Beware!!! GPS enabled Apps are stalking You

GPS enabled Apps are stalking You

There are apps which synchronize with your Smartphone’s GPS for conveyance. Location-based apps follow you wherever you go. Your whereabouts is tracked by android or iOS app developers because of the sensor on your phone that pinpoints the location. Although almost every application is using location based mobile application development to spread and improve customer relationships.
It opens the gate for immense business strategies. For instance, you enter a new city and the retailer has an offer circulating in that area so if you have a location enabled application, then you can totally take benefits of that offers.

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Let’s see the top 5 location enabled applications…

  • Foursquare swarm

It was probably the first location based application to cater the large customer. Swarm was introduced for better user experience by mobile app developers which allow customers to have a life log of all the places they have visited in a chronology. Swarm was introduced so that foursquare can explore and discover the locations where the customer is spotted.
Swarm lets you upload photos and the swarm database keeps records of all your check-ins and recommends you the most visited places in the surrounding.

  • Glympse

This application was designed to share locations in real time, although these days all the applications are adding it as an extra feature for their android mobile applications because of the access to build in Google maps in the smart phones. This application is quite flexible as it is accessed by all the receiving end hardware may it be a phone, tablet or a wearable.

  • Pokémon Go

The gaming application Pokémon Go provides you with an experience of having both the worlds. Its user experience puts you in the place between virtual and real. It has many distinct features; it enables you to reach out to other players in your surrounding which definitely uses the location of your device.
While playing the game in real time the Pokémon gaming series make it even more interesting when you find Pokémon eggs which might hatch after a certain distance you have walked, the surprise is you have no idea what will pop out of the egg, whole new Pokémon. The users can even team up and have battles among teams to chase the Pokémon.

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  • Family locator

GPS tracker is helpful to find people used for security reasons, but no one knew if it can be used in a family to know if your sibling was in town and forgot to visit you. It’s very helpful in tracking children; the parents can get notifications of wherever their child goes and in case their child is lost in the crowd the emergency button helps track the last location.

  • Gas Buddy

Running out of gas and waiting for some to help you to pull your car till the gas station is very common crises in the road trips and otherwise. The gas buddy is another application that helps you track all the possible gas station along your way. So that you can fill up enough to catch the next gas station.

Ios or android app developers again use your devices location to provide the details of the nearby gas station.

To conclude:
The location based applications keep mocking you wherever you go and in case you feel like just exploring a totally new place don’t be worried of taking a friend who have already visited there.; all you have to do is download a location enabled application in your app store. The ability of applications to catch holds of device location and provides refined results for exclusive user experience so if you want to own one find an android app developer.For more get in touch with
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Alter your approach to Brand storytelling with augmented and Virtual Reality

Why not experience a technically induced concept to shape up brand storytelling?? Mobile and the accompanying technologies scoped out opportunities, which can be tilted and molded to fit the different requirements. Wherein, mobile application developers play the role of a creator to drop down a new masterpiece whenever they come across an untouched object. Augmented and virtual reality is two examples of such latest find that are being widely applied in different sectors for extensive usage. And they actually prove to be undoubtedly beneficial. If we come down to the advertising industry, we find more and more companies prefer to keep their customers immersed with interactive add contents rather than the traditional methods. Such interactive advertisements aid in improved storytelling enticing the targeted customers to the point of actually convincing them to make their purchase decision in an instant. Enterprise app development companies prefer more to give their users a taste of augmented and virtual reality through their developed m-Commerce applications, drawing quite a revolution to brand storytelling.

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Such a revelation calls for examples to support the above statements. So, allow me to pinpoint few noteworthy examples where the technologies played a strong role to write down the brand story for few notable brands.

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  • Marriott Hotels, in collaboration with Framestore VR Studio, design a 4D tourism experience for the prospective buyers to transform the travel industry using VR technology.
  • TOMS Shoes gave a virtual tour experience to its users in a remote village of Peru offering an immersive yet emotional storytelling.
  • Volvo offered a test drive for their new XC90 SUV through their Volvo Reality application.
  • Oreo, promoting its new cupcake flavored cookies, created an animated and mystical fantasy virtual world for the viewers.
  • XFINITY and NASCAR where the user is placed right into the intense action through the 360-degree virtual reality technology.

And there are others…

  • Jaguar
  • Samsung
  • McDonald’s
  • Rebecca Minkoff

These brands did well using such technologies but incorporating any new approach is not devoid of obstacles.

One major challenge mostly faced by brands is the budget allocation and they keep searching for brand promotion methods that ensures an optimum utilization of the funds induced to market their name. And since the audience is getting more fickle minded and impatient to stick with an entire ad commercial especially if the content proves to be a really boring one. Such challenges but compelled companies to bring down the total duration of the ad to a six-second spot, not enough to narrate the whole story but sufficient to spread the knowledge to the impatient viewers. This is where modern concepts such as Augmented and Virtual Reality come handy. The immersive nature is induced with playful capabilities and adjustable platform to support more product information rendered within a span of mere six seconds. Such technologies pose the capability to breathe oxygen into a lifeless good to benefit not just the customer through feeding deep knowledge of the product before it is purchased but aids the brand to better narrate its story. Such potentialities are pushing more companies to opt for AR and VR to promoting their brand and offer a strategic position to render enterprise mobility solutions to the ultimate customers at the same time.

Having said that augmented and virtual reality actually prove to be a commendable alternative to age-old methods of marketing and advertising, there are multiple ways by which both can be creatively applied by brands to obtain a lasting result from their advertising strategies.

  • Extending live experience with the ad content to give a feeling of authenticity without altering what the viewers are experiencing.
  • Virtual tours for purchasers in brick and mortar shops through digitally constructed virtual elements, adding an element of fun along with educational contents on products or services.
  • Utility to consumers to test and or visualize products before purchasing them, something, which IKEA and L’Oreal Paris does for its customers.
  • A three-dimensional interface in contrast to the two-dimensional interface where ads were traditionally displayed with the option to offer a more detailed yet interactive content for the customers.
  • Proper product placements to directly emerge in front of potentially engaged users in order to beat off the competition.
  • Localized promotion and creative simulation with ideas that are specific to clients’ preferences.
  • Lasting impact on consumers through superimposing of virtual elements into their real surrounding where real-time interaction with the product is made possible.

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Final Words

Top-rated mobile application development companies such as Fluper are experienced enough with modern technologies such as virtual and augmented ones to offer instant enterprise mobility solutions to promote their brand to endless viewers. But, the question is how far the consumers are ready enough to embrace these modern technologies?? It goes without doubt that augmented and virtual technology when used in apps or advertisements, they tend to give an immersive experience but they are applicable to specific sectors only. However, there are few others wherein these innovations may fail to sell the message.

So, if your product can pay off better with AR and or VR induced ad contents as well as applications, then you might consider availing the service of a dedicated mobile developer hired to do the job for you.

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Designers of applications work on the front foot in the process of building an application. They are the one who designs the user interface by which it means the way the application appears, what all pages an application will have, how would it look on a full screen, the way the pages of an application will be switched and many more. The developer’s code for them and they come up with the different ideas that clearer makes with profile quite creative. Surely the mobile app developers have made their work easy by coming up with interesting tools to design an application user interface which can be understood by novice designers and makes things easy for advanced designers as well. Building a multi objective application is not just a job of a bunch of developers, different teams need to come together to have an exclusive application as an outcome.

It takes a hell of a brainstorming for creating a distinct looking application keeping in mind the technical specification. Well, the following tools for design have solved this to some extent and the communication between the developer and the designer doesn’t have any weak signals.

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Let’s check out some designer applications

  • SKETCH: This tool is similar to Photoshop but mainly focuses on User experience and user interaction designs. The app designers have to create a wireframe, visual design, and vector logo. This tool has it all and no other tool is to be used to sync into it for better results. The export of all format images is not a problem either, it can export PNG, JPG, and PDF.Sketch has some limitation with text editing, choosing a line which might get frustrating at times.
  • MARVEL: This application for designing an application supports .pds files. This application creates a prototype of a raw sketch of the application user experience on the paper and helps you demo the idea in a presentable way. Designers don’t need to have the advanced versions for after effects, transitions and other features in the application layout.
  • POP: The offline designing is provided by every application but POP helps you sync your designs with Android device to see the outcomes directly.POP has a good prototyping experience it lets you upload the pictures of your sketch or just upload the .psd files to Adobe creative cloud. The shifts between the views and transition are easily accessible through the dropbox and sharing over the cloud.
  • UXPIN: This application concentrates on the smooth functioning of the different layers of designing and transition from one layer to another is easy this way.The unique features of drag and drop make this toolkit dynamic enables one to build wireframes and prototypes which are compatible with more than one devices.Different devices have different screen size and the design has to be made keeping in mind all the specification of the screen. With UXPIN the altering of sharpness, contrast, and brightness is possible for editing the image of the sketch
  • in: This application is best suited for testing and it allows designers to sync the dropbox and UI libraries with the application. The application can be tested on different devices like iPhones and Android phones. Initially with was limited to Smartphones but recently it is emerging in all electronics trying to drive them through software.
  • Zeplin: This application is a web designing application which is compatible only with Sketch.The designers create the prototype and then the ios and android app developers code the technology to it but through this application, the developers come into the game way too early and can see the designing building and follow at the same time.
  • Axure: It is a zero coding platform for designers and the wireframing can be best exhibited with this tool.The Widget library provides the ready-made patterns for wireframing.
  • JustInmind: It is a wonderful tool for designing a prototype in business since 2008 and firstly the web-app designing was done through this application and you can add UI libraries and master pages easily and the best part is putting in add-ons from the already existing modules.


Designing is the second step in building an application after the idea is shared by the businessmen with the mobile application development companies. The code is same for every application what makes an android or ios application stand out are the features and appearance of the application. Let’s just say that the grounds for the user experience and user interaction in the mobile application development are set by the designers and the developers can just code accordingly.

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From Startup to Brand: Whole nine yards can be yours

Being a brand is the ultimate success for the small enterprise which has just started their journey in the business world. With the internet being the most useful resource for every individual or organization in the market, one thing that everyone is clear about is displaying your banner everywhere. Going for an interactive mobile application development is a great idea but how are you going to reach out to every individual in the country to be a name which everyone knows of. Well if every activity is going to be monitored by the gadgets then so be it.

Let’s check out the different platforms for your business application
Digitalization is the new revolutionary movement in every country of the world and while getting well with the latest trend one needs to be smart enough to extend his horizons. Showcasing your business online is the way people market today but it has to reach everyone, that’s when mobile application developer’s efforts can be paid off. Here are ten platforms to hit your application over.

  • ANDROID: Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google which is used by maximum mobile manufacturers to complete their Smartphone. Android’s global share is 82% in the market which makes it a priority to make your application available on this platform.
  • iOS: iOS is another mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc. In fact, the best of its kind because it doesn’t entertain any other device for its operating system. Getting your business onboard with other applications in the app store the ios application developer has to be your first choice.
  • Tablet (iPad, Android tablet, etc): Not everyone is fond of small screen but some are more about reading, movies and browsing which can be more or less in number but an entrepreneur would target every customer for its product. So, the business application needs to be as efficient on tablets as it is on Smartphone.
  • Responsive Web: The appearance of the business model online is as necessary as the product because looking good gives a way to know the insides. Responsive web design is an approach for web design for mobile, desktop and tablet browser.
  • Desktop Windows/Mac: Although the mobile has taken over everywhere the research shows the average time spent on Desktop websites is more than the mobile websites which account for a desktop application for your business.
  • Wearable devices: The mobile application development companies are moving towards even smaller screens on your wrist to make your tech experience even better and more portable.

The final word

Let me tell you how these platforms are going to help you go from startup to brand. The availability of your business at every platform that exists in user interaction needs to be targeted. Now the question arises every platform uses different language for the application development then how can a startup manage the funds. Well, this can be answerable with the hybrid frameworks coming gaining popularity in the mobile application development companies circuit.

 One mobile application to hit all your platforms can be accomplished by the best in the business of making application FLUPER @

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Chalk out Your Corporate Conference using either of Top 5 Event Planning Apps

The current era of mobile technology simplifies our over-complicated life and facilitates completion of work effortlessly by a mere touch of the smartphone screen. Mobile application development services have altered our perception, dumping the age-old method of organizing the event using paper and pen.

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Organizing corporate events and conferences have never been that simple courtesy 5 such mobile apps for events thus described:

  • EventBoard- This is a less complicated mobile conference platform to allow effortless arranging and communicating with event attendees and allowing a common tool to view newsfeed, define agendas, conduct surveys and upload floor plans. Users can easily organize an event using this application in less than 24 hours with electronic session ratings to feed instant reviews. There is an option to gain its service on a free trial basis but for the very first event. Then you are charged based on specific packages for obtaining its service.


  • EventMobi- Yet another application that allows users to customize the organization of any event or conference with a tailored content manager, branding options etc. From scheduling to speaker bios, networking to notifications, this particular app renders most of the features that any user can expect to make the event fruitful. More so such an app caters multiple languages to facilitate seamless communication multilingual attendees. Also, this application can be secured with Login credentials to permit only approved attendees to gain access to it. Accessibility of stored information is made simple but highly secured to avoid any possibility of cyber theft.
  • Whova This is one of the great platforms for organizing any event be it social or corporate. Attendees can get an overview of the sessions and panel members to decide to participate in the right sessions and panels. Also, a built-in system offers social profiles of key attendees and participants can begin networking even before the commencement of the conference.
  • BusyConf- Comprises of a range of conference planning tools to offer better planning and organizing of a corporate event. Speaker and abstract management, event registrations and scheduling conferences on mobile give attendees an enhanced conferencing experience. The mobile developer involved with such an application creates mobile-ready websites, design a review committee and host a streamlined ticket page for the attendees. Such an application goes easily in your pocket with flexible pricing to cater different events.
  • CrowdCompass- The smart content features of this widely used event planning application offers myriad options such as personalized bookmarks, quick photo sharing, push notifications, social sharing, interactive polling and a lot more for the attendees to the arranged conference to boost user engagement and interaction. Allowing attendees a common platform to access details on the event and share the events’ occurrences on social sites such as Twitter and Instagram. The details of the conference can be accessed for future reference by the participants.

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Wrapping Up

Next time if your enterprise decides on organizing a corporate event or conference, you know where to look for. Android and or iOS application development companies are out there to lend a helping hand in offering enterprise mobility solutions to any organization catering its myriad services from both the client as well as the employees’ point of view. Organizing conference for the company can also harness the benefits of event app development services to offer an outstanding experience to the guests invited for the show.

But, if your objective is to offer event related services to clients, then you can look for availing the service of a dedicated mobile app developer hired such as Fluper, one of the top-rated mobile app development company, to meet your business objectives effortlessly.

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Can Google Assistant give a tough fight to Apple’s SIRI??

The mobile technology is a wide space to explore options and mobile app development companies keep inventing ways to offer an out-of-the-world experience to the end users with their designed applications. The tech giants Apple have been in a long lasting combat with the search engine guru Google either in terms of the operating system or the applications specific to their individual platforms.

Lately, they have plunged into a fresh series of conflicts and this time it is the Voice Assistant feature that has pulled in other significant players such as Amazon with its virtual assistant SIRI and Samsung along with its pet Bixby.

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Mobile app developers are specially instructed to develop applications that can easily run in tune with the commands received from the respective voice assistants.

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So, what is the purpose of owning such virtual/voice assistants?

Voice assistants are designed with artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and voice recognition technology embedded into its framework to allow the end user in smooth exchange of communicative words to interact with the digital assistant. The sophisticated algorithms identify the information stored in the data input to predict the user’s needs. Few assistants are more advanced to meet multi-step requests and numerous interactions to perform more complex tasks, such as booking seats at a movie theater.

Commanding verbally the device to perform the specific task has evolved as a most convenient process than typing the requirements. Human beings are generally lazy, which is the exact factor that has been optimized by the best mobile application development companies and tech giants to popularize the voice assistant feature in smartphones.

As prior mentioned, we have few major assistants available in the market. But how can we be sure of each of their competency?? This calls for the importance of comparative analysis of each voice assistants.

With reference to Apple’ SIRI and Google’s Assistant, let’s find out which one proves the better assistant both in terms of their usability and functionality?

  1. OS compatibility- SIRI is only for iOS but Google Assistant is available for both the Android app developers as well as the iOS application development companies along with their specific user counterparts. However, the seamless performance of the Google Assistant might differ from Android to iOS version.

   2. Voice response time- Google Assistant has proven to be the fastest assistant in comparison to its competitors especially SIRI when it comes to response timings. Though Apple is not way behind Google standing right behind the Google Assistant followed by Samsung’s Bixby occupying the third position.

      3.  Functionalities:

  • Complex- Voice assistants have turned out to be incompetent to cater complex commands. Google Assistant will just open the application on receiving the voice command from the user. Both SIRI and Google Assistant have integrations with third-party mobile app development framework to understand app-specific commands. ‘Send a WhatsApp message to Charlie’ and the assistants will confer with that at once.

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  • Custom- Google assistant make user command crisp by selecting shortcuts in settings to map the short phrase into action.

    4. Contextual conversation- Google Assistant has proved its competency in exchanging more natural and contextual conversation with the user. It remembers the previous context wherein SIRI fails here in recalling the previous conversation and has to be instructed specifically each time.

   5. Exchange of textual messages- Virtual assistants in default messaging apps are capable of sending and reading messages out loud. SIRI offers a prompt response to the command but Google Assistant first displays the text and seeks user’s permission to read out loud.

    6. Translating to default language- Google Assistant owns the power to translate more languages courtesy Google Translate application. Contrary to it, SIRI currently translates English to the limited list of languages such as Spanish, Mandarin, French, Italian, and German.

    7. Responsive gestures- Responses to user commands differ from SIRI to Google Assistant. Examples:

(a) When questioned on weather, SIRI displayed an entire chart of the weather forecast wherein Google read out the current temp and highs and low for the day.

(b) When enquired about the current stock price of Tesla, SIRI provided with a handy financial chart accompanied by the answer asked while Google Assistant read out the stock price

Final verdict

Drawing a conclusive verdict on the ongoing debate cannot justify the two assistants. Both are equally serviceable in their respective areas and OS versions. In spite of the fact that Google Assistant works on both the Android as well as the iOS platforms, yet it goes without saying that SIRI is most advisable for iOS users wherein the Google assistant serves the Android devices better. Apart from this fact the above-mentioned facts aptly describe which voice assistant performs better and where. Mobile application development companies such as Fluper have the creative insight to design applications that work in sync with the voice assistant commands

Fluper, one of the top-rated mobile app development companies in Dubai, houses the right amount of skills required to design such innovative application features.

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12 helpful tips towards composing an effective Mobile app specification

We have often discussed the different steps that necessitate an effective mobile application development process. But, composing an outstanding mobile app specification entails the huge investment of time and human intellect especially at a time where the mobile app market is overcrowded with mobile app developers offering stiff resistance to each other.

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This specification that forms an integral part of mobile app business planning is a quite time-consuming process and demands preciseness on the part of the app developer.

But, what do we actually know about mobile app specification??   

Google this term and the first definition that pops up on the web page defines this term as a product specifications document that forms the very foundation of the product that narrates the business logic, lists out the technical specifications and guides the mobile developers through the development process right from the conceptualization to the end product.

This particular specification is a document detailing the idea working behind the app development process that has to follow a specific structure or a pattern.

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Let’s follow the 12 tips that guide the composition of an effective mobile app specification:

  1. Prepare a background- This is the first base to commence the communication process with the developer engaged. Few details such as whether it is your first project or whether you have already had an experience with the application development before? Or are you willing to develop your mobile app for reaching out more audiences? Etc. answers to such questions help in defining a background to the developer to make them understand the project requirement better to help a developer in analyzing the business module.
  2. A brief intro to the app- A brief description of the type of application designed, whether a location-based app like Uber and food delivery or a health and or news based application,  must be clearly mentioned in the specification details to aid the developer hired.
  3. Identify potential customers- This is the crucial part forming most mobile application development processes and i.e to identify and narrow down to a specific customer base through extensive market research based on which app developers get to anticipate the preference of the users.
  4. Define a fixed goal- Ask yourself what the main purpose of developing an application is? The answer to such a question defines the goal. Conduct a SWOT analysis in the specification that will clear out the whole objective working behind the app development process to the hired developer.
  5. Zero down to a particular OS- Make up your mind first whether your application is likely to target either both or Android or iOS users separately and then mention such in the specification before you proceed to hire android app developer or iOS development company.

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  1. Functional requirements- Your mobile app specification must reveal the exact features that your application is likely to display and their functionalities targeting your selected customer base. Based on this the mobile application development company will quote you on the price estimation that you are going to be charged against their hired service.
  2. Choosing the appropriate platforms and language- The specification must also detail out the type of platform that you are planning to target. But if you are not so sure then consider taking advice from the developer. Also any dedicated mobile app development company hired will guide you in selecting the coding language that best suit the application.

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  1. Estimate the budget- App building is a costly affair and it is advisable to prepare proper budget estimation before you begin discussing the app development process with the mobile application developer.

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  1. Data storage- Acknowledge the requirement for database and its type, also whether there is any need for a web server or the API to be included in the mobile application to the hired mobile app developer at the time of app development process.
  2. App maintenance and designing- Both these factors are unavoidable elements in the app development process. The specification needs to be clear on the details pertaining to the application’s overall UI and UX, along with the maintenance process and schedules to keep it operational for a longer duration

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  1. Project deadline- Developing for a client often requires honoring project deadlines as desired by the client to be mentioned in the specification detail.
  2. Additional information- If any miscellaneous information not related to the above-mentioned categories such as details on people involved in the project etc are usually mentioned here.

Time to wrap up

Defining each of the above-mentioned 12 points in the mobile app specification benefits both the parties in more ways than one:


  • Raise the value of the project and win the best price from the app developers.
  • Converts ideas and concepts into life.
  • Involvement of minimal risk during the development process If the specifications are clear.
  • Prevents unnecessary cost incurrence.

It is advisable to hire the service of any top-rated mobile app development companies such as Fluper to give a proper shape to your idea in the form of an application. But even then mobile app specification plays the ultimate role guaranteeing the smooth development process if all the mentioned 12 points are clearly explained.

Get in touch with Fluper to avail its service at:


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Knowledge yourself on the celestial event using the eclipse Applications for 2017

Mobile application developers have an easy answer to any issues that crop up in the 21st century. 21st August 2017, the world will stand to witness the celestial event on total solar eclipse after 8 long years and when will the next event take place, we have few speculations unveiled by NASA to ease our curiosity. But rest assured, such an eclipse will not happen anytime sooner. And the sad part is that not all of us get to view the event from our location. Hence both the iOS and Android app developers came forward with a solution to address this issue developing eclipse 2017 applications to stream live updates on the celestial event along with other details especially for the unfortunate spectators across the globe.

Mobile application technology, thereby, offers following 5 such popular eclipse applications to witness the celestial event 2017 along with the rest of the world:

  • NASA- This free application, developed for both Android and iOS, will telecast NASA’s in-depth streaming eclipse coverage. The NASA news crew will be covering the eclipse from Charleston, Oregon, Idaho, Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee and the app users will be able to witness the live show right on the application. Moreover, you will get excellent eclipse photography, as NASA constantly feeds into its gallery of more than 15,000 images.
  • Smithsonian Eclipse 2017- Both the Android as well as iPhone app developers have come up with an application, for both the users, designed specifically for the total solar eclipse. The interactive map and eclipse simulator aids you to plan aptly for the astronomical event. Also, you can watch NASA’s live stream coverage of the eclipse and can even take a peep into some of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory’s previous solar studies, and watch “near-live” views from outer space.
  • Eclipse Soundscapes App- This application is an output of a strategic collaboration between the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (SAO), NASA, the National Park Service (NPS), and others to give a real-time experience coupled with a sense of touch and hearing for the blind and visually-impaired users, a concept well explained by describing one of the key features of the application in the interactive “Rumble” map that translates key portions of the eclipse into a series of “frequency modulated tones”, that make the device vibrate in response to changes in lighting during the eclipse. Audio descriptions covering various phases of the event, as well as verbal countdown with access to soundscape recordings from the U.S. National Parks Service, enabling individuals to have an understanding into the altered behavior of various animals influenced by the eclipse.
  • Sun Surveyor- This particular eclipse application for 2017 has got a whole range of features in its kitty to offer round the year apart from merely covering the total solar eclipse for the year 2017. The app is highly informative feeding you with facts such as simulations of the exact location and trajectories of the sun and moon on any given day, list out specific information regarding current and projected moon distance, moon phases, and super moon predictions. Photographers and filmmakers will gain from the calendar tools pinpointing the exact time of future golden hours, blue hours, sunrises, and sunset. The app also features a useful widget with pull-down notifications pertaining to sunrise and sunset times. Such a useful, feature-packed application will likely to shell out quite a few bucks from your wallet.
  • Eclipse Safari- This eclipse viewing application comes free of cost available for both Android and iOS users, that predominantly counts the time left for the total eclipse to occur along with an interactive map tracing out the best place to experience the event and will feed live social media updates as well as all the latest news straight from the sister site, You also have access to a built-in live stream of the eclipse, visualizations of the event powered by SkySafari 5 and some helpful fact sheets about the event.
  • Star Walk 2– An AR-friendly interactive astronomical telescope featured in the application, available for both Android and iOS, displays a detailed map of the sky from any direction pointed out by your device. This application serves as a reference tool used for exploring deep-space objects and tracking satellites in real time, also exhibiting other cool features such as a time-travel mode, a slider to telecast the sky in different wavelengths. Though it might not include anything specific to the 2017 eclipse, but this app still remains an engaging one to discover the wonders of the sky.

Wrapping Up

If you are the unlucky few who failed to witness this event then you have got nothing to worry. The above mentioned 5 eclipse 2017 applications will enable users to get a live view of the solar eclipse occurrence so that you can witness it along with the lucky spectators at the same time but on your mobile phones.

Top-rated mobile application development companies such as Fluper has the fitting solution to any user requirement. The team is well equipped with adequate knowledge pertaining to designing and developing applications coated with innovative creativity.

Care to learn more, then get in touch with the team at:


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Few issues to consider that make Mobile App Development legally challenging

Developing a mobile application has become almost a child’s play, fun-filled and highly rewarding, courtesy the free android app development tools available in the market. But, if you are damn serious in conducting profit-making business affairs with the developed application, then it is advisable to understand the legal issues that you, as a mobile app developer, are likely to encounter at various stages.

So, begin your mobile app development journey with complete knowledge on the possible legal issues you are about to face during your journey.

Let’s understand these issues:

  • Ownership- This feature often raises debate on who is the ultimate owner of the developed application? Is it the mobile application developer or the person/company who authorized the development in the first place? Both the parties need to clear out this issue at the very onset of the app development process by entering into mutually benefitted agreements.


  • Entity formation and licensing- Again, it is advisable to limit personal liability by setting up a corporation bestowing it with an entirely separate limited liability entity to protect the personal assets like your home, car, and bank accounts of the app owner. Moreover, applications are built on either Android or iOS platform and likely to be subjected to certain terms and conditions such as Apple’s ‘iOS Developer Program License Agreement’ or Google’s ‘Google Play Developer Program Policies’, provisioned with obligations pertaining to content, privacy, and on-going support underlying the operation and marketing of the app developed.

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  • Privacy, confidentiality, and terms of use- The app developer needs to observe utmost confidentiality when dealing with third parties by assenting to NDAs only to protect the idea and intellectual properties against the competition. Wherein Terms of Use is the legal agreement signed by the developer and the application user. This minimizes the possibility of anyone to sue the developer if some mishap happens on app usage.

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  • Data collection issues- Apple has recently tasted the brunt of lawsuits for breach of privacy and data storage. It is essential for the mobile developer to obtain consent for the collection and sharing personal information of the end user. Different states and nations own their distinct regulations around privacy and data collection activities that application needs to comply with.


  • Intellectual property rights protection- This has to be the most crucial legal matter to keep in mind and i.e to immediately undertake necessary steps to safeguard the owned intellectual property from competitors by registering for either of trademarks, copyrights and or patents, whichever is necessary. The best advice for any developer, especially the startups, is to engage the service of an experienced lawyer to help out through the legal intricacies.


  • Jurisdictional issues- Both the Android and iOS app developers need to comply with the laws of those countries, they are targeting to develop the application for. This nature results in copyright/trademark infringement in those countries, differing from the home country. Moreover, consumer protection laws pertaining to the targeted market must be paid heed to while designing any application for that matter.


  • End-user license agreements- Mobile app developers are basically licensed to the end-user against payment of money to use the application which entails assenting to End User Licensing Agreement to protect the application from any unauthorized usage or errors, crashes and other bugs that may arise out of such usage and or damage caused to any person as a result of such app.


Mobile technology has covered a long journey. Now the app development process has got all the more complicated ever since it has witnessed the market boom in app usage, technological advancement and segment penetration. Such a progress has only contributed to raising crisis now and then including legal issues that need taken care of. Hence any dedicated mobile app development company hired must be well versed with the many legal intricacies underlying the app development process.

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