Essential Tools for Cross Platform Mobile App Development

Do you wish to develop mobile applications?? Are you wasting your precious time searching for the most appropriate ones??

Well! this article will provide you with proper guidance to aid you in app building.

Mobile devices have become our main source of entertainment and is seeping into the core of the commercial industry. People look for platforms and tools that can be used to develop mobile applications capable of running on diverse platforms.

Everybody is developing an application and it is has become imperative to get the tools that will support any mobile device configuration.

What do you know about Cross Platform in Mobile Application???

It is a platform that allows the creation of applications that are compatible with multiple mobile operating system.

The rising trend in the business world is referred to as BYOD( Bring your own device) that encourages employees to bring their personal mobile device in the workplace instead of using the traditional desktop computers or company provided phones for accessing company data and applications. Thus these companies develop Corporate Mobile Application and send them to their employees’ mobile devices that function on diverse networks and use different Operating Systems.

Hence, the best solution for such companies is to make use of the cross platform to developing their corporate app. This involve  a company developing the original app on a native platform (which could be iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry/RIM, etc.) or developing the original app in a singular environment for development that will then allow the app to be sent to many different native platforms.

Reasons to opt for cross-platform app development?

There are quite a few advantages received from harnessing this concept that encourages enterprises to opt for this platform more and more.

  • Save human hours
  • Unnecessary waste of human effort to build and launch multiple mobile apps across numerous platforms.
  • Cost effective
  • Convenience

To develop applications on a cross platform requires supportive tools and devices.

Let us brief on the top five mobile app development tools:


  • Xamarin:-


It is a most preferred tool for cross-platform mobile development among multiple global brands. The multiple features permits the base code to be shared among many platforms. One key feature of this tool is its automation testing provision that allows faster uploading of the apps with zero bugs. Also it allows the app testing on multiple devices through cloud service. It allows integration of platform specific features the applications using effects, messaging center etc.

  • Sencha:-

This is the most preferred platform for IT giants like Google, Samsung, CNN. It builds apps in HTML5 and the code can be translated into Operating Systems like Android or iOS. It facilitates designing, developing and testing in parallel in a single interface. It saves time with the avoidance of manually penning down codes.

  • PhoneGap:-

It is a free tool owned by Adobe and used for app development for iPhone and Android. It is based on Apache Cordova that convert codes written in CSS, HTML5, or JavaScript to Native OS. Flexibility is the key advantage of this tool allowing the applications, once coded, to run on any device.  

  • Appcelerator:-

Apache is a free and open source cross platform web server software. Apache has created the tool- Appcelerator tool to save an App developer’s time. It uses JavaScript to writ its’ code down with an MVC framework. The code once written can be reused over and over again. It makes use of titanium SDK to create native Android and iOS apps. But no compromise is done on the rich and engaging user experience that native mobile applications offer.

  • Cocos2d:-

This particular cross-platform tool has integrated functionalities for building mobile applications, games, interactive programs etc. They develop 2D apps and provide options for coding in multiple languages. It develops a single code base for mobiles, websites as well as consoles, enabling developers to create many applications for multiple platforms.

Summing Up:

Cross platform saves a lot of time and money for the Application developers, where they can make use of the single code once created to program several apps on multiple platforms.  

So if you are a first time developer, one of the above-mentioned tools can definitely seek to serve your key requirement.

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