6 Benefits of an iOS Mobile app

The first and the most important step in the development of a mobile app development is its designing for one needs a top-notch user experience. Don’t you? But where you develop is equally important. One needs to choose from the various platforms available to develop their app.

The most popular ones include Android and IOS. Even though Android leads the game with over 2 million apps, many businesses still consider the IOS platform better with its various advantages.

Apple falls a leg behind in this race, because of the unaffordability of its devices. But, times are changing now: with an increase in the income of people, more number of consumers are able to buy Apple phones. Thus, the apple market seems to be continuously booming with a large group preferring IOS over Android.

Listed below are the various reasons to prefer IOS.

Best User interface

Even though Android outnumbers IOS in the number of apps, but the latter’s quality remains unmatched. Apple does not allow Skinning and subsequently allows its users to upgrade to new versions resulting in a more consistent and enhanced user experience. Fragmentation in Android devices doesn’t seem to be a cause of concern for its competitor.

Other features in IOS valuable to a business setup include its superior brand, flawless software system, faultless hardware, high-end security and consistent customer support. Moreover, IOS icons are much appealing and pleasant, they are designed aesthetically and some folders and apps show notifications even without logging.

 No Carrier Data

Too much of anything is also harmful; somehow this seems to be true for Android. With over 2 million apps, chances of third-party applications with compromised quality and charging exorbitant subscription rates, become higher.

Here, Apple is a step ahead as it doesn’t allow any junk or unnecessary apps.

Better Virtual Assistant

With Siri, you don’t need a personal assistant anymore! Everything from playing your favorite music to reminding about your friend’s birthday can be achieved by a simple command.

With Siri, you feel just like you’re talking to your best friend all thanks to its natural processing language.

Better Power Management

With 100% battery you start your day, but by the end of it, you’re struggling to make a call.

Most Android application devlopment  users suffer the same fate. Here, again iOS is ahead. One of the reasons being that iOS is very repulsive to all third party apps that run in background. Another reason is that iPhone 4S does not provide LTE support. With these reasons, any consumer would be attracted to buy their products.

Better Support for USB audio devices

With different ports for charging your phone to connecting your earphones, Android still doesn’t provide the facility of hosting your audio devices via a USB port whereas iOS Devices can record and play audio with their standard USB devices.

With the cinematic industry taking a leap and the east-west divide dissolving, more and people listen to songs and watch movies from all around the world. That said, Prospective buyers lay more emphasis on smartphones that support good audio features and music on iOS devices sounds extremely good.


Having trouble connecting your device with another device? Unlike Android, iOS devices are always compliant with each other. Having already accomplished that, Mobile app developers can focus more on the graphics and a better user experience. Having advanced functionalities and higher processor speeds with huge storage, iPhone users can use small and feature-rich applications that can be developed using Human Interface Guidelines used for iOS development.

iPhone and iPads are being increasingly used by business classes as well as making their way into our young and youthful generation. Also, leaving no stone unturned, Apple has now decided to include Bluetooth in its devices henceforth.
Android vs iOS

Even though both offer their own share of advantages, as a mobile app developer working on an iOS platform would definitely be beneficial with the ability to code easily, low fragmentation and wider audience reach.

The bottom line still remains that most of the popular apps are available across both platforms. So, the ball lies in your court to analyze which one to go for.


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