4 Social Media marketing that will Reign 2017

Although you might not be the one who is wondering how marketing on top of the social media platform will change the impulsive scenario. Social media is evolving to cast the needs as well as preferences of customers and marketers. Although social media marketing has proved its existence in the world of potential development. The way it markets from a standalone product to all other products that are lining up in a queue, has alleviated the so-called outlook of claiming “social media-just a fad”. It is crystal clear that Social media marketing is here to stay longer which is attributed to one characteristics that social media keeps evolving according to Forbes.

Hence in order to find the how the marketing on LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and Snapchat will transform the scenario of social media marketing, here are some social media marketing trends to reign 2017.

Humanising Brands by using Twitter

Even the top notch mobile application development companies sometime overlook the ultimate importance of social media marketing, but the way it is invading on every part of the life is changing the considerable outlook of entrepreneurs. App marketers are dedicating their time and even platforms are even proving its existence and making things seamless. Like Twitter brand Humanisation. Although you must have found that people spend considerable time up front to understand how to humanise the brand not only to learn the quickest but see the most distinguished results. People do not just buy but they also get engaged, speak, listen talk and at the end establish a factor of trust.

Twitter turned 11 in 2017 which can be considered as a veteran. Although last few years, Instagram and Snapchat have stolen some of its users and even marketers which rose a point whether Twitter has gone stale. But the way it adopted humanisation, there is no chance of going it away in the near future. It has successfully recognised why users and marketers are shifting in favour of other social media platform and has started some few strategies that will again revive the ultimate glamour of Twitter.  No more one-way communication and start connecting with people from across the world to have real time conversations.

We still believe hashtags and content promotion are still some of the key aspects as far as good Twitter strategy is concerned but it would be wrong to just rely solely on them. Instead start conversation, start posting images as you do in Instagram and Twitter’s live app in order to broadcast Periscope. Hence the ultimate spirit of humanisation will be enhanced by creating tweets that can easily be replied to.

Exponential increase of Chatbots

As far as customer care and customer service resources are concerned, even the latest brands are also ensuring to enter the market by turning into the chatbots. In order to end up with fast and immediate response, social media giants like Facebook or communication platforms like Allo or Slack are dedicating to use Chatbots. To facilitate the communication as well as reducing response time, it has been one of the most important trend in social media marketing to reign in 2017.

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Evolution of Snap will result in increasing new opportunities

As far as enormous evolution of Snapchat is concerned, which is now known to be Snap has transformed the user expectations as well as major trends considering social media marketing trends which has dedicated into more of a moment-focused view of communication and has led to live content. It has successfully facilitated mobile oriented app development and also initiated with its vertical videos into the current of thoughts. But now, it’s dedicating more of its resources outside the realm of exchanging messages with the introduction of real-world glassed in order to capture the first-person visual information. So, bigger things are expected from this recently-renamed company in 2017, so that more opportunities can be leveraged.

Social Messaging

In February 2016, WhatsApp has announce the fact that it touched one billion mark which has proven the fact that people over the year are turning into private social messaging which has brought the expectation of shifting social network to social messaging app. This optimum growth of social messaging app are leading even the mobile app companies to encash without dedicating sufficient resources to the paid marketing. This is considered to be a great option for the Ecommerce companies as well.

Wrapping up:

These predictions in social marketing is expected to dominate the strategies of app marketers in 2017. It is expected to be a strong branch as far as SEO and Content are concerned. These are must-have’s strategies especially for those companies who are attempting hard to market their product within the stipulated budget. Hence these strategies must be incorporated with your strategy of social media marketing so that it can ensure long-run survival of the product.



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