Your App Development May Lead to Gruesome Consequence!

Are you an app developer? Are you fascinated with the concept “Jack of All Trades” and trying consistently to fuse multiple features in an app? Doing less with effectiveness is better than of doing a lot in effaciously when you’re into the app development. There are some most common mistakes that new bees in the mobile app development make usually. Such silly mistakes leads to the fatal consequences in the long run. Well not to worry much as there are several ways to fend off these errors.

Let’s dig in!

Stuffing Too Many Features!

This one of the most fatal mistake an app developer is usually found doing while developing his/her first app. Utilizing the tools for the better of something is good but excess of anything is worse. In order to survive with the app market pace an app should be concise and potent enough to perform smoothly with in the limited features.

Stuffing too many features in the software development for pcs might be useful but it leads to severe consequences when it comes to the mobile application development, there are several impacts of such a practice that ultimately effects the performance thus ultimately on the user experience which is a very vital aspect a mobile application.

For instance, there are numerous messaging application such as Line, Viber, WhatsApp and others but people at large are using WhatsApp due to its simple and easy to use features.

Interface Failure!

First Impression is the Last Impression! You have one shot at it and on the off chance that you don’t wow the client at first look, well, it is protected to state, you may have lost them for eternity. The most critical element of your mobile application, perhaps considerably more essential than the thought, is the plan. There have been numerous applications that don’t take care of any issue or convey any development to the world, however their plan made up for that bigly. Convenience is of out generally significance.


Your application, much the same as any business, needs an edge. It needs a reasonable favorable position over your rivals and in the event that you don’t have one, it may be a great opportunity to reexamine your procedure. Think thusly: your application should be sufficient that if somebody somehow happened to pitch you the possibility of your application, you would put cash in it. Would you put your well-deserved trade out an application that has no or minimal upper hand? I beyond any doubt would like to think not…

Being one of a kind and having something to offer is imperative in any case, before you choose what your edge is, you have to investigate the opposition. This is a pivotal however a frequently overlooked stride in the mobile application development process.

Similarly as in any wander or undertaking you set yourself, there are things you ought to do… and after that there are things you most certainly ought not to do. As mobile app developer, your homework is making sense of what those things are before you choose to build up an application.


There are various silly mistakes an app developer makes while developing their first app as they are fascinated with their skills and tools. They want to utilize every feature of the device from camera to gyrometre in order to provide a full-fledged application. Stuffing maximum features leads to the poor user experience and blunt designing features which proves gruesome when the app actually hits the ground.




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