An introduction to Mobile App Development in Dubai

Introduction to Mobile App Development in Dubai

People around the world, are shifting their attention towards the smartphones and tablets in the place of computers to gain maximum visibility for their business sites. The mobile app development companies Dubai are concentrating more on developing applications to reach out to the maximum user base since users prefer looking up for applications in the app store instead of seeking out the website in the web space. Designing an appropriate and user-friendly application necessitates its ultimate survival amidst the ocean of applications filling up the app store in the recent years. Companies can only gain increased visibility if they avail the expertise of dedicated mobile application developers hired to aid them in boosting their app downloads by exploiting their skills and experience.

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There are few important things pertaining to Dubai’s mobile application development process that you need to understand before embarking on the app development journey.

  • Incredible user experience- Too many clutter in the mobile application can drive away users from the application altogether. Users are mostly not interested in myriad features listed within the app interface. Rather they prefer such apps that can guide them directly to their sought-after objective. Hence to enhance the overall user experience with the application, a competent developer requires minimizing the complex and multiple navigation features in the application.


  • App designed with the touch interface- Time and again this point does come up and i.e to maintain a proper UX/UI of the mobile application that goes a long way in enticing users with the particular application retaining them for a long time. Also, the mobile developers have to pay attention to the touch interface from the UX and design perspective other than writing down the code of the application.

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  • Location-based mobile application- The location feature has gradually become the must-have of each and every modern application. Dubai app developers seek to offer a personalized service to their end users and hence location-based applications are specifically designed to service them with offers that are unique to their physical location. Developers must be responsive towards new technical advents in order to grab the opportunity as and when they come along their path.

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  • Phone memory and network- Different smartphones have their own set of technical issues as far as the network and the memory of the phone is concerned. There are ways to deal with the limited storage area of the tiny handset when it is compared to that of a desktop computer. The network connectivity must not be saturated with the requests for images. The proper network connectivity, a memory of the device and battery life of the device must be kept in mind while designing the applications so as not to disrupt the entire functioning of the handset on installing your application.


  • Synchronization of data- Avoidance of accumulation of unnecessary or corrupted data, the synchronization of data is highly crucial for android app development services especially.


  • Web and native development- Mobile application developers must have a proper insight into the benefits that the applications can draw if designed for the web or native platforms. The proper understanding of the procedure will only guide them in their selection of the suitable form for the mobile applications.

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The mentioned points are highly crucial for proper functioning of a mobile application. The best mobile application development companies in Dubai if hired will aid you in tasting the fruit of their expertise in mobile application development incorporating the mentioned key factors into the development process.

So if you are planning to design an application for your business in Dubai, consider contacting any efficient app developer such as Fluper.

Fluper, one of the top-rated mobile application development companies, have time and again proved its skills in designing App store optimized applications incorporating all the mentioned points to give an incredible user experience with the mobile application.

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