 4.6 million in fourth quarter of 2016.Which is the best ever sale figure in any quarter for the company. And since other smartwatches are also hitting the town, it will be exciting to see the battle of the watches.


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