Which Website Design Trends are Influenced by Big Data

At some point in time, you notice that similar types of designs are adopted by many of the websites and apps. There is one viral trend, and everybody becomes a trend follower. However, the trendsetter will always be the king. Have you ever wondered how these trends get into the limelight? There lies the role of Big Data analytics. The feedbacks, the clicks, structured, unstructured data everything is stored in big data and this valuable data is analyzed to find the current most used trends. 

So, the fact that design patterns are a lot more influenced by big data nowadays, let’s have a look what all got into the vogue.

  • Web Animation

Animation makes an illustration of ideas easier to understand. These short animations keep the visitor engaged for a short period of time. Company’s brand image is reflected through its website and hence animations give the website a boost. In 2018, the most popular trend in the website is definitely animated logos. Sometimes the websites having too much animation on the website can limit it from being a mobile friendly. Hence, website/application development should be supported on both ends.

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  • Use of Live Chat

The livelier the website is, the more is the reach of your website. Of course, if the user is able to contact directly with the support team and solve their problems, the website’s responsive rate would be increased. Live chat process is easy to use, thus, website traffic that is monitored acts as a great tool for marketing. Live chats expand company’s service offerings and the HTML code included on the website for chat does not slow the page loading.

  • Video at home page

What would you prefer an article or a video? Users are getting more tilted towards watching videos in contrast with the past. Introducing videos on the home page is again an emerging trend. Videos are more informative and consume less time for the user to understand since visuals are better to perceive than just the words. Therefore, it was analyzed that conversion rate of websites having videos was more.

  • Organic shapes

Earlier, the cards and logos were designed having pointed edges, but according to data analytics from 2017, more organic and oblique shapes are attracting users. In fact, basic design elements are not enough to fulfill the solution of curvy shapes and dramatic effects. Also, the combination of vibrant colors is catching the tips of the trend. Many mobile application development companies are hiring designers solely for the purpose of getting design templates that are out of the box.

  • Typography

For those who are not familiar with the word, typography means the way written language is laid out on the page to make it legible. Sans-serif fonts are prevalent in present times. A great number of custom fonts are on a rise. The typefaces, boldness of which emphasizes more on content, are getting a step forward for such development services. Transparent text moving elements that have moving or still images in the background, called overlays is just another subtle method of representing text.

  • Optimizations in feedback and review

Feedbacks and review make more inputs to big data and thus increases analyzability. Even the smallest Mobile Application Development Services take care of including the feedbacks and customer’s review. The more data is generated through a website, the more data will be accounted for the systematic informational results. Therefore, the sites which will be contributing to this would be giving great impact on popular design trends through big data.

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