These Online Shopping Apps are One Stop to all Your Needs

Shopping is women’s department, precisely it was. With the advent of online shopping apps even the haters and here precisely the men are also enjoying shopping. These mobile apps have made shopping easier to the extent that even cash is not required for payments and doorstep delivery, returns and exchange are proving to be the strength of these apps.

These are the most sought after and used online shopping apps.  While using these mobile apps you need not worry about the platform you use because each of these apps are available on Android, Ios and Windows.


Amazon is the leader among the online shopping apps. The app promises over 100 million original products around the globe ranging from home utility, electronics, apparels and decorative to every item of your need. The app has come with the prime membership for the customers to enjoy special services as free fast deliveries, easier returns and 30 minutes early access to special deals.


This app stands apart all. This app provides you the option of buying as well as selling. The main advantage of using ebay is bidding. You like an item and can’t find anywhere, come at ebay and buy it. In case you are a seller, just scan the barcode and the item is up for sale within seconds. You even get paid for listing your items. With the same categories available as others it also provides automobile parts for cars and two wheelers. This buy and sell app is a great marketplace to buy and sell used items.

Myntra and Jabong

These two apps are your fashion experts. Whatever is you need for the occasion and whatever is the occasion all your needs can be met at these two stores. Outfits for parties, weddings, gymnasium, vacation or office, just install these app to get yourself styled by experts. The latest trends in the world of fashion are constantly updated by these apps. Bags, footwear, ethnics, accessories are available with them at the best offered prices.


CL represents Craiglist. Craiglist is an online advertising app company which provides a portal for all sort of all your queries. Whatever is your need be it a job, a house, a real estate properties listings, car, furniture, book services, rentals, accommodations, tutoring, appliances, all at a place.  The app has been born out of America and has currently expanded its wings to cover Asia, Europe, Africa qnd North America.


Etsy is an online portal to for handmade exclusive items. The Etsy team works to provide a platform for handicrafts manufacturers to sell their items. The app has really gained the attention and presently there are 29+ million people associated with them including sellers and buyers. We usually don’t come across such apps that deal in handmade items but looking at the user base of this app it certainly points to the wide recognition and demand of handmade items. They cater to customized jewelry, wedding dresses, gifts and furniture among other items.

This online shopping app list presents the widely known apps for their products and services rendered. Each of these apps are a major player in serving their customers and have made a mark for other upcoming app developers.

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