6 Features to Absolutely Incorporate in Your App

There are almost a million apps available today and yet how many do you use? A few, I suppose?  Why? Because, half of those don’t serve your purpose and even if they do, they just aren’t upto the mark.

With fierce competition in the app market today, it becomes absolutely essential to decide what the customers want and design your app accordingly. Here, are some statistics to show the ever-booming mobile app market –

  • Users spend 90% of their time in apps compared to the mobile Web. —Flurry, 2015
  • 25% of installed apps are never used. —Google, 2015
  • 26% of installed apps are abandoned after the first use. —Google, 2015
  • Mobile retail experience satisfaction is low: 45% of mobile app users dislike their app experience, whereas 47% dislike their Web experience. —Mobile Commerce Daily, 2015

If one still doesn’t capture the huge market and its potential, it would be a huge loss. But, doing it in the right way is also important – know which audience to target, what they require and how to market your product.

User-friendly, easy on cost, attracted UI/UX – all these add to the popularity of your mobile app. if , you’re still not sure what is most essential to include in your mobile app, don’t worry! We have you covered. 😉

Feedback Platform

Company which keep track of its customers’ needs and requirements at every step of the way stays happy! That goes by without saying- if your users know that you care about them , they will automatically continue to use your services. Using in-app features and e-mail marketing, feedback can be gathered later to be implemented. Implementation is the key here – if you fail to deliver what your audience wants, it is no use. Moreover, it gives you a bad reputation of not being able to perform. This still doesn’t mean you pester them everytime to provide you with a rating to their user experience – that will just push them over the edge.

Myntra, the retail app, continuously keeps a check on its customer’s suggestions and is quick to fix them. That is why, today it could possibly be the reigning champion in the retail market.

Best UI/UX

Take the example of Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp – even children know how to operate these. Why? Their easy interface helps anyone from a kid to a full-grown adult to connect with it easily. That said, fresh and innovative content always appeals to the masses and would earn you extra bonus points. But, most importantly, keep it simple – a person shouldn’t take hours just to register himself in. And for this proper planning of application is  required. But at the end, you will find all these extremely beneficial.



Who wouldn’t like a personal note of thanks from their favourite brand? Well i would! If that is the case, it’s important to create an experience for your user that customises to his needs and provides you with exactly what you need.

The more opportunities the user has to tailor the app to her own taste, the less chance that you will get something wrong. And, if you do, it will simply be adjusted by the user. In addition to that, if you provide default information in spaces, your user won’t get frustrated entering the same information again and again.  Airbnb, Starbucks, Puma, Facebook could be our favourites in the field.

Social Media Login

You see an interesting app – download it – open it, but what do you see? The registration process! Arghh! It definitely is the most annoying part. But, what can make this process easier is by logging in through your social media login. That way one won’t have to go through all the hassles of remembering another password.

Different from your website

With people usually using smartphones to access information, it is essential to create an app to market your services. But, if your app isn’t any different from your website, that is, if it doesn’t offer fresh and innovative content, what use is it of really?  The content in it must be something that is impossible to gain from your website.

Stop building apps that are just big web browsers, and focus on pushing relevant information and delivering a richer experience that is beyond what your mobile website can do.

Offline usability

You are on 2G but you want to send that e-mail immediately and it just won’t go. It’s frustrating to users when an app is entirely unusable just because they have a weak signal. Try to incorporate content into your app that serves its utility both online and offline. It’ll make for a positive user experience while your users are on-the-go, online or off.


In today’s world it is essential to capture the mobile app market effectively. With people connected to each other across seas, and information available from around the world, it is no more difficult to get your message across. With just the right technique and strategy one can master this field to the T!



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