Develop Your Mobile Application in the Shortest Time Possible

Are you an Entrepreneur and looking for an easy way to maximize your business operation?

Mobile Applications can be the best solution for you to target a wider customer base and increase your ROI.

However, if you are not a developer and new to this field, then the entire concept can be a bit tricky for you. The process of developing a Smart Phone Application is quite a lengthy process. The link below describes the entire application development process.

There is huge competition in the market. Someone or the other is coming up with different innovative ideas. Hence you cannot waste time on the lengthy pocess of developing the application. So you require ways to shorten the process.

This article will give you a detailed idea of the steps that you can take to simplify the Mobile Application Development Process and launch your product before anybody gets a chance to steal the idea away from you and encash on it.


  • Get your guiding blueprint ready:

It is very important to chalk out a simple, less complicated Wireframes or layout of your mobile application right from its design stage to architectural view. It is a rough blueprint that gives your developers an idea about your basic concept and help you to stage your future steps accurately. Through the simplified blueprint, you can easily let everyone in the development team understand the direction of the app and the steps to be taken to reach there. This will save a lot of time by getting everyone on the same page as early as possible.

  • Make use of Agile or User-friendly Technology:

Agile technology simplifies the process of development for the developers. Post launching of the application will lead to many future updates and require quick addressing of bugs. This technology helps developers to issue such changes quickly and keep the apps updated.

  • Launch your MVP on the field soon:

Rather than entering the market with a fully formed and robust product, it is always better to launch a minimal value product or MVP into the market and draw user feedback on it. Start developing the rest of its features based on the useful customer feedbacks. This will increase the user connectivity, who will provide you with valuable inputs on how the app will develop from here onwards. It is always better to release continuous short updates, say, every day which will ensure a better quality product overall.

  • Consider Cross-platform Hybrid Solution:

Cross-platform hybrid solutions, like Adobe Phonegap and Xamarin, allow you to use a single codebase to target multiple platforms, rather than writing native code for each platform separately. You build once and get two apps, for both Android and iOS platforms. However, they have few drawbacks. Hybrid apps fail to handle animations smoothly and often occupy a substantial amount of memory.

  • Offload the extra and raise work efficiency:

You have to find out ways to make your mobile application engaging to your end users. Mobile engagement platforms are full of pre-made tools or applets examples that you can choose from and add to your core product without the need to spend time on additional coding.

  • Outsource the non-core activities:

It is always better to outsource the non-core elements, extra features or small elements that individually bite away the apps launching time. Hence you can easily complete more work within a same frame of time.

  • Automated testing to ensure security:

It is always better to go for automated testing. You can run a series of tests that would otherwise take hours to complete manually. By speeding up testing, you will be able to expand test coverage in the same amount of time, and you’ll be much more confident that your code is bug-free. Eg: Automated testing software on the market is Appium.


The above steps will guide you to properly develop your Mobile Application and launch it in the market within the shortest time possible.

Time is a very important asset. You need to grab the opportunity while it is still there for you. So if you have an idea to encash upon, the above described steps will help you to quickly convert your idea into a reality before someone else steals it from you.

Fluper believes in streamlining the apps development process, thereby concentrating only on the core aspects of the process and outsourcing the subsidiary elements from external processes.

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