Top 10 Mobile App Development for Restaurants in the USA

Food is the best way to spend your money and have an amazing experience of taste but only if you know where to dine in. Some of us are experimental and some of us are calculative when it comes to spending money and mobile app development took care of both the types and gave all kind of information required by the user while booking the best meal. Your phone has the listing of the restaurants near you, reviews of people who have been there, the specialty of the restaurants and rating of the service provided. The lifestyle is quite busy just like the internet is getting day by day internet eats electricity but we settle for the satisfying meal at the end of the day. So here are the best apps for your I want to order food mood and I want to dine out mood.

1. Open Table

Festivals are the time when people offer their time in the queues to enjoy the best meal in the area but the wait is hell of a task, well easy booking can be made using this app to avoid the waiting and dine in at the exact time and enjoy the meal with family and friends without any pitfalls in your plans.

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2. Grubhub

GrubHub has a huge listing of the restaurants around the user and even the ones far away and provides the local menu pictures to choose from the variety of dishes and get the food delivered to your doorstep.

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3. Delectable

This app is more useful while you are at a restaurant which can show you the customer experience of that place and the user can know the information about the wine they order with the meal just by clicking a picture of the item in the mobile app

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4. Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor may not seem like it belongs to a list of restaurant apps but while traveling this app is your guide to fill your tummy.It has some interesting listing of restaurants with reviews, rating, and menu to choose the best place to dine out and not get mugged at a tourist place.

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5. Starbucks

Starbucks is an everyday stop for Americans because coffee is a necessity but with the app in the market people can now take offers while making digital payments for their purchases in the cafe anywhere with free snacks listing.

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6. Foursquare

Foursquare is quite a name in the iOS and Android app development market because of its initial presence and popularity in the app store when apps were booming in the industry so they have a restaurant app where you can socialize by following the people who have the same taste as yours.

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Zomato is like an online supermarket for all the food outlet listing restaurants, cafe, and bars with the reviews of the food bloggers and the users who have dined out there. The portal is quite user-friendly and the app is then an extension to it with excellent details of the restaurant, ratings, and comments.

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8. Postmates

The orders take a good amount of time to be delivered to your doorstep because first there is a queue of orders, secondly, the delivery man can get stuck in traffic and lastly the preparation time excuse. Well, post mates grantees a delivery within an hour which is good for people who like to eat on a run and not just the restaurants listed in their app but also the famous restaurants are covered by this app.

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9.Happy hour Finder

Happy hour keeps changing for different restaurants and you turn back from the restaurant disappointed ending up ordering food and buying a pint but the happy hour finder app is your saver and you track down the restaurant providing happy hours with delicious deals on the meal.

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10. UberEats

UberEats may not be executed in your city yet but has proposed to bring the food delivery extension to its taxi booking app where you can use the same uber account you use to book a cab and take advantage of the huge discount codes they have to offer.

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It may seem as a luxury to some by ordering food online but it actually solves many problems such as queue outside the restaurants, multiple options to order from, budget-friendly meals and ability to rate the food you pay for. Android app development and iOS app development may be competitors but their motive is to satisfy the customer with best user experience using the technology-driven solution to make life easy and free of human patience disruption. Online booking of tables or ordering food may have loopholes but they are transparent and you are not being fooled. Fluper is a technology provider who has build apps like Freshmenu, Foodora, and Deliveroo, if you are a businessman Fluper is the recommended mobile app development company for your services and if you are a customer enjoy the user experience of the apps build by Fluper.

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