Effective Ideas to Promote Your Business App: Get Reach Up to 1M Audience in 90 Days

1: Understand Your Target Audience: A mirror can’t be sold to a blind and a beggar can’t afford to purchase a flat, so it is very necessary to understand your target audience to reach the right people. For a live example if you have made an app of pink Cab then you would only try to reach to the female. Along with gender status, economy, sociology, demography and psychographic segmentation is important as well and for to understand it you have to think in buyer’s persona by stepping up into buyer’s shoe and it should be the primary step for every marketer before making a marketing strategy.


2: Design & Development of Mobile App: Although design and development has no direct role in marketing but it can play a role of a catalyser for the marketing of the app. People love to use user friendly mobile apps and to give people an awesome experience you need to develop your app from Best Mobile App Development Company.


3: Give Lucrative & Attractive Offers: Offers like Free, Discount, off, Free trial really galvanize people to experience products and services. A demo of your service can also be a good strategy to increase reach.


4:Use Influencers for Online PR: Few years back only well known writers, journalists & celebrities were known as influencers but now each one who is followed and liked by people are the influencers, it is the power of internet that let this happen. A person with 30000 followers on Twitter or Facebook would be called influencer so try to reach those influencers and convince them to spread good reputation among the people.


5: Promote Your App through Your Present Customers: Single word of a customer is equal to thousand words of a marketer, no any marketing technique can work better than word of mouth. Use your present customers to market your App by giving them special offers or a small amount of profit share.


6: App Store Optimization: App Store optimization is little similar to search engine optimization that helps an App to index in higher position when user search on search. An App store optimization specialist can make this task easier.


7: Google Adwords: Google Adwords is the paid platform to market any website or App and it can boost your business in very less time. In Google Adwords you can reach to the relevant target audience by using different features like interest, demographic, location targeting. It is also possible to target new mobiles on Google Adwords because most of the old mobile user don’t install new apps, so targeting new mobile phones or users can become boon for your business but to be successful you have to Hire Best Digital Marketing Agency.


8: Tie up with Mobile Stores: If you want to do outdoor marketing then outside mobile stores would be the best option for you because all the mobile stores regularly gets new customers and new mobile phone users are more likely to install mobile apps rather than an old mobile user. Mobile repairing shop might also be a decent option to reach to the relevant target audience.




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