After Facebook Lockdown, A Relaunch of Group Application

Facebook is not just a social media network anymore, it is serving as a platform for enterprise applications. There are so many activities for groups and communities to take forward from this social networking app! However, the lockdown is mentioned because, after the Cambridge Analytica Scandal, Facebook shut down the groups APIs.

“Facebook status: I’m not online, it’s just an optical illusion.”

But now, Facebook has silently relaunched API for building group applications so that enterprises can again use Facebook platform for preparing enterprise applications. This time it is launched by providing more abilities to the group admin. Now the admin can keep an access on group member list, profile names, and pictures of people who post in common.

Now, some of the approved and checked group applications are re-published on Facebook. These mobile application development services will be accessible by admin through in-app group browser, it won’t be easily discoverable by other admins.

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All the previous reviews for the enterprise applications have been discarded and now new reviews will be published. All these updated reviews will be giving the correct feedbacks of the group apps. As a part of this process, some of the iOS and Android Application Developers were involved in the process of reviewing these applications.

Prior to this launch, group admins were not having many of powerful actions to perform. They had to search for group management tool for making the application clear the access permissions of group’s data that too outside of Facebook platform. After that, they had to log-in again on Facebook to check if the group’s data is still available or not.

Admins usually must do a lot of work to maintain the group! But this, in turn, increases user engagement due to the social network connections. There were certain applications that made the group admins to levy some monthly fee. However, some of the big names had to pay for availing the enterprise tools for managing their online business and partners. It has been widely accepted as a gateway for enterprise toolsets.

Facebook has already gained a good position in holding campaigns and ad views, thereby generating it to be a promotional platform. This is all Facebook’s trick to make its software as a service (SaaS) platform spread widely by adding a subscription fee.

“life is not about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself!”

In 2010, group apps were more involved in the gathering of data for analytics and moderating comments. There were also some of the posts that have pre-composed content, however, after it got halted, approval was needed from Facebook for third-party applications to assure that these unknown apps are not causing any harm.

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Now the approved third-party apps are already present on the group’s browser and admins can anytime involve them from the settings page. There is a wide variety of tools, from buffered posts to sendable posts which handle e-commerce messages. Most of the group traffic was given through mobile app development boost of third-party apps.

However, Facebook is putting full efforts to remove windows from its platform, thus ensuring that there will be no more harm made to user sensitive data in large amounts. In recent days, it has shut down many of the APIs and standalone applications to bring back the platform in the stream. All these steps are taken forward by Facebook to safeguard its platform users and performance.

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Right ingredients for marketing your app brand

Right ingredients for marketing your app brand

Marketing is an essential building block of stabilizing the business and providing your product to the right customers and ensuring the required change with changing needs of the users of your product. It all starts with understanding the product position in the market and laying down the challenges and then come up with a solution to hit multiple challenges in one go. For instant let us take an example of the most booming sector in technology mobile app development. Developing a raw app is easy but marketing it in a correct direction is magical as there are so many different types of apps performing the similar objective but not all are popular or have as many users. The answer to such variation totally depends upon the developer’s skills which makes it distinct from the other in spite of choosing the same category but the push was given to commercialize the app is marketing job.

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To pin down the common challenges in marketing while considering app as a product to market

* Deal with pricing constraints To decide the price of the product takes brainstorming because your decision will make your product in a market or break it. Now the total cost of the product has to be equivalent to the value of the product that all a user will measure while thinking of going through with the mobile app.

* Hire the Best Talent If the correct talent is out there grab few and turn it into a profitable investment by providing them the technological facility to apply the best of their skills into the making if an app. For example as per the new app development techniques why go for an iOS and Android app developer separately initially when a hybrid app developer can provide with a single app for both platforms.

* Strife between Sales and marketing Although the sales and marketing people have the same objective they are strife to one another as the sales are the first ones to deal with the client whereas the marketing people strategies bring any client in talking to the sales team. Marketing generates the lead and the sales close the deals.

* Managing brand chaos It is a state of competition where many brands pop up to have been providing the same production values like that of yours that’s where the marketing team needs to focus on the launch. For example, there is a list of top rated mobile app development companies in the market how can you make your brand name highlight? Well, when a user is given a lot of choices they tend to compare and marketing team has to be ready with a brand favoring comparison.

* Updated Trends Your company may have started their business now but the technology is growing every day you never know what your competitor is planning to keep the updates for your product. In mobile app development introducing new features in your app with the trends or coming up with an equivalent feature more innovative is a smart choice to make.

* Never let go of a loyal customer A loyal customer is companies gem and customer satisfaction is a key to business growth which helps have a large base of consistent users who can be rewarded to build long-term relationships.

* Lacking behind Even if the market has multiple players for your product, for example, there are five online shopping apps in the market then all you have to study the opponents marketing strategy to enhance your strategy and avoid redundancy of techniques.

To wrap up

The shift from door to door marketing to digital marketing has made it easy to build a business with few people and the trends to deal with the challenges have changed but the challenges still remain the same. Even if instead of going to the shop people prefer downloading apps to buy groceries the comparison of price and value still exists and that’s how the product is sold. FLUPER is a top leader in building a different kind of apps for your business idea plus helps your brand and promote your business.

Best Thing since Sliced Bread is Touch User Interface

The user interface is the most integral part of mobile application development. The user is not going to see how long did it take for you to write the code for a particular application. He totally has his first judgment based on the interaction he has with the application. Touch user interface enables the user to access the applications using his fingers.

The touch screens are implemented for almost every device, right from a mobile phone to any controlling device. Hence, it has made the user interface design engineers to put the user need in mind before creating a particular interface.

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Let’s see what things to keep in mind while designing a UI for Android.

Multiple Screen users
Each phone comes with different dimensions and screens, therefore it is very necessary to make the user interface which is flexible with any type of screen size. The user interface may contain different layouts which are specification based. Therefore, the user interface should be intelligent enough to fit the right layout for a particular screen.

Android runs over a range of screens which have variable pixel densities, the low, medium, high and extra-high pixel ranges. Therefore, it’s mandatory for the android app developers to specify the range for flexibility.

The App bar
It is the toolbox on your phone, different android versions have different default themes and the user can choose from different themes. The app bar features witnessed so far are like adjusting your widgets, hide the app bar. Swiping up actions is also implemented to adjust your applications.

Pop-ups monitors the user if there is a notification which the user needs to see before proceeding. It’s often seen even when your phone is switched off or you are indulging into some other activity on your phone, the messages your phone is receiving pops up so that the user doesn’t miss on any important piece of information. For a better user interface one can add an action besides the pop-ups.

Creation of Custom Views
User interfaces can be made more interactive by having the object respond in a similar way as the objects in real life do. For example, if the input to a particular object should give the output of the same object and not of any other object. The customers should be able to zoom-in, zoom-out, tap, pull and push.

Compatible UIs

Android keeps updating from time to time and the user interface engineer needs to create the user interface which is compatible with all versions of Android. The UI designed should match the backward layout and should know when to switch among the layouts.


The accessibility to your Smartphone includes the mode of input one uses to give to the applications such as speech or text. This feature is most beneficial for the persons with disabilities; voice can be their medium to communicate with the device. Hence, the user interface can be a hero for them to connect to the world.

Management of System UI

Managing the system UI includes dimming, hiding and using full-screen mode etc. The visibility of the screen can be modified such as tapping on screen triggers the app bar and it navigates itself what was the last action being performed on the device.

To conclude

The user interface is the appearance of the software of the Smartphone which needs to be top-notch to enhance the android application development companies to shine brightly on the market. The above are the practices a UI developer can keep in mind before designing the interface layout. Android provides with a variety of UI libraries which are helpful in bringing an existing feature on the screen or innovate.

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Will Google’s Tez steal the show from e-wallets Apps such as Paytm??

By now most of us have realized that mobile technology is highly volatile as a market, continuously evolving and changing which, in turn, is opening new avenues for startups to explore. Mobile application development companies eagerly wait for such opportunities to crop up here and there so that they can immediately come up with a solution in the guise of a mobile application. India witnessed an outburst of e-wallets and other payment applications or digital mode of payments’ popularity post the demonetization phrase. So far, the entire market is predominated by Paytm, beating the rest of the e-wallets in the competition. Companies such as Truecaller (in association with ICICI Bank) and chat application Hike offer UPI-based payments services. Other options include Samsung Pay, PayPal, Mobiwik to name a few are struggling to grasp the market along with Paytm. The search engine guru did find India a lucrative market to invest in. Likewise, other mobile app developers will soon realize the potentiality of the Indian market. So far, Paytm continues to dominate the scene. With the latest announcement made by Google, the monopoly approach to conducting the business affairs by Paytm might get jilted.

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So, what is the underlying concept working behind Google’s Tez??

18th September 2017 is the date chosen by the search engine guru to make its strategic announcement of launching a mobile payments application, Tez, for both individuals as well as merchants, designed especially for the crowded digital payments ecosystem of India. Already it has entered into the long-term partnership with four lenders such as State Bank of India, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank and Axis Bank, allowing customers with bank accounts to easily transact with 50 UPI-enabled lenders in eight Indian languages.

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Where does it differ from the other key mobile payment applications such as Paytm??

The digital wallets can relax a bit. It seems Google’s Tez is not likely to lock horns with them. It has come up with quite a different concept that will set it apart from the rest of the key players in e-transaction module. The top mobile app development companies can pull up your socks as another avenue may have been opened for you to consider optimizing in developing a new app.

Allow me to clear this point here:

  • Direct bank account transactions- Mobile app development companies may stand a little chance to penetrate this sector since Tez connects with existing bank accounts eliminating the existence of wallets in between.


  • App usage for daily transactions and large money transfers allowing payment or receipt of money from whosoever owns the Tez Application.


  • Tightened security- There are three layers of security, first from the bank, then UPI, and then Google thus helping in a detection of fraud, prevents hacking, and verifies your identity with each transaction secured with your UPI PIN and the app is secured with a Google PIN or fingerprint.


  • Money transfer through cash mode- Send money across without disclosing private details such as contact numbers using Cash mode.


  • Connected with major Indian banks- It is currently connected with a number of banks and smartphones, also available in the multilingual language.


  • Lucrative offers- Google has designed a unique marketing strategy by offering referral reward amounting to a maximum of Rs. 9000 valid until April 1, 2018, divided into Rs 51 for each reference where both the referee and referral stand a chance to win. Also, there is Tez Scratch Cards in the app offering opportunity for you to win a prize up to Rs 1,000 maximum with each eligible transaction, plus, your weekly transactions enroll you in Tez’s Lucky Sundays contest landing you the option to win Rs 1 lakh per week.


  • Search for transaction history- Transaction history is grouped together like the conversation in messaging apps.


  • Build for both iOS and Android platforms- iOS and Android users can equally enjoy its service. Also, there will be updated every few weeks as promised by Google.

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  • Supports small business and shops- Even smaller shops can accept on spot payments in cash mode while concealing personal and private bank details. Also, a small business owner can initiate digital transactions using the current account.

Time to wrap up

The only criterion is that you need to prove that you are a resident of India owning an Indian bank account and an Indian mobile number. Another point is that the core concept underlying Tez is a lot different than Paytm. Yet it is highly likely to render a tough competition to Paytm and other e-wallets, especially the perks and incentives offered by it. iOS or Android mobile app developers might consider harnessing this concept to come up with a similar application as long as there is minimal competition in the market.

You can avail the service of Fluper, one of the top-rated mobile app development companies, and have proved its efficiency through fluidity in designing applications coated with innovative creativity.

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6 Features to Absolutely Incorporate in Your App

There are almost a million apps available today and yet how many do you use? A few, I suppose?  Why? Because, half of those don’t serve your purpose and even if they do, they just aren’t upto the mark.

With fierce competition in the app market today, it becomes absolutely essential to decide what the customers want and design your app accordingly. Here, are some statistics to show the ever-booming mobile app market –

  • Users spend 90% of their time in apps compared to the mobile Web. —Flurry, 2015
  • 25% of installed apps are never used. —Google, 2015
  • 26% of installed apps are abandoned after the first use. —Google, 2015
  • Mobile retail experience satisfaction is low: 45% of mobile app users dislike their app experience, whereas 47% dislike their Web experience. —Mobile Commerce Daily, 2015

If one still doesn’t capture the huge market and its potential, it would be a huge loss. But, doing it in the right way is also important – know which audience to target, what they require and how to market your product.

User-friendly, easy on cost, attracted UI/UX – all these add to the popularity of your mobile app. if , you’re still not sure what is most essential to include in your mobile app, don’t worry! We have you covered. 😉

Feedback Platform

Company which keep track of its customers’ needs and requirements at every step of the way stays happy! That goes by without saying- if your users know that you care about them , they will automatically continue to use your services. Using in-app features and e-mail marketing, feedback can be gathered later to be implemented. Implementation is the key here – if you fail to deliver what your audience wants, it is no use. Moreover, it gives you a bad reputation of not being able to perform. This still doesn’t mean you pester them everytime to provide you with a rating to their user experience – that will just push them over the edge.

Myntra, the retail app, continuously keeps a check on its customer’s suggestions and is quick to fix them. That is why, today it could possibly be the reigning champion in the retail market.

Best UI/UX

Take the example of Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp – even children know how to operate these. Why? Their easy interface helps anyone from a kid to a full-grown adult to connect with it easily. That said, fresh and innovative content always appeals to the masses and would earn you extra bonus points. But, most importantly, keep it simple – a person shouldn’t take hours just to register himself in. And for this proper planning of application is  required. But at the end, you will find all these extremely beneficial.



Who wouldn’t like a personal note of thanks from their favourite brand? Well i would! If that is the case, it’s important to create an experience for your user that customises to his needs and provides you with exactly what you need.

The more opportunities the user has to tailor the app to her own taste, the less chance that you will get something wrong. And, if you do, it will simply be adjusted by the user. In addition to that, if you provide default information in spaces, your user won’t get frustrated entering the same information again and again.  Airbnb, Starbucks, Puma, Facebook could be our favourites in the field.

Social Media Login

You see an interesting app – download it – open it, but what do you see? The registration process! Arghh! It definitely is the most annoying part. But, what can make this process easier is by logging in through your social media login. That way one won’t have to go through all the hassles of remembering another password.

Different from your website

With people usually using smartphones to access information, it is essential to create an app to market your services. But, if your app isn’t any different from your website, that is, if it doesn’t offer fresh and innovative content, what use is it of really?  The content in it must be something that is impossible to gain from your website.

Stop building apps that are just big web browsers, and focus on pushing relevant information and delivering a richer experience that is beyond what your mobile website can do.

Offline usability

You are on 2G but you want to send that e-mail immediately and it just won’t go. It’s frustrating to users when an app is entirely unusable just because they have a weak signal. Try to incorporate content into your app that serves its utility both online and offline. It’ll make for a positive user experience while your users are on-the-go, online or off.


In today’s world it is essential to capture the mobile app market effectively. With people connected to each other across seas, and information available from around the world, it is no more difficult to get your message across. With just the right technique and strategy one can master this field to the T!


4 Social Media marketing that will Reign 2017

Although you might not be the one who is wondering how marketing on top of the social media platform will change the impulsive scenario. Social media is evolving to cast the needs as well as preferences of customers and marketers. Although social media marketing has proved its existence in the world of potential development. The way it markets from a standalone product to all other products that are lining up in a queue, has alleviated the so-called outlook of claiming “social media-just a fad”. It is crystal clear that Social media marketing is here to stay longer which is attributed to one characteristics that social media keeps evolving according to Forbes.

Hence in order to find the how the marketing on LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and Snapchat will transform the scenario of social media marketing, here are some social media marketing trends to reign 2017.

Humanising Brands by using Twitter

Even the top notch mobile application development companies sometime overlook the ultimate importance of social media marketing, but the way it is invading on every part of the life is changing the considerable outlook of entrepreneurs. App marketers are dedicating their time and even platforms are even proving its existence and making things seamless. Like Twitter brand Humanisation. Although you must have found that people spend considerable time up front to understand how to humanise the brand not only to learn the quickest but see the most distinguished results. People do not just buy but they also get engaged, speak, listen talk and at the end establish a factor of trust.

Twitter turned 11 in 2017 which can be considered as a veteran. Although last few years, Instagram and Snapchat have stolen some of its users and even marketers which rose a point whether Twitter has gone stale. But the way it adopted humanisation, there is no chance of going it away in the near future. It has successfully recognised why users and marketers are shifting in favour of other social media platform and has started some few strategies that will again revive the ultimate glamour of Twitter.  No more one-way communication and start connecting with people from across the world to have real time conversations.

We still believe hashtags and content promotion are still some of the key aspects as far as good Twitter strategy is concerned but it would be wrong to just rely solely on them. Instead start conversation, start posting images as you do in Instagram and Twitter’s live app in order to broadcast Periscope. Hence the ultimate spirit of humanisation will be enhanced by creating tweets that can easily be replied to.

Exponential increase of Chatbots

As far as customer care and customer service resources are concerned, even the latest brands are also ensuring to enter the market by turning into the chatbots. In order to end up with fast and immediate response, social media giants like Facebook or communication platforms like Allo or Slack are dedicating to use Chatbots. To facilitate the communication as well as reducing response time, it has been one of the most important trend in social media marketing to reign in 2017.

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Evolution of Snap will result in increasing new opportunities

As far as enormous evolution of Snapchat is concerned, which is now known to be Snap has transformed the user expectations as well as major trends considering social media marketing trends which has dedicated into more of a moment-focused view of communication and has led to live content. It has successfully facilitated mobile oriented app development and also initiated with its vertical videos into the current of thoughts. But now, it’s dedicating more of its resources outside the realm of exchanging messages with the introduction of real-world glassed in order to capture the first-person visual information. So, bigger things are expected from this recently-renamed company in 2017, so that more opportunities can be leveraged.

Social Messaging

In February 2016, WhatsApp has announce the fact that it touched one billion mark which has proven the fact that people over the year are turning into private social messaging which has brought the expectation of shifting social network to social messaging app. This optimum growth of social messaging app are leading even the mobile app companies to encash without dedicating sufficient resources to the paid marketing. This is considered to be a great option for the Ecommerce companies as well.

Wrapping up:

These predictions in social marketing is expected to dominate the strategies of app marketers in 2017. It is expected to be a strong branch as far as SEO and Content are concerned. These are must-have’s strategies especially for those companies who are attempting hard to market their product within the stipulated budget. Hence these strategies must be incorporated with your strategy of social media marketing so that it can ensure long-run survival of the product.


Reasons of Target audience Incapability to Connect

Reasons of Target audience Incapability to Connect

With the proliferation of more and more digital marketing it is expected to establish a link with the target audience. It is predicted that display advertising, in paid search, social media and online video advertising will be enhanced leading to more and more prominence in digital marketing. Various digital marketers predicted What can be expected from digital marketing in 2017? This is further intensified by the non-working investment on customer experience. Hence, according to Forbes US digital marketing will approximate $120 billion by 2021.With the bullish economy, digital investment is expected to experience transition from volume to its values.

With the eminence of personalized experience by the customers, tech savvy marketers are mature enough to start with the measurement experience i.e. they are likely to be more judicious as far as their goal is concerned. After so many initiatives if you are still incapable to establish a personal link, then you are more likely to fall behind the competitor. So personalization should be into the interface.

But what happens if the customers are not receptive enough?

This is something beyond wildest dreams of marketers since it involves with the blood, sweat and tears with lots of efforts. So the marketer should be buckle down rather than eager beaver to explore all other avenues.

Copied the insights of competitors rather.

People always look for exclusivity. If you are stimulated or in other words imitated the valuable insights of competitors, the audience would be repulsive enough and trail towards the competitor. So it should always be focused that the insights should always come from your skill-based brain in order to make audience gravitate around you.

Blending with the competitor with mere repurposing the same old static topics will make the audience wearisome. Instead it should come up with the perfect blend of empathy and compassion. It can be further spiced up with humour and jokes since this creates a resonance and audience can be interested to follow it.

By creating a unique content it develop some sort of trust within the customers and will connect with the brand gradually.

Strategies to pick target audience

It would be rather bad idea if you are marketing everyone. So it is quite significant to understand the target audience and narrow down as much as possible in order to craft the message and maintain the value proposition in an innovative manner. There are Critical Steps to delineate your target audience. But should be smart enough to distinguish the importance of traffic and conversations while you are undergoing for selecting online audience.

There are few steps to be follow in order to intact the value proposition;

  • Start with the assumption in case you are not possessing hard data
  • Start interacting with people directly
  • comprehensive research for target audience
  • For data take the help of data analytics
  • Proper testing of the assumption

Although it is a very complicated process where many significant people are expected to overlook, so a proper homework and involvement of tech savvy personnel can help to deliver the right message to the right person.

May be focused on static content

When more and more strategies are built to make beefy content marketing. It is very disheartening when it is unable to establish to create a link with the customer. This year when it has come up with robust content marketing strategy, there are few Steps to encourage content strategy marketing to reign in 2017. But the ultimate motive is to deploy the right message and emotion to its end users.

Hence make it as informal as you can so that it doesn’t bore the audience. Although words are powerful tool but avoid using necessary jargons. Take the help of images. Social media is an interactive platform in order to connect with the audience.

To make it more interactive you can easy highlight any sort of volunteer work in case your organization has done something non-profit for the betterment of the respective locale.

Unable to stick the process of branding

A process of stigmatization which will spice up the driving demand. In case you don’t follow the correct procedure then it will be wastage of money if you are not connecting with the right target audience.

There are various procedures to undergo a long lasting strategy:

  • Conduct a SWOT analysis
  • Identifying the right target audience
  • Create and maintain the corporate level key
  • Developing a corporate level identity tools
  • Identify the unfilled needs of the target audience
  • Creating and maintain product keys
  • Avoid overlapping of product image
  • Creating and maintain positioning keys
  • Brand promotion
  • Measurement and analysis of data and take corrective actions accordingly.

A correct procedure will the method of stigmatization more successful ad ensure its long-run survival.


So while following these steps but the first and the foremost thing which has to be maintained till the end of the procedure is to sustain the patience irrespective of the fact of number of traffic or number of followers, ultimately you will always look for the brands loyal rather than one-time purchasers. So these steps will not enable the deployment of message to the right persons but also to develop brand loyalty.


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