How Enterprise apps are going to behave-Predictions in 2017

Although we have seen some amazing enterprise apps last year as more and more organisations are dedicating to get the most versatile enterprise app. Apart from emerging system of containers, cloud scalability, application monitoring, as well as streaming analytics, this is considered to be the future already empowered by the most advanced tech companies. Highlighting IoT and machine learning, it has sketched a comprehensive framework for the upcoming phase of Enterprise technology.

The new Business Engine API will go mainstream

Although Application Programming Interface (APIs) are considered to be the key-open software and is regarded as the foundation of any effective IT integration. According to Sven Hammar, CEO of Website Monitoring System Apica believes that API is expected to emerge as a key driver with intense pressure on the Enterprise application developers in order to ensure that APIs are working as well as deploying properly.  Although the main idea behind, may be more and more businesses are developing, offering as well as plugging with other companies’ APIs.

This has been a trend observed from past few years that APIs have enabled to use fully developed technology rather than reinventing every time. Hence as far as API economy is concerned, it is hugely dominated by the big media, tech startups and Software developing firm but even large non-IT companies are doing great jobs by building their own APIs. In the coming years, nearly each and every company who is IT forwarding will be look forward to create it’s own API.

Enhancement over microservices by machine learning

According to John Schroeder, founder and executive chairman of enterprise data platform MapR believes a link between promotion in machine learning as well as wider adoption of microservices architecture. According to him, 2017 will see the integration of microservices with machine learning. Last year, microservices ware focused on lightweight services and those who have integrated machine learning have been restricted to fast data integration implemented to narrow bands of processing data. Hence considering the machine learning, this year there will be development transition to leverage big data. Hence the main idea behind is to understand the new context of newly arriving streaming data by using large quantity of historical data.  

Companies will be dedicating to create more than one app

Although in this impulsive competition, it has been realised that a single app is no more optimal for the enterprise mobility. In case you are thinking a mobile app strategy which comes into the conclusion that you are more vulnerable to loss value across all the domain of the business which could be solved from multi-app solutions.

All business domain will realise the need of mobile

Although there is no doubt that app development has increased considerably and is accepted widely rather than few months ago. Organisations are collecting and dedicating those resources in order to create the most path-breaking app. This has come into the conclusion irrespective to the size of the business, it looks for all-rounder mobile strategy for internal as well as external needs. So, it would be wrong to consider that your customers are dedicated towards mobile over desktop, even employees are now for the same.

Businesses are expected to integrate with Generation z

Generation Z is also considered as the post millennial generation, that is expected to invite the workforce to enter in this decade. But what factors are influencing Generation Z to encompass?

Then this must be constant communication and extensive content sharing as well as various other options to receive the content.

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But the thing which is expected to bring effective change is the attribute of responsiveness towards technological changes and provide flexibility as well as interconnectivity eversince GenZ is driving new services in the enterprise at an increasing rate.

Wrapping up:

Although the significance of enterprise apps have been regarded from last few years, but this year all elements are expected to synchronise well so that enterprise apps are expected to fetch success.



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