Top Frameworks For Android Development

Android is the greatest platform for mobile devices, which has capability to run millions of mobile phones in more than 200 countries. This particular post is aimed to provide information about the most popular frameworks for Android App development. In this post, I have provided a bunch of popular frameworks for Android App Development, which are commonly used by many app developers to build smashing apps on Android.

The main objective of app frameworks is to increase productivity as it saves a lot of time for developers to resolve other important issues in the app. The main aim of frameworks is to increase productivity by reducing efforts, which eventually saves a lot of time for developers to resolve any other important issues in the app or game. These frameworks provide inbuilt tools for developers to work instantly on difficult and lengthy part of coding.

So Let’s start!!!


PhoneGap application enables people to instantly see changes as you are doing them. The best part is, it is a cross-platform application that supports HTML5, CSS and JavaScript development.

JQuery Mobile:

As far as jQuery is concerned, it is a brilliant HTML5 framework and its biggest asset is, using this framework, a single app or device that you develop will not only run on different devices, but also on different operating systems.

Appcelerator Titanium:

 This is the biggest mobile app development framework which allows to develop native apps from a single JavaScript code base. This framework boasts of more than 2 million apps running on its platform. Apps that are built in Appcelerator Titanium platform are known for their great performance.

Dojo Mobile:

This platform provides HTML5 mobile JavaScript framework which enhances quick development of apps for Android as well as for iOS. The Dojo Mobile package provides a number of widgets that can be used to build web-based applications for mobile devices such as iPhone, Android or even Windows.


This framework is favorite among the developers because it is quite easy to implement. It has a simple drag and drop and codeless interface that allows developers to develop apps at a fast pace.

Corona SDK:

This app is like a boon for gaming app developers, but it can be used for other kinds of applications as well. The best part of CoronaSDK is, using this framework, development is not done in any standard language, but in Lua which is very easily adaptable. It is worth adding that CoronaSDK is really hard to resist.

So, these were a few of the Android application development frameworks that each and every app developer should try. App development is a strenuous process and every step should be carefully assessed  to guarantee success.


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