3 Designs that Would Enhance User Experience in 2017

From the anticipatory design to personalisation 2016 has brought some great innovations. It has proved itself almighty that impelled from the startup to unicorn status in the middle of competitors flourished responsive design and gave the world an era of device agnosticism and mobile friendliness. It has proved itself propelling enough to bring transition where a web has experienced shift in awareness as sites have become convenient to be used, apps have become quite intuitive to navigate and as far as services are concerned then it has turned more delightful and experienced more engagement while interacting with.

In this mighty year of 2017, UX designs are expected to bring some time saving designs along with the smarter personalisation, niche area of differentiation in order to bring the area of specialisation closer. Similarly this year it is expected to advent the metrics measuring life impact and also UX as a disciplined management practice. Hence according to Raffaela Rein it brings a complete mindset transition from companies i.e. “Away from selling products, towards selling experience”.

Micro-mini Interactions

To create catchy and practical interface, hence for the human centred designsare trying to adopt by the top rated mobile application development companies where the users are considered to be the prime focus. The main motive is to create the app that can speak the same language by including emotions, colloquial speech and widely adopting come hither approach.  Hence by using the usability heuristic principle by Jakob Nielsen which clarified that the users must be clearly informed what is going on. But users always will be looking for the immediate response and there are scenario where a site really looks for some time before the action is being accomplished. Hence there are few strategies which can be followed to enhance UX by micro-interactions. These are

  • Highlight the ongoing changes
  • Pay some attention to the context
  • It must be capable enough to help the users interact with the uncommon layouts
  • Encourage browsers to keep on interacting which would make the calls to action successful
  • Here data input plays a quite essential role in order to properly visualise the input.
  • Try to make thee live tutorials

These initiatives are quite helpful for the startups to top mobile application development companies to make the most intuitive and interactive designs

Globalisation of Weather app

Irrespective weather better or worse, weather plays an integral part of our world. Since it effects our everyday experience although subtle and hence considered to be the omnipresent variable the way it has experienced the entire way. Whether its rain or shine we take great pleasure and tracking its course of action and planning accordingly. Although the weather pattern as far as past is concerned, it is considered to be quite consistent as per the mitigation of the need for constant. Hence to maintain the synchronisation with the weather tracking as well as vigorous changes in the shift in the near future to bring out the most authentic weather forecasts necessitates further for the vigilant weather tracking. Hence this is the trend which is happened to address more in order to give the seamless user experience.

Hapnotic Feedback

 It refers to the sense of touch as far user interface is concerned via virtual keyboard with the ultimate motive is to provide the tactile feedback when pressed and is considered to be the individual key. With the proliferation of high-end mobile devices haptic technology has also turned globalised and gradually experiencing transition to turn sophisticated in order to become more advanced in the upcoming years with the reducing costs of Electro Polymer Actuators (EPA).

With the advent of these advancements technologists have come up with the most innovative ways to modify user-behaviour with moderate haptic cues.

These are the three designs which are expected to bring the most desirable changes as far as User experience is concerned. This would further bring advancements and enable startups to motivate further to be enlisted amongst the top rated mobile application development companies.




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