Want to buy and sell cars in Dubai? Try these apps

The people of Dubai are famous for their extravagant lifestyle. Spending is their habit and need no reason to spend. Cars are one of their spending interests. The most expensive, luxurious and frivolous car purchases are made in Dubai. Even the cabs running on the roads can be the Audis, Ferraris or a BMW.  There are a lot of cars lying unused and thus, commoners can materialize their dream of driving home a luxury in Dubai through these apps.

Dubai is emerging as mobile app developer companies hosting city and these apps are worth trying.

Mzad Emirates

This application is one among the best marketplace to sell, buy and swap cars. Use it on your Smartphone as it comes with an easy interface.  The app charges no commission to buy and sell cars on their portal. The products sold on the platform include used as well as new. This application is the most popular amongst all its rivals. Being the most use application the portal is loaded with the maximum results that can be available to a user.

Automall Dubai

The Application is an ideal place for the customers and dealers to connect. The application covers all the cities of UAE in regard to buy and sell cars. The customers can search for used as well as new cars, along with service centers and showrooms. The Dubai application development company has added the feature of getting your choice of car, place to get it and price of car. Honda, Nissan, Ferrari, BMW or any other brand all are listed in the app. Dealers also have been added so that you can contact them and choose from the person you feel trustworthy.


Cars24 is another car buy and sell app to find your dream car in Dubai. The app connects you to used and new car sellers in UAE. The application features an easy to use interface to save you time and money. Post your free ads on this application to sell your own cars. The application runs smoothly on tablets, PCs as well as smart phones. Contacting the seller is another option of this app.

Used Cars in UAE

Not more than this can a name represent the application. For persons specifically looking for used cars the application will be a great resource. Buy and sell used cars in Emirates. Just click the photo of the car you wish to sell and if you want to buy its equally easy just give your filters and refined search as per your requirements will appear. The application development company also added chat to facilitate communication.

Auto Trader UAE

This cool application gives you with the latest updates on the upcoming new arrivals in the cars markets. Latest cars advertisements are available to you way before screening on televisions. Type your keyword to the get the desired results. The advertisements video posted come with sellers/advertisers URLs to connect you with the seller and also share such content on social media platforms. It is a subscription based app and runs on very low charges. This application development company in UAE is one of its kinds around the world. With the most car enthusiasts in the world UAE needs a unique app like this.

Wrapping up: These are the most used and trusted applications for trading in cars in entire UAE. Before making any used car purchases do get it inspected from a mechanic.



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