The Code to relaxed life in UAE, just try these apps

The Code to relaxed life in UAE, just try these apps

You are in Dubai and we don’t wish to see your living a hectic life. A destination famous as vacation spot should not keep you on the heels. To hack the ease of life these applications are always available to reduce your loads.

The application development companies are working to complement the sweetness of life.


Green cars have taken over the city! Relax these cars belong to Udrive. This application allows you to rent those green cars all over UAE. It is an extremely affordable way to move around the city and you just need to have a valid UAE license and an Emirates identity card to use the facility. The registration is quiet simple and requires minimal time and just a call can also be made to make it even quicker.

The application is available in Android as well as Ios and charges are significantly low in comparison to other cab apps.


This application is trustworthy with its one hour promising delivery. The app provides you with fresh groceries every time because of it’s an hour delivery. The application is designed smartly with categories divided to segregate every household product into 20 different predetermined categories.

Eggs, ice creams, household, nuts and dairy like products are delivered to your doorstep. The application is quiet simple to use; open the register with your usual details, add your delivery address and start adding items to your basket. Place your order and set a stopwatch to check its performance.


The application is a food delivery app which provides the tastiest cuisines from the old Dubai, Karama to the skyscrapers part of Dubai. The delicacies delivering app lets you choose your favorite items from the list of various restaurants of Karama. Visit the eateries or order from them, this app is for every foody.


If you commute using public transport on a regular basis then this app should be on your device. The app provides you with the facility of GPS location and real-time maps to plan and execute your journey. The app has been developed by the RTA department of Dubai.

Further it gives you with the details of various public transports available on your route to ease you journeys.


The mobile app development company made their mark with this application. This application is a real innovation. It provides the user with the facility of booking their car wash. But one doesn’t have to bother to take their car to a washing station; instead the station visits your location. The app books a car wash immediately with a washer(s) visiting with all their equipment to provide you the service.

The app asks for minimum details for registration and adding your cars. The pricing for car wash are low and reasonable. They reach your specified location.

The Entertainer

All the fun at a single place and this app has it. An application to save you big bucks as well as to provide you with amazing offers at every destination; It gives unbeatable buy one get one offers for dining , attractions, leisure, health and fitness and hotel accommodations across 40 different locations worldwide.

Locations for family, kids, spa and relaxing are provided to the customers by the application. Use them at your leisure throughout the year and any day of the week. The application developer in Dubai has bundled offers with offers.

In all: These applications are available to android and ios users. Based on the performance of these apps they have been selected as they prove to be useful to customers.



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