The 12 Reasons that will Drive you to Invest in your Business Mobile App Development

This is an era of Digitization and the entire world has shrunk and fitted into your smart phone.

So, what are you waiting for??

If your enterprise is still not visible on any app store, then you are loosing out key business opportunities. There are some solid reasons that will convince you to invest in your business mobile application immediately.

Let us get a brief insight into the key factors that will motivate you to go digital.

Thomas Husson, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, rightfully stated that, “Mobile is becoming not only the new digital hub, but also the bridge to the physical world. That’s why mobile will affect more than just your digital operations — it will transform your entire business.”

12 Reasons to invest in mobile application development for your business:

  1. World has gone mobile- Every other individual owns a smart phone and spends most of their free time scanning through the app stores, installing, using and uninstalling mobile applications. It is a must-have gadget for the Gen X.
  2. Visibility for brand building- To reach out to your potential customers, you need to showcase the features that you have to offer for sale. This is possible only if your key customers seek you out amongst thousands of companies selling consumer usable products. Hence develop a unique business concept and design your app accordingly to stand in the top list of the applications in the play store.
  3. Improved sales with better marketing and sales promotion- Mobile application will achieve a much higher market penetration compared to the other platforms. Due to high exposure, the apps will pull the attention of your key viewers and the innovative features and delicious offers will tempt them to explore further. This is an easiest and quickest method to convert a curious viewer into the ultimate buyer. If they are well served, they will remain loyal to your brand and give good ratings and feedback.
  4. Social media marketing- Everyone is on social media, irrespective of their age and taste. This obsession of the people can be better utilized by integrating features such as comments, like/dislike, in-app purchase etc. The users will spend more time on your app, giving review and sharing or discussing your products. This will promote your brand name and market your business. Moreover you get important insights into customer purchase behavior.
  5. Real-time data capture- Market research must be one of the primary step before you enter the business world and also a continuing process throughout your business life-cycle. Customer behavior and preference information captured in your app when they are using it, can be a primary source for data collection. Based on this data, you deliver personalized content relevant to the individual customer and also guide you in your decision-making to update your app features based on their feedback.
  6. Market segmentation- You can segment your market based on the data restored from observing the app usage behavior of your viewers or customers. This gives you an understanding of an individual’s perception about your products and you can showcase them accordingly, matching the exact taste of your potential buyers.
  7. Reach out to a wider customer base- The whole world has gone mobile. So if your potential customer is located in a different continent than yours, the mobile app is the right platform to draw him to your business. With minimal cost incurred, you can advertise your product and make it visible to any user, irrespective of their geographic location.
  8. Innovative and tempting customer-engaging tools- Customer engagement is something that you can actually achieve with your mobile application. Customers can scan through your app while they are traveling or waiting in a long queue somewhere. Make use of their location and profile information to personalize your offers. Launch engrossing features, push lucrative discounts and offers using push notifications to keep them hooked to your app.
  9. Unrestricted accessibility- Customers can access the application at any point of time during the day and even at night. They can place order, comment, scan, track purchase order and account activity whenever they feel like. Your app must have feature like chat bots to immediately response to a customer query even in the mid night.
  10. Convenient usage- The portability feature of the mobile device makes it the first choice for customers to opt for this device as the primary mode to conduct their activity. You must have an application developed for a mobile device that can allow your users to access the app when they are on the move. If they can scan through your products even if their handset is offline, will engage them even more.
  11. Value-added service- In order to keep your users remain hooked to your app, provide them with quality service and also offer added value added features. You can create your app with loyalty program to make increase customers interaction with your business and products. Thus You will never loose out your customers who will remain loyal to your brand.
  12. Cost effectiveness- No doubt developing your company’s mobile application is a costly affair at the initial stage and also to maintain and regular updating it. But this particular app does so many of other functions that you do not need extra hand for marketing and selling of your product. The return on your investment is pretty good, helping you to realize the key objective i.e to maximize business profit.

Summing Up:

One thing the today’s generation hate the most is to wait for something. Hence searching the websites for any consumer product means they have to wait a long time. They better opt for a fitting application that does not take much time to load.

Now you realize how important a mobile phone application is. Not only for business, for every sector, there is an application available on the app store. Technology is slowly upgrading and we are likely to see more surprises in the world of applications.

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