Will VAT leverage app Market in UAE?

For the very first time, UAE has introduced Value Added Tax in the Gulf for deploying mobile smart services to make the nations smarter than before and reaching each individual with smart services for their daily requirements. VAT in the Gulf is introduced at five percent and is believed to boost the revenue in all the nations of UAE. This tax will be imposed on food, clothes, electronics and gasoline, phone, electricity and water billings and also on hotel reservations. If we take a closer look at the services where the VAT is applicable happens to be driven by mobile applications in this era.

As per the ministry of finance in UAE has a vision of becoming the global leader in finical management. Under their Smart Government Initiative, they have come up with different mobile applications such as eDirham and Apple watch and Android wear watch. Other applications for reaching the correct use of VAT is done through mobile app development as well which cater the following to the citizens of Gulf Nations.

  • Customer queries replying
  • Gulf Economic Integration services
  • Suppliers Services for registration and follow-ups
  • Tax certificate issuing

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Now the question is why do mobile application development companies would care?


With this initiative taken by the government, the building blocks for the implementation is internet and the products of internet services are mobile applications. The gateway to innovate and solve the existing problems for the public to make the daily transitions smooth and efficient iOS and Android app developers has to take a leap. The UAE calls for a great number of deployment of mobile applications but the problem is the users of this technology advancement are few.

The possible real-time application development areas from a commoner’s point of view can be seen as follows:

  • Financial app development As per the statistics, there is only 31 percent of the population in UAE that uses banking services which calls for some high user experience finance management app Coming up with a banking and payment application will be a smart move by the developers but only after understanding the WHY? behind such low percentage.


  • Tax inquiry application
    Introducing the new applications on VAT can aware the crowd about its use during payments through their Smart Phones and people can’t be fooled anymore, therefore coming up with a simple step to step application for the people of UAE will empower the app subscribers.


  • On-Demand Service App
    This is one such application idea that can never go out of the market people have no time to actually do the things that consume quite a lot of time but they need to do so on daily basis. Therefore, on-demand service application has a bright scope when it comes to mobile app development.

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There can be enormous problems faced by people in the interior of the nations and solving all these problems can be a developers’ lifetime achievement business and can uplift the society of the Gulf nations. UAE has got the technology and the government is coming up with Smart service schemes for the Emirates but the numbers of users are not increasing which can only mean that the user experience of the mobile application development is poor. A rich user experience created by the designers can leave an impact on the user and popularize the application with an unexpected response. For an application to your raw idea can be created at FLUPER, a mobile app development company.



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Designers of applications work on the front foot in the process of building an application. They are the one who designs the user interface by which it means the way the application appears, what all pages an application will have, how would it look on a full screen, the way the pages of an application will be switched and many more. The developer’s code for them and they come up with the different ideas that clearer makes with profile quite creative. Surely the mobile app developers have made their work easy by coming up with interesting tools to design an application user interface which can be understood by novice designers and makes things easy for advanced designers as well. Building a multi objective application is not just a job of a bunch of developers, different teams need to come together to have an exclusive application as an outcome.

It takes a hell of a brainstorming for creating a distinct looking application keeping in mind the technical specification. Well, the following tools for design have solved this to some extent and the communication between the developer and the designer doesn’t have any weak signals.

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Let’s check out some designer applications

  • SKETCH: This tool is similar to Photoshop but mainly focuses on User experience and user interaction designs. The app designers have to create a wireframe, visual design, and vector logo. This tool has it all and no other tool is to be used to sync into it for better results. The export of all format images is not a problem either, it can export PNG, JPG, and PDF.Sketch has some limitation with text editing, choosing a line which might get frustrating at times.
  • MARVEL: This application for designing an application supports .pds files. This application creates a prototype of a raw sketch of the application user experience on the paper and helps you demo the idea in a presentable way. Designers don’t need to have the advanced versions for after effects, transitions and other features in the application layout.
  • POP: The offline designing is provided by every application but POP helps you sync your designs with Android device to see the outcomes directly.POP has a good prototyping experience it lets you upload the pictures of your sketch or just upload the .psd files to Adobe creative cloud. The shifts between the views and transition are easily accessible through the dropbox and sharing over the cloud.
  • UXPIN: This application concentrates on the smooth functioning of the different layers of designing and transition from one layer to another is easy this way.The unique features of drag and drop make this toolkit dynamic enables one to build wireframes and prototypes which are compatible with more than one devices.Different devices have different screen size and the design has to be made keeping in mind all the specification of the screen. With UXPIN the altering of sharpness, contrast, and brightness is possible for editing the image of the sketch
  • in: This application is best suited for testing and it allows designers to sync the dropbox and UI libraries with the application. The application can be tested on different devices like iPhones and Android phones. Initially with was limited to Smartphones but recently it is emerging in all electronics trying to drive them through software.
  • Zeplin: This application is a web designing application which is compatible only with Sketch.The designers create the prototype and then the ios and android app developers code the technology to it but through this application, the developers come into the game way too early and can see the designing building and follow at the same time.
  • Axure: It is a zero coding platform for designers and the wireframing can be best exhibited with this tool.The Widget library provides the ready-made patterns for wireframing.
  • JustInmind: It is a wonderful tool for designing a prototype in business since 2008 and firstly the web-app designing was done through this application and you can add UI libraries and master pages easily and the best part is putting in add-ons from the already existing modules.


Designing is the second step in building an application after the idea is shared by the businessmen with the mobile application development companies. The code is same for every application what makes an android or ios application stand out are the features and appearance of the application. Let’s just say that the grounds for the user experience and user interaction in the mobile application development are set by the designers and the developers can just code accordingly.

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Keep it Private: Your App, Your Screen, Your Life!!!

The right to privacy is protected in developed countries and is now a fundamental right in developing countries like India. It is important for an individual to protect his secrecy in a good way and not for hiding the crimes. Today your phone has your confidential scans, your private family pictures, your wallet and even your passwords so it becomes necessary to download security application for your Smartphone.  There are tons of ios and android application developer trying to secure your data but you have to choose it according to your requirement and privacy need.

The main work of security applications in your device is not just occupying a huge GB spaces on your phone but it has got more than that such as.

By boasting it means the security needs to shut down all unclosed and unused applications to free the device memory speed up the device by enhancing battery life.

The cache memory piles up quite a junk that lowers down the performance of the operating system, the security application should be efficient enough to get rid of junk files in all the three memory locations may it be RAM, Cache or internal/external memory.

Malware is the bad boys in an operating system that comes along with the application you are downloading through your internet connection. The security application looks for APK files for every download in your mobile operating system and scans to secure the rest of the applications and memory from hazardous binary destructors.

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Let’s check out few security applications

      1. 360 Mobile Safe

This application is designed by a Chinese company which provides the security of the mobile phone. It comes with many features such as scan for junk, Call and SMS blocks, antivirus, anti-theft, vault etc.

  1. Avast Mobile Security

Avast started off as a PC operating system protection software but then everything moved to mini screens and now they had to innovate too and then they came up with an Avast mobile security app for the mobile operating system. Just like our body the devices and computer need cleaning too.

It boasts the performance of the mobile software by cleaning up your junk files, battery saving add-on, Avast secure line, password protection and Wi-Fi finder.

  1. Kaspersky Internet Security

It is another security company launching a security application for Android. It blocks the harmful apps, website and web links, Guards your personal data on messing devices and helps to keep the communication details private.

To Wrap Up:
It may seem like an excellent product but it is nothing like Google account security. Although this application put up a password for your private folders I wonder if one just uninstalls the security application from your phone then all the security functions go away with it and the information in your private folders is accessible. There is a possibility I might be wrong and haven’t explored any unique feature of the application but my experience tells me there is a need for more secure application in the play store. Mobile application developers need to develop a security application which can just keep your sight away from your phone while your friend is going through your digital diary.

For better security application developers contact @ FLUPER

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Beware!!! GPS Enabled Apps are stalking You.

There are apps which synchronize with your Smartphone’s GPS for conveyance. Location-based apps follow you wherever you go. Your whereabouts is tracked by android or iOS app developers because of the sensor on your phone that pinpoints the location. Although almost every application is using location based mobile application development to spread and improve customer relationships.
It opens the gate for immense business strategies. For instance, you enter a new city and the retailer has an offer circulating in that area so if you have a location enabled application, then you can totally take benefits of that offers.

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Let’s see the top 5 location enabled applications…

  • Foursquare swarm

It was probably the first location based application to cater the large customer. Swarm was introduced for better user experience by mobile app developers which allow customers to have a life log of all the places they have visited in a chronology. Swarm was introduced so that foursquare can explore and discover the locations where the customer is spotted.
Swarm lets you upload photos and the swarm database keeps records of all your check-ins and recommends you the most visited places in the surrounding.

  • Glympse

This application was designed to share locations in real time, although these days all the applications are adding it as an extra feature for their android mobile applications because of the access to build in Google maps in the smart phones. This application is quite flexible as it is accessed by all the receiving end hardware may it be a phone, tablet or a wearable.

  • Pokémon Go

The gaming application Pokémon Go provides you with an experience of having both the worlds. Its user experience puts you in the place between virtual and real. It has many distinct features; it enables you to reach out to other players in your surrounding which definitely uses the location of your device.
While playing the game in real time the Pokémon gaming series make it even more interesting when you find Pokémon eggs which might hatch after a certain distance you have walked, the surprise is you have no idea what will pop out of the egg, whole new Pokémon. The users can even team up and have battles among teams to chase the Pokémon.

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  • Family locator

GPS tracker is helpful to find people used for security reasons, but no one knew if it can be used in a family to know if your sibling was in town and forgot to visit you. It’s very helpful in tracking children; the parents can get notifications of wherever their child goes and in case their child is lost in the crowd the emergency button helps track the last location.

  • Gas Buddy

Running out of gas and waiting for some to help you to pull your car till the gas station is very common crises in the road trips and otherwise. The gas buddy is another application that helps you track all the possible gas station along your way. So that you can fill up enough to catch the next gas station.

 Ios or android app developers again use your devices location to provide the details of the nearby gas station.

To conclude:
The location based applications keep mocking you wherever you go and in case you feel like just exploring a totally new place don’t be worried of taking a friend who have already visited there.; all you have to do is download a location enabled application in your app store. The ability of applications to catch hold of device location and provides refined results for exclusive user experience so if you want to own one find an android app developer.

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What is the Blue Whale Challenge and why do teens get trapped into it?

There are no good reasons that the Blue Whale Challenge has reached the headlines in every country across the globe.

 It is noting what is in the 50 days Blue Whale Challenge game that finally ends into taking one’s own life. People relate different stories to the game but there’s something absurd that only teens are becoming a victim to this chaos. This mystery behind teens’ suicidal cases is a gravely important matter for every parent.

The important questions are that does this game operate through a mobile app? If yes, then who is behind such mobile app development? Why the developer is forcing people to kill themselves and what the developers has achieved through these deaths? We have tried to answer your queries relating them to the history of this ghastly game.

The life ending game emerged first on the biggest social media site, Facebook, in 2013. The challenge or the game begins with selecting impressionable teens on the internet that could be easily influenced into this 50 days challenge.

The participant is held out everyday tasks for over 50 days by an instructor, the tasks include cutting one’s own wrist, waking at unusual hours, watching horror movies at night and ending the dare events by committing suicide on the 50th day, failing which the family members of the participant will be harmed. Providing proves of the tasks completion to the supervisors through documenting and recording the task is necessary.

The 50 days challenge began in Russia in 2013. Russian boy Philipp Budeikin was the creator of the game. The challenges caused around 130 deaths in Russia and as a punishment for inciting and manipulating; the boy was sentenced to 3 years of rigorous imprisonment.

It is important for the kids to understand to not give into social compulsions and peer pressure to prove themselves cool. The parents and teachers can be the best persons to advice the teens on peer pressure issues, while elder brothers and sisters can also help relieve the tensions.

The game or challenge has no official app or site to operate; it operates mainly through social media groups. Groups on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are potential sites for instructing the teens for carrying out daily tasks. Thus, it is also becoming tough for agencies to check on such manipulators and their potential targets.

The game gained global attention after a Russian girl posted a picture of a blue whale on Instagram before jumping off a fourteen storey building with her friend.

Budeikin admitted to manipulating teens into such acts and suicide as he felt that the acts relieved the victims of psychological stress. He also said that the motive of inventing the game was to weed out the biological waste from the society. ‘Those who do not represent any value for society. Who cause or will cause only harm to society. I was cleaning our society of such people’ he said in an interview with Saint Petersburg News.

Budeikin was a student of sound engineering and psychology before being expelled; he confirmed to cause teens’ deaths but only claimed inciting 17 of 130. The challenges were designed to eventually lead the teens to death. The teens were led into daring acts which intensified with days and finally the sleep deprived depressed teens gave into death.

Summarizing: The scenario reflects the situation that prevails among the teens. They are the most susceptible group to peer pressures. While to gain popularity they engage in such daring activities which sometimes turn fatal, it is important to counsel them.

Blue whale Challenge is a reflection of the harm caused by the disturbing elements in the society. It is essential to understand that the threat can come through any mobile app to the kids. Along with parents the responsibility falls on mobile app developers who should keep their servers free on every such content.

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5 Popular Game Building Engines for Beginners

Do you wish to develop your own customized mobile game??

Well you can definitely enter the world of hi-tech games and you need not have an in-depth knowledge on computer coding. There is a possibility for you to build your very own customized games even if you are an amateur and come from an entirely different academic background. Let me show you how can accomplish this humongous task?

All you need to have is an understanding of few Game builder tools, platforms or devices available in the market that you can make use of.

What are the 5 commonly used Game Building Engines??

  • GameSalad- This game development tool carries the tagline, ‘Drag & drop programming- No coding required.’ This is, undoubtedly, one of the most favorable builder on the list. Within a few hours, you land up with your own created and customized game. This easy-to-use and flexible tool is available at a much lower rate of $ 17 per month.
  • Stencyl- This cross- platform tool is also for the amateur beginners that enables you to develop your own game version on either Android, iOS, Windows and even Flash. Publishing such a game is free of cost specially publishing Flash game. However, Android game will charge you a high rate of $ 99 per year. It has a 2D set-up which means you cannot include 3D effects onto the game.
  • GameMaker Studio- GameMaker Studio from Yo Yo Games, is one of the premier engines, marked by it’s highly flexible and user-friendly nature. You can build a complete version of your game using a drag-and-drop interface. If you lack the basic programming knowledge and coding yet wish to be a proud developer of a highly engrossing game on a cross platform, then this is the fitting option for you. This tool allows you to add extra customized features and other attributes such as in-app purchase, real-time analytic that will tell you how users play your game, source control, engaging multi players and extensibility through third-party extensions as well. This tool has embedded applications like built-in editors to add images, animations, shaders etc. The professional version has different rates for different platforms.
  • Unreal Engine 4- One of the most professional tool is a part of the Unreal franchise. You can easily and quickly develop your own customized game and add features such as live debugging,  reloading, instant game previews, systems like artificial intelligence, terrain, cinematic tools, post-processing effects, and more. The code is already created and embedded into the framework allowing you to create your own logic without disrupting any part of the code. If you wish to add your own code, you can do so. This device has over 800 tutorial videos uploaded on YouTube channel. This is definitely the best option to build a cross-platform game that comes free of cost for first time users. Once your earning increases, you need to pay 5% royalty to it.
  • Unity- This particular game building engine allows you to develop games for both 2d and 3d versions. It provides a component based design for your game where you can add various components, each controlling the game’s logic. However, to make a complete utilization of the device, you might need a little bit of coding, using C#. However, you do not need to worry since you will get thousands of tutorials across the web. Moreover, you will find imbibed video documentations and tutorial series for the newbies. You create the game one time and publish it on multiple platforms. You can huge revenue from your created game as long your profit stays below the level of $ 100,000 per year, there is no need for you to play any royalties, otherwise it is free.

Summing Up

There are many other game development engine and devices available in the market apart from the ones given up. They are definitely worth mentioning.

  • Construct 2
  • Godot Engine
  • Unreal Engine 4
  • GDevelop
  • Defold


Which one do you think best match your requirement? Try them and you will get an awesome experience creating your own game and you can have it uploaded to the App store. Start Today!!


iOS App Development: Cost Involved

Since the dawn of the app age, iOS is the driving force of the app industry. Right from the beginning, iOS is the foremost in creating and selling apps. One of the largest developer community is associated with it. And the growing demand of the apps in the market have given birth to many top iOS app development companies. But one thing that always makes or breaks the deal in app business the cost. Client sees the cost as too much and company sees it too less. The grey area always prevails when it comes to the estimate of the cost.

Many top rated apps costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, while others end up at merely some thousand dollars. The cost of an app, depends on various aspects of the features of the app. In this blog, we will discuss about the cost that an app carries for its development, and the factors responsible for it.

The Key Points

As mentioned earlier, cost of an app depend on many factors, including,

  • How big is your app?
  • What level of UI are you targeting?
  • What user account integration are you looking for?
  • How much social integration is good for you?
  • Is your app payment proof?
  • What backend tools do you need?
  • How much integration and API you need?
  • What security level you need?
  • Does your app contain in-app purchases or you will sell it right away?

Every best iOS app development company will ask you these questions, and depending on your answer a cost will be formulated. These are the facilities that you need in your app and thus more features will result in high budget app and vice versa. But in general, any iOS app can cost you anywhere between $1000 to $450,000.

Types of App and Cost Involvement

Depending upon the type of the app, cost varies a lot.


  • Table Based App


This is very basic type of app where only content is provided in table formats and easy page synchronisation. If you provide all the contents and basic graphics, if you know Photoshop you can bridge the cost even more. These types of apps cost you anywhere between $1000 to $4000.


  • Database App


These are more sophisticated apps as compared to the previous category. They are well linked to databases and provide heavy backend activity. The data in these apps will be dropped in and then parsed accordingly. These apps costs you anywhere between $8000 to $50,000, depending upon the activity of the app.


  • Games and Heavy Apps


These are the top notch apps in terms of graphics and hardware requirements. These games use 2D or 3D graphics which makes them really heavy. Angry Bird costed about $150,000. Any simple racing games that uses gyroscope can reach up to $125,000 easily.

Other Considerations

As the list of the features of the app increases, so does the money. Any additional facility will attract more investment.


  • Web Services


Here you take the content to remote access point so that you can update your app using XML file instead of changing the raw code. This will add another $1000 to $5000 in the development cost.


  • Shareability


It enables your users to share the app content on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. Apart from these, new platforms are also gaining importance such as WordPress, WhatsApp and Instagram. This will add $500-$1,500 to the bill.

Looking for iOS app?

If yes, your search ends here. Fluper is the best iOS app development company in Noida. We provide tailor made solution to our clients in accordance with the needs of the business of our customers. Mail us at enquiry@fluper.com for the quote.


Your App Development May Lead to Gruesome Consequence!

Are you an app developer? Are you fascinated with the concept “Jack of All Trades” and trying consistently to fuse multiple features in an app? Doing less with effectiveness is better than of doing a lot in effaciously when you’re into the app development. There are some most common mistakes that new bees in the mobile app development make usually. Such silly mistakes leads to the fatal consequences in the long run. Well not to worry much as there are several ways to fend off these errors.

Let’s dig in!

Stuffing Too Many Features!

This one of the most fatal mistake an app developer is usually found doing while developing his/her first app. Utilizing the tools for the better of something is good but excess of anything is worse. In order to survive with the app market pace an app should be concise and potent enough to perform smoothly with in the limited features.

Stuffing too many features in the software development for pcs might be useful but it leads to severe consequences when it comes to the mobile application development, there are several impacts of such a practice that ultimately effects the performance thus ultimately on the user experience which is a very vital aspect a mobile application.

For instance, there are numerous messaging application such as Line, Viber, WhatsApp and others but people at large are using WhatsApp due to its simple and easy to use features.

Interface Failure!

First Impression is the Last Impression! You have one shot at it and on the off chance that you don’t wow the client at first look, well, it is protected to state, you may have lost them for eternity. The most critical element of your mobile application, perhaps considerably more essential than the thought, is the plan. There have been numerous applications that don’t take care of any issue or convey any development to the world, however their plan made up for that bigly. Convenience is of out generally significance.


Your application, much the same as any business, needs an edge. It needs a reasonable favorable position over your rivals and in the event that you don’t have one, it may be a great opportunity to reexamine your procedure. Think thusly: your application should be sufficient that if somebody somehow happened to pitch you the possibility of your application, you would put cash in it. Would you put your well-deserved trade out an application that has no or minimal upper hand? I beyond any doubt would like to think not…

Being one of a kind and having something to offer is imperative in any case, before you choose what your edge is, you have to investigate the opposition. This is a pivotal however a frequently overlooked stride in the mobile application development process.

Similarly as in any wander or undertaking you set yourself, there are things you ought to do… and after that there are things you most certainly ought not to do. As mobile app developer, your homework is making sense of what those things are before you choose to build up an application.


There are various silly mistakes an app developer makes while developing their first app as they are fascinated with their skills and tools. They want to utilize every feature of the device from camera to gyrometre in order to provide a full-fledged application. Stuffing maximum features leads to the poor user experience and blunt designing features which proves gruesome when the app actually hits the ground.



5 Apps that are as equivalent to Siri for Android

Are you aware of Siri? Although the concept is not uncommon to be familiar in this technological ecosystem. But still if the topic is ambiguous then the story starts with the concept of bots. Putting it simply this is a kind of software that are capable to run tasks over the internet. This is the big umbrella canopied from the beneficial to venomous technology.

Search engines have used the concept of bots for future searchability which is considered to be the trickle-down effect of artificial intelligence. Similarly the popularity of Siri is reckoned by the trickle-down effect of bots.

As far as voice recognition technology and Artificial Intelligence are concerned, it has precipitated a yield called Chatbots. Siri is a bot analogous to Google Assistant. It is taking the lead in the ecosphere of digital voice assistant                . Voice assistant has gained popularity with the Siri’s integration and competence which helped in the accomplishment of different tasks in iPad and iPhone, but Android has also initiated alternate solutions tantamount to Siri. These apps have successfully established its existence in presence of Siri. But how the popularity of Siri augmented?

This has been exaggerated by Voice assistants which try to maintain the track of significant things that can make the life uncomplicated. Siri is no longer an only digital voice assistant. There are few apps that have flourished in accommodating in Android OS. If you want to test the same level of exhilaration in Android, then here are 5 apps.

Google Assistant

Like android mobile app development is modulating its steps with the iOS mobile app development. There are few apps which really can make iOS app developers envious. Analogously, Google has although successfully invaded the market of Voice assistant after Amazon’s Alexa with its intelligent service called Google Assistant. It was unveiled at Google I/O conference in May 2016. It was pitched as the new virtual assistant that was improvement over Google Now.

Google Now was efficient enough to pull the relevant information in case you have been using Android for a while. But after all these fuses Google Assistant started with a new bot-centric AI experience which brought new designs of the conversational interfaces.

But in case if you concerned with the compatible devices Google Assistant is available on the Google Home, Google Pixel Smartphones, and the Google Allo App. Another important feature which has still made it incomparable is navigation that proved to be efficacious enough to find the coffee shop on the way.


Robin is considered to be the strongest Siri challenger which is as efficient as Android Terminal. It allows to communicate with the cellphone via voice orders. Robin is efficient that enables to know the nearest burger bar around. It directly drives into the terminal screen i.e. the way to GPS. Similarly, the phones microphone can be used to tell the weather on a specific place and that would show the all other relevant information related to the weather. Robin has appropriately proved itself a great personal assistant but available only in English.

As far as navigation is concerned, it has not restricted itself to cater with the traffic information but help to find the gas stations nearby. Robin can open apps, play music or even can read Twitter feed. Robin is best used while driving and ensures interactive assistant that work for researching directions as well as parking in order to keep our eyes on road.

Dragon Mobile Assistant

Dragon Mobile Assistant which demonstrates the best stylish interface. It caters the approximate functionality of the most reliable Siri on android app. It serves the most personalised virtual assistant which supports the feature:

  • Send and receive text messages, posting of Facebook as well as Twitter updates, and emails that all serves to be hand-free by backed Nuance’s incredibly accurate Voice recognition technology.
  • Make appointments, set reminders, and can enhance searching of the internet without using of the fingers.
  • It gives the notifications regarding upcoming appointments
  • Even if the screen is locked, attentive mode can be turned on in order to wake up the assistant.
  • Voice can be chosen by creating the name of the assistant.
  • Voiceprint can easily be created hence the assistant can be attentive with only one command

Hence Dragon Mobile Assistant can be installed immediately or can wait next best for best app equivalent to Siri running on Android app.

AVC (Alice)

It is considered to be the digital assistant in order to get the job done. Alice ensures to do the things conveniently. Via Alice, It gets the useful assistant that only Android users can realize more than just one command. This app ensures satisfaction of instructions and can even ask for general information.

Currently Alice can be assisted with the following functions i.e. SMS, call, Navigation, Alarm, Translation, Facebook, AppLauncher, search images, weather, and many more. Alice ensures the opportunities in order to control the devices via web surface.


It is an intelligent personal assistant, which has the sufficient knowledge of navigator as well as voice control software which is specifically designed for the Android devices with the exponential increase of the user base. It can send text messages, gives the navigation and also initiate phone calls. It covers all the Wikipedia information, covering algebra questions that can also answer related to weather and time. It is a smarter option even though your first language is not English.


Although Google launched new assistant on the Google Home speaker and Pixel phone. Assistant can deploy directly Google’s vast library of internet knowledge in order to bring the answer you are looking for.  With the support of UK based startup called VocalIQ, Apple started up with the excellent AI and voice Technology which will allow the users to sync with all the Apple gadgets by using just Voice which will be useful for home, car and even AirPods. Hence it would be a tough competition between Siri and Siri on android Operating system.

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