Diamonds, Pills now Detected at Micron Level

A time to wrap up, for all the people who are making tricks and trials to hide diamonds and pills! IBM’s Verifier claims to be a gadget that can inspect things at microscopic level. The key component in this process is an “optical element” that sits in front of the camera (it can be anything that takes a decent image) amounting to a specialized hyper-macro lens. The patterns and homogeneous characteristics help in identifying the mixture of metal in alloys, they are different in weave. This gadget is trained through a machine learning system by been shown examples that could instantly pick out the odd one.

All of this is possible with the help of smartphones. The mobile app developers have worked hard to incorporate this technology into the phones. IBM eagerly tells about how artificial intelligence used in this gadget, however, the use of lens is impressive. This application development was possible by the combination of microscopy, spectroscopy and artificial intelligence.

First announcement made by IBM for its Verifier to be functional, is in the diamond trade. This is merely for ensuring that the product is working under control and is easily manageable. This would help IBM to establish a sign of reliability and grab all the errors that would be fetched when it will be brought to implementation. The Verifier will be used for fetishizing the stone, that is, the diamond for its uniqueness. It can act as a tool for humans to check all the trading props deeply so that no smuggling could take place.

How it will be tested?

This technology could help in maintaining some quality checks on diamonds and detecting drugs or pills inside any embodied material. This type of application service would become popular as the objects are not to be brought to the labs. A little distortion in colors achieves the straightforward categorization task. It is compatible with almost all phones and so can be used to work on expensive things like currency, wines, etc. thus artificial intelligence enabled scanner has proved its authenticity in many areas ensuring that there is no product failure.

This mobile application development service would be a widespread in Airports, Harbors, etc. Blockchain can also be useful for carrying on the security concerns as explained by IBM. Thus the trading of illegal pills and all luxury items would be busted through IBM’s Verifier. Diamond’s edge detection and finishing may give it a challenge for verifying through the visual clues it generates. Its full name is IBM Crypto Anchor Verifier. It can also check the life validity of pills and examine if it is safe for the public to take. Various tests are carried on animals for checking the meds but now the opening of this illegal business has got a shut. Now let me tell you in brief how images are formed. Micro-level is of course not visible to the human naked eye, so the wavelength of light reflects it all to make it visible for detection. Here, the TIR works progressively. The number of flaws in a gem or some disorientation of materials gives the idea of there being a presence of something wrong. Let’s wait for the feedback on how it works!

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After Facebook Lockdown, A Relaunch of Group Application

Facebook is not just a social media network anymore, it is serving as a platform for enterprise applications. There are so many activities for groups and communities to take forward from this social networking app! However, the lockdown is mentioned because, after the Cambridge Analytica Scandal, Facebook shut down the groups APIs.

“Facebook status: I’m not online, it’s just an optical illusion.”

But now, Facebook has silently relaunched API for building group applications so that enterprises can again use Facebook platform for preparing enterprise applications. This time it is launched by providing more abilities to the group admin. Now the admin can keep an access on group member list, profile names, and pictures of people who post in common.

Now, some of the approved and checked group applications are re-published on Facebook. These mobile application development services will be accessible by admin through in-app group browser, it won’t be easily discoverable by other admins.

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All the previous reviews for the enterprise applications have been discarded and now new reviews will be published. All these updated reviews will be giving the correct feedbacks of the group apps. As a part of this process, some of the iOS and Android Application Developers were involved in the process of reviewing these applications.

Prior to this launch, group admins were not having many of powerful actions to perform. They had to search for group management tool for making the application clear the access permissions of group’s data that too outside of Facebook platform. After that, they had to log-in again on Facebook to check if the group’s data is still available or not.

Admins usually must do a lot of work to maintain the group! But this, in turn, increases user engagement due to the social network connections. There were certain applications that made the group admins to levy some monthly fee. However, some of the big names had to pay for availing the enterprise tools for managing their online business and partners. It has been widely accepted as a gateway for enterprise toolsets.

Facebook has already gained a good position in holding campaigns and ad views, thereby generating it to be a promotional platform. This is all Facebook’s trick to make its software as a service (SaaS) platform spread widely by adding a subscription fee.

“life is not about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself!”

In 2010, group apps were more involved in the gathering of data for analytics and moderating comments. There were also some of the posts that have pre-composed content, however, after it got halted, approval was needed from Facebook for third-party applications to assure that these unknown apps are not causing any harm.

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Now the approved third-party apps are already present on the group’s browser and admins can anytime involve them from the settings page. There is a wide variety of tools, from buffered posts to sendable posts which handle e-commerce messages. Most of the group traffic was given through mobile app development boost of third-party apps.

However, Facebook is putting full efforts to remove windows from its platform, thus ensuring that there will be no more harm made to user sensitive data in large amounts. In recent days, it has shut down many of the APIs and standalone applications to bring back the platform in the stream. All these steps are taken forward by Facebook to safeguard its platform users and performance.

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Get Rid of with the Dilemma between Waterfall & Agile App Development Methodology

One of the biggest dilemma of mobile app developers while choosing between Waterfall and Agile app development process. Which one should be chosen and why, we have this expert’s guide, which gives a clear understanding of choosing between these two methods. Let’s understand that what are these two methods and how to prioritize them.

What is Waterfall method for app development?

You can call Waterfall method is the most common and easiest method of app development. Waterfall is not new to anyone; of course, we can imagine this as a common occurrence in the rain. App developers can easily relate it with a liner method of development when one thing comes after another one and so on.

  • System and software requirements
  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Coding
  • Testing
  • Maintenance

These are the steps of a Waterfall development model and it uses in the same way. It is easier and which makes this method a time to consume and less secure. Each step is final and difficult to retract. And, when steps are interconnected, which makes it the dependency of one step to previous one. Developers can’t jump to any step and get the development done.

What is the Agile app development method?

Agile method for app development has its own advantages as it has the feature of iteration of development and testing in the process. Unlike the Waterfall model, the development and testing go hand-in-hand. The concurrent nature of development and testing makes it easier for a developer to find the bug and fix it. Here, the participation of developer, tester, user, and client increases to make the final development at the best ever.

Waterfall VS Agile App Development methods: what is better for your app?

When you compare these two methods of mobile app development for your app, both of them have different advantages and disadvantages. Choosing one of these two methods is a completely individual choice. This is also influenced by the various other factors as requirements of the client, developers’ knowledge, project budget and more such factors.


Benefits of using Waterfall Model

  • Easier method has a different process which gives different results
  • Easier so faster too, can be delivered in no time
  • Good for smaller projects where development doesn’t require a complex process
  • Everything is documented, from the development process to result and bugs too
  • Simple method so can be easily hand-over to any team with any phase

Benefits of using Agile Model

  • More focus approached; involves developers, end-users, testers, and client too
  • The work is organized and able to deliver better project output
  • It is transparent, so everyone knows the development of the project
  • Provides MVP for a better understanding of output and development of the project
  • Add value and improve it on each level of development

Here, app developers know the difference and benefits of using both of these models. We can’t define any of these methods as superior one, rather each one has own advantages. The choice is based on the project requirement, budget, nature of project and developers; whatever suits for a certain project will help them to get a better output.

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Why Progressive Web App Are A Better Choice?

A new way to deliver amazing user experiences on the web.


This is what Google present Progressive Web App (PWA) to the world. App development has been improved a lot in the recent past. Especially, to the next level of app development or you can say that PWA is the future of apps. In the progress, they might push the mobile web forward. They give an app like feature with the website, so they have a better user experience.

What is a progressive web app?

Progressive Web App (PWA) is the regular web applications to give you mobile apps like user interface from the regular web pages and websites. There is a certain reason to boost the use of  PWA or Progressive Web App to prefer it over native apps.

What are the benefits with Progressive Web App (PWA)?

Privilege to being on the home screen

When your app matches with the Progressive Web App (PWA) criteria, then it has a privilege to display on the home screen of users. Google and Chrome itself promote such PWAs and ask users to add these apps on their home screen.

Better user engagement

User engagement is also one of the benefits of using Progressive Web App (PWA). PWA gets a boost with web push notifications to increase the engagement by more than 4-times. And, these users spend twice the time on the site.

Progressive Web App

Indifference with the network connectivity

Poor network connection and inconsistency is the problem in most of the location where using a native app won’t work. Progressive Web App (PWA) has an edge over it; it easily gets the load in no time.

Better conversion rate

Progressive Web App (PWA) has no impact of poor connectivity; it makes it easier for the user to use it. The better user experience makes it more popular and which obviously increases the conversion rate.

Baseline Progressive Web App Checklist

Site is served over HTTPS  
To Test Use Lighthouse to verify Served over HTTPS
To Fix Implement HTTPS and check out to get started
Pages are responsive to tablets & mobile devices  
To Test Use Lighthouse to verify Yes to all of Design is mobile-friendly, although manually checking can also be helpful
  Check the Mobile-Friendly Test
To Fix Look at implementing a responsive design, or adaptively serving a viewport-friendly site
All app URLs load while offline  
To Test Load various pages in the PWA with an airplane mode enabled. Ensure the app presents some content even when offline. Use Lighthouse to verify the start URL responds with a 200 when offline
To Fix Use a Service Worker
Metadata provided for Add to Home screen  
To Test Use Lighthouse to verify User can be prompted to Add to Home screen is all Yes
To Fix Add a Web App Manifest file to your project
First load fast even on 3G  
To Test Use Lighthouse on a Nexus 5 (or similar) to verify time to interactive <10s for first visit on a simulated 3G network.
To Fix There are many ways to improve performance
  You can understand your performance better by using Pagespeed Insights (aim for score >85) and SpeedIndex on WebPageTest (aim for <4000 first view on Mobile 3G Nexus 5 Chrome)
  A few tips are to focus on loading less script, make sure as much script is loaded asynchronously as possible using <script async> and make sure render blocking CSS is marked as such
  You can also look into using the PRPL pattern and tools like PageSpeed Module on the server
Site works cross-browser  
To Test Test site in Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari
To Fix Fix issues that occur when running the app cross-browser
Page transitions don’t feel like they block on the network  
Transitions should feel snappy as you tap around, even on a slow network, a key to perceived performance.  
To Test Open the app on a simulated very slow network. Every time you tap a link/button in the app the page should respond immediately, either by
  Transitioning immediately to the next screen and showing a placeholder-loading screen while waiting for content from the network
  A loading indicator is shown while the app waits for a response from the network
To Fix If using a single-page-app (client rendered), transition the user to the next page immediately and show a skeleton screen and use any content such as title or thumbnail already available while content loads
Each page has a URL  
To Test Ensure individual pages are deep linkable via the URLs and that URLs are unique for the purpose of shareability on social media by testing with individual pages can be opened and directly accessed via new browser windows
To Fix If building a single-page app, make sure the client-side router can re-construct app state from a given URL


There would be a place for native apps too, but Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are going to lead the way. Especially, the new age apps are getting the popularity compare to the native apps.

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Which Website Design Trends are Influenced by Big Data

At some point in time, you notice that similar types of designs are adopted by many of the websites and apps. There is one viral trend, and everybody becomes a trend follower. However, the trendsetter will always be the king. Have you ever wondered how these trends get into the limelight? There lies the role of Big Data analytics. The feedbacks, the clicks, structured, unstructured data everything is stored in big data and this valuable data is analyzed to find the current most used trends. 

So, the fact that design patterns are a lot more influenced by big data nowadays, let’s have a look what all got into the vogue.

  • Web Animation

Animation makes an illustration of ideas easier to understand. These short animations keep the visitor engaged for a short period of time. Company’s brand image is reflected through its website and hence animations give the website a boost. In 2018, the most popular trend in the website is definitely animated logos. Sometimes the websites having too much animation on the website can limit it from being a mobile friendly. Hence, website/application development should be supported on both ends.

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  • Use of Live Chat

The livelier the website is, the more is the reach of your website. Of course, if the user is able to contact directly with the support team and solve their problems, the website’s responsive rate would be increased. Live chat process is easy to use, thus, website traffic that is monitored acts as a great tool for marketing. Live chats expand company’s service offerings and the HTML code included on the website for chat does not slow the page loading.

  • Video at home page

What would you prefer an article or a video? Users are getting more tilted towards watching videos in contrast with the past. Introducing videos on the home page is again an emerging trend. Videos are more informative and consume less time for the user to understand since visuals are better to perceive than just the words. Therefore, it was analyzed that conversion rate of websites having videos was more.

  • Organic shapes

Earlier, the cards and logos were designed having pointed edges, but according to data analytics from 2017, more organic and oblique shapes are attracting users. In fact, basic design elements are not enough to fulfill the solution of curvy shapes and dramatic effects. Also, the combination of vibrant colors is catching the tips of the trend. Many mobile application development companies are hiring designers solely for the purpose of getting design templates that are out of the box.

  • Typography

For those who are not familiar with the word, typography means the way written language is laid out on the page to make it legible. Sans-serif fonts are prevalent in present times. A great number of custom fonts are on a rise. The typefaces, boldness of which emphasizes more on content, are getting a step forward for such development services. Transparent text moving elements that have moving or still images in the background, called overlays is just another subtle method of representing text.

  • Optimizations in feedback and review

Feedbacks and review make more inputs to big data and thus increases analyzability. Even the smallest Mobile Application Development Services take care of including the feedbacks and customer’s review. The more data is generated through a website, the more data will be accounted for the systematic informational results. Therefore, the sites which will be contributing to this would be giving great impact on popular design trends through big data.

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AI- Enabled Automation App Can Change The User-Experience

Artificial intelligence is spreading its wings; now your favorite Instagram will also have this AI-enabled features.”

The Popular photo and video sharing social networking Instagram recently announced that it will start using the Usage Insights tool for keeping an eye on user’s amount of time spent on their app. This is a sheer use of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in the mobile app world. The automated learning is taking place of tech advancement in our daily life.

The Usage Insights tool is also based on AI and it will keep a track on your daily usage of Instagram App. There are multiple benefits of this new feature. It’s a constant debate over the access smartphone uses in our daily life. In fact, this small device became the entire world to most smartphone users. And, they started complaining that mobile phone is not good for users. Or, let me re-frame this for you, excess use of mobile phone is harmful.

Well, smartphones are getting smarter; mobile application developers understand the need to keep the smartphone a utility for users. Instagram did some research on it and made sure that users valuable time and health won’t hamper. Finally, they came up with this new tool to keep track the time a user spends on their app. If it will go beyond a defined time limit, there would be an alert to the user.

Google I/O

Isn’t that interesting?

Now, the app will help you to save your time getting waste and help you to utilize it a better way. It’s just an example where AI is helping us to improve the user experience with a mobile app. The list keeps adding some more such apps. How could we miss the Google Duplex demo in the last Google I/O. The way AI-enabled Google Assistant made that call and fixed the appointment; it was surreal.

Did we ever imagine this before?

Not even in the dream, but mobile application development has improved a lot in the recent past. New ideas and innovative concepts are increasing in the development process. The new brigade of mobile application developers is setting the standard higher day-by-day. Truth to be told, not just the app, but an entire OS will hit the ground in no time. Google’s Android P is going to based on AI and machine learning for a completely new user experience.

There are features which help users to optimize the use of their smartphones. Your OS will give you a list of apps which you used least or haven’t used recently. So, what you can’t do in a normal routine, the smart OS will do. In fact, developers are also aiming to get all future app developed compatible with the AI-enabled environment. Gradually, machine learning will be a basic need for mobile app development.

Google Assistance left us speechless, and why not, it delivered a great deal. Users’ experience will reach up to new heights, where a user will just wish to get something from their smartphone and it will appear instantly. Though, we cannot think of emotions with it; thankfully, we human have this features with us.

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Android P’s New Swipe-Based Gesture System Is Here

The Google I/O 2018 held successfully last week in Mountain View, California. It was a treat for developers and Android users; there had been some new announcements from Google. When Google introduced the latest version of Android OS is Android P. Android P, the one of most ambitious OS from the tech giant came up with many surprises. There has been so much talk about the latest features and offering with this new OS; the new gesture-based system is worth discussing here. Mobile application developers look forward to expressing their creativity with it.

Soon, you will not find more buttons on your Android based device, your finger swipe will be more intense here. When iPhone X’s gesture-based feature hit the ground; it created a lot of buzz. Android users started seeking similar feature for their devices, it took some time to Google to present this feature in Android OS. Can you dig it?

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Android P is the first one to bring this swipe-based gesture system in the Android OS family. Android P’s gesture-based system interface has a close resemblance with iPhone X’s similar interface. Really, an Android device without a HOME Button!

Yes, the annoying Home button is no more with Android P!

They got parted in the recent Google I/O. It’s been years, Android was using the three-button navigation system for its devices; Home button, Back button, and Multitasking button. And, it became easier for Android user to hit the Home button and back button. You will miss these buttons in Android P.

Android Application Developers

Your phone understands your touch – the gesture-based system!

Android P became smarter with this new feature; your device understands your touch. It’s a small oblong button at the bottom of the display of your phone. People who used iPhone X, they can relate it. Ideally, Google developed it for a better user experience, though Android P beta requires to enable it to gain access. This bar-shaped oblong button comes with multiple quick tricks for various task.

Different gestures – Different uses!

Google has done a really impressive job with this gesture-based navigation and responsive feel. Simply swiping up the button will display a card-like interface with horizontal multitasking menu is really great. The app overview includes the recently used apps, a search bar, and 5 predicted apps; a longer swipe will bring access to All App Screen, you can check out all installed app here. The “Quick Scrub” gesture or a left or right swipe on the screen will allow you to shuffle between the recent apps you used. Now, you have the whole screen of your Android phone to touch it here and there.

Android P cares user, let’s see!

Android P cares for you; like a girlfriend, don’t get surprised! At least the “Shush” – Do Not Disturb feature does care for you. If you keep your phone face down, it automatically gets silent. This doesn’t end here, the “Wind down” option will turn up the interface gray when you specify your sleep time. You will eventually end up less using your phone during sleep time.

Though, Google is still developing Android P as it is in the beta preview mode only. There could be multiple changes and development to it. Until we have the first release with us. We can’t say what else it is going to be there in Google’s Android P. We can’t even deny this fact that even Google has this dilemma that whether to chuck the buttons completely or not. However, Google is future ready with it’s OS, devices, smart wearable and more!

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Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in Brazil

Brazil is the fifth largest country in population and area which makes it a good market for the entrepreneurs. There was a prediction of 75+ million smartphone users by this year and more the users more the awareness of app-enabled services and products. Once the hardware is laid down the software comes into the picture, giving away the chance for technology providers to make the country driven by smart methods. Brazil is the market for mobile app developers to use their skills in the best way possible in different geographical conditions and the same goes for the technology seekers in the country who wish to expand their business to give it a technological boast. Here is the compilation of top mobile app development companies in Brazil which can be your technology partner.

1: Hyperlink Infosystem

Hyperlink Infosystem is a technology provider for platforms like iOS, android web, and windows. The company is also updated with latest changes that are going to be implemented in mobile app technology such as AR and VR implementation in mobile app development. The company has developed so far 2K+ apps.

2: Cheesecake Labs

Cheesecake Labs take the entrepreneurs raw idea and examine the future scope for the same first before starting off the development and suggests its clients with all the possible opportunities and risks for the app based business and has a great team of Android, web, and iOS app development with creative designers to work with the applications outlook.

3: Snowman Labs

Snowman Labs is totally client-centric and builds custom apps for their business partners with a squad of designers for exclusive user experience and interaction. The appearance of the application and interaction with the users is what drives the users love towards the application and Snowman Labs is more inclined towards that phase of the application development.

4: Huenei IT services

Huenei IT services believe in providing ace facilities to its talented pool of developers which is an investment for quality product and hence great service to its clients. The mobile app development is a time taking the project to do it right but a happy workforce will definitely produce maximum revenue for the company. Therefore, every client of the company is directly in contact with their developers for the progress report.

5: Hexacta

This company is an oldie and in operation for the software services since 1999 with an experienced team of developers, designers, and testers to provide an equipped system of tools and developers for their clients.

Mobile App Development Company

6: Ornito

Ornito believes in picking up projects that have a positive impact on the society with the help of technology and guides the technology seekers for the growth of the business. The team of esteemed business analyst gives a sorted objective for the development of the application as a business face.

7: Fluper

Fluper is the youngest of the companies listed in the top mobile app development companies but has proved to secure a place in this compilation with a large base of satisfied clients. It has already been ranked number one by GoodFirms in Dubai and now it is expanding in Brazil to be the technology partner of the next booming market for mobile apps.

8: Vizir

Vizir is a mobile app development company with a narrow vision of working with the customer-oriented business in the market with the help of talented developers they create technology solutions to take the established business to next level and a boast to startups.

9: Huia

Huia is a Brazil-based mobile app development company focused on iOS and Android app development with a vision of coming up with innovative solutions and providing best user experience to the users of the application.

10: Bolt Brasil

Bolt Brasil has their own set of procedure laid down while developing a mobile app and proves beneficial for the clients so far without altering the objectives of the application for the specified platform iOS or Android along with the team of developers, designers, and testers to smoothly execute the implementation.


Latin America is subjected to a lot of constraints unlike the united states of America which is a challenge to both iOS and Android app developers to develop effective app solutions in an economy with the poor network, consumer trust and low use of credit cards. These are the generalized barriers for a developer and rest is encountered during development but technology has solution ion to every problem with a script that runs on the server. So if you have an enterprise which needs an upgrade with technology to reach the users who like to on their mobile phones for hours, this list can make it easy to choose the best mobile app development company in the app making business instead of reaching for a result of 100 companies in the search engine.

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Undeniable Importance of Content Marketing in Mobile App Development

When developing and designing an application, the one thing that comes to anyone’s mind is the hours of hard toil invested in building an app right from the scratch. Yet the most primary function in the mobile app development process is completely ignored. With no offense extended, the task rendered by the content writers is belittled. Yet their written words trigger the initial interest amongst the frequent visitors to the app stores. The inscribed words promote the underlying concept on which the application has been constructed. Even though self-explanatory images, screenshots, and videos are posted but the keyword optimized written description and the written feedback of the users convince any prospective customer for installing the application. The important role played by the content is definitely undeniable in mobile application development and promotion of the application.

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But for all those ignorant minds, the following points highlight the different ways by which content writers can contribute towards the ultimate success attained for the entire app development process.

  • Spread the word with content, which is the medium highlighting the basic idea on which the app has been conceptualized. If the customer fails to understand the benefit they can obtain from installing such an application, they will discard it instantly. Irrespective of the screens and videos provided, any first-timer checks out the written description first and then the reviews posted by the early users.
  • Affordable marketing tool to reach a wider audience and capture the target customers smoothly. In fact, any form of advertisement has a special role dedicated to the content solely. But ads on broadcast/digital media containing HD graphics and visual representation raises the overall cost of the advertisement. On the contrary, content marketing through SEO optimized blogs, articles, and social media postings do not charge much but is the most effective tool to communicate the purpose of the app and influence the purchase decision of the customers.
  • Personalized content to build long-term relation since the content marketers and writers shoulder the responsibility to study the target market and compose exact words to establish a direct communication, connecting with the customers. Pushing notifications with offers on products of their specifications at the right time and using the well-chosen words again help in retaining the existing customers.
  • Customer engagement to beat competition cost-effectively again falls within the realm of a good content writer. The customers have billions of options to choose from in the Google Play store and Apple’s App store as well as the third-party app stores. Therefore, content must be customer engaging, enticing and most importantly convincing to grab the attention of the customers and likely to fetch new ones each time.
  • Influence purchase decision and capture fresh leads each time with content marketing is possible only when the content writing strategy is well researched and data-driven to only convince the prospective customers but also create brand awareness through word-of-mouth. It is a powerful lead generation tool, which guarantees conversions and offers the most effective yet at reasonably rated internet marketing channel giving the control over the ad message entirely to the owner of the application.
  • Media visibility for the application through social media sharing and virally promoting the same through well-optimized content can actually boost up revenue ultimately for the application developer.
  • Reusable and psychologically provoking usually are the two remaining capabilities of content. The same content can be reused, reshaped or reinvented to reach the target market with contrasting tastes and specifications. The same content can be molded and shared either in the form of infographics, video, memes or in the pattern of a blog, article, PR, and social media posts. If content marketing when aligned naturally with the psychology of the customers can directly influence the purchase decision of the customers and boost sales.

mobile app developers

The right amount of buzz is generated with the right choice of words and content writing technique. But there are specific tools and methods that are employed by the experienced content writers to perform their task. However, that is an entirely different chapter for discussion. Therefore, the top-notch mobile application development companies must concentrate more on mobilizing the content marketing team to be the backbone of the marketing and promotion team.

Key takeaways from the blog

Any application has to compete against 3 million or even more applications in the app stores. The users have the option to opt out if the overall first impression is not up-to-the-mark. Researchers proved that any prospective customer usually rejects one in four mobile apps immediately after the initial usage. They do have the liberty to do so considering the ocean of choices laid in front of them. But, the top-rated mobile application development companies like Fluper do not enjoy the similar freedom of losing our key customers. They really have to work hard retaining their existing customers more than concentrating on acquiring the new ones. Content marketing if ASO optimized does the job for the mobile developers in reaching the right audience and exerting the desired impact.

Therefore, companies must concentrate more on their content writers to carve out the best out of them. The popular tweet by Lee Odden says, “Content is the reason search began in the first place”, aptly reflects the entire idea of composing this blog in just 10 words.

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