7 Illegal iOS Apps Removed from Apple Store

There are shortcuts to everything. Now, when WhatsApp updated its privacy settings enabling users to keep their “last seens”, profile pictures and statuses private, there came another to exactly evade this. Before YouTube itself provided the option for an offline download, there was an app to download the videos free of cost. But, too soon were these taken down because of various reasons most popular of them being malicious content and copyright issues.

Seeing as Apple has a stringent security policy, most third-party apps don’t last long. Here we look at some illegal iOS apps that have been removed by Apple.

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This Nintendo emulator lasted only a couple of before it was taken down due to copyright issues. It allowed users to play full Nintendo games on their iPhones and even had multi-touch support making it a very popular but a controversial app nonetheless.

Weed Firm

This illegal iOS app reached the No.1 spot in the Apple Store’s free app section. The popular weed growing inspired game features a unique, fictional role-playing adventure for you to cultivate your marijuana fantasies. This game was pulled off by Apple because of unsaid reasons.

Send Me To Heaven

This iOS app wasn’t taken down due to malicious content or copyright issues but only because it measures how high a user throws their iDevice in the air and obviously Apple wouldn’t be too happy with it. Talking to its developer, Petr Svarovsky, confirmed that he wanted people to destroy their expensive mobile devices.


Try as you might but you won’t find a single app transacting in the Bitcoin currency. A 1 million user strong app, BlockChain is the latest of the apps to be removed by Apple – this one owing to the fact that Bitcoin still isn’t a recognized form of currency in many parts of the world.   


Have you wanted to delete the News, Stocks and other unusable in-built apps of your iPhone? Well, with HiddenApps you could hide them if not delete and also get rid of the iAds that keep bugging you. But, before you could get your hands on this useful app , it was removed by Apple Store.


With EyeTv one could easily live stream TV using the iPhone’s 3G network. Initially, only recordings could be viewed but now one can easily stream live TV. Owing to the violation of Apple’s contract with AT&T, it pulled the rug from under Eye TV.

Flappy Bird

This extremely popular game was taken down for reasons totally different from the ones mentioned above. Not apple but its own developer Dong Nguyen pulled this iOS app down because he was was bothered by the onslaught of media attention and messages from those addicted to Flappy Bird.

Fluper banner


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