Prepare your Food Delivery app to embrace Gen Z’s gastronomy

Food Delivery app to embrace Gen Z’s gastronomy

Who are these so-called Generation Z or Gen Z in precise? Google the term and this is what you get as the definition for them: “The generation following the Millennials, also known as Generation Y.” The generation born out of the time dominated by smartphones and technology, both gaining rapid development across sectors. Tingling through the day, smartphones actively engage users’ by pushing notifications, either with mouthwatering offers or updating with forthcoming features. Bombarded with endless messages, Generation Zs began obsessing over culinary and fashion, courtesy the top food delivery app development companies and the ones for the apparel industry. These tech-savvy generations are very much into experimentation even seen indulging in lip-smacking culinary creations. Recently the social media sites are getting over-crowded with posts frequently shared by some food lover or the other displaying their cooking creativity to the digital world. The ongoing social media food trends are challenging enough to push the mobile application developers to rethink their strategies all over again.

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The challenging yet benefiting new generation questions the developers’ marketing techniques, whether they are capable of grabbing mass attention or not. Food delivery app development companies for Android and iOS can make use of few tips and tricks to market their offers to the tech-savvy foodies of Generation Z.

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  • Say it digitally since Generation Z is growing up with smartphones and are surrounded by everything that is digital. They understand no other language than that which they share online. Targeting such customers to promote the brand is possible if smartphone opted for as the common platform to push their product.
  • Keep the content brief and crisp, serving the exact point in limited words that too in a language only the Gen Z relate with. They have an attention span of not more than 8 seconds. Content must be snackable with fitting emojis to grab their interest at once.
  • Altered social media preference where Facebook suffered a setback against Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Whatsapp, and others. These are the common hangout points for today’s youth where the companies can promote their brand to reach the mass.
  • Personalize and humanize a brand since Gen Z’s do not really prefer a faceless brand. Moreover, they need the freedom to customize the product such as the food item on sale to match their taste preference. Example: Subway- One main reason why Subway stands out to be the preferred healthy snack outlet for most youngsters.
  • Prioritize quality more as the tech-savvy generation prefers doing their proper homework with extensive research on buyer reviews and then make their purchase decision. So, quality cannot be compromised when targeting this particular group.
  • Keep it healthy and tasty as because this generation is highly health conscious and are mostly fitness freaks but cannot bear bland food. So make it Tasty but keep it Healthy.

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Final take

The tech-savvy food lovers of this generation have mastered an entirely different set of needs and preferences. Offering tempting food snaps when marketing food application is not enough. The items must taste EPIC, not just look EPIC. So including restaurants, which are trending among youngsters, is equally important. Either hire food app developers like Fluper when designing and marketing your meal application or conduct a proper research on the target market to survive if the application wishes to enjoy longevity at a time when the entire generation is growing up with food and mobile. Getting them onboard is the challenging part. The mentioned strategies will guide you accordingly.

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Beware!!! GPS enabled Apps are stalking You

GPS enabled Apps are stalking You

There are apps which synchronize with your Smartphone’s GPS for conveyance. Location-based apps follow you wherever you go. Your whereabouts is tracked by android or iOS app developers because of the sensor on your phone that pinpoints the location. Although almost every application is using location based mobile application development to spread and improve customer relationships.
It opens the gate for immense business strategies. For instance, you enter a new city and the retailer has an offer circulating in that area so if you have a location enabled application, then you can totally take benefits of that offers.

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Let’s see the top 5 location enabled applications…

  • Foursquare swarm

It was probably the first location based application to cater the large customer. Swarm was introduced for better user experience by mobile app developers which allow customers to have a life log of all the places they have visited in a chronology. Swarm was introduced so that foursquare can explore and discover the locations where the customer is spotted.
Swarm lets you upload photos and the swarm database keeps records of all your check-ins and recommends you the most visited places in the surrounding.

  • Glympse

This application was designed to share locations in real time, although these days all the applications are adding it as an extra feature for their android mobile applications because of the access to build in Google maps in the smart phones. This application is quite flexible as it is accessed by all the receiving end hardware may it be a phone, tablet or a wearable.

  • Pokémon Go

The gaming application Pokémon Go provides you with an experience of having both the worlds. Its user experience puts you in the place between virtual and real. It has many distinct features; it enables you to reach out to other players in your surrounding which definitely uses the location of your device.
While playing the game in real time the Pokémon gaming series make it even more interesting when you find Pokémon eggs which might hatch after a certain distance you have walked, the surprise is you have no idea what will pop out of the egg, whole new Pokémon. The users can even team up and have battles among teams to chase the Pokémon.

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  • Family locator

GPS tracker is helpful to find people used for security reasons, but no one knew if it can be used in a family to know if your sibling was in town and forgot to visit you. It’s very helpful in tracking children; the parents can get notifications of wherever their child goes and in case their child is lost in the crowd the emergency button helps track the last location.

  • Gas Buddy

Running out of gas and waiting for some to help you to pull your car till the gas station is very common crises in the road trips and otherwise. The gas buddy is another application that helps you track all the possible gas station along your way. So that you can fill up enough to catch the next gas station.

Ios or android app developers again use your devices location to provide the details of the nearby gas station.

To conclude:
The location based applications keep mocking you wherever you go and in case you feel like just exploring a totally new place don’t be worried of taking a friend who have already visited there.; all you have to do is download a location enabled application in your app store. The ability of applications to catch holds of device location and provides refined results for exclusive user experience so if you want to own one find an android app developer.For more get in touch with
WhatsApp on 9811214178

Is Cryptomining the fastest way to make money?

Is Cryptomining the fastest way to make money?

Bitcoin, one of the cryptocurrencies is the most talked about in 2017 with blockchain technology that it uses to maintain its transactions and those who understand technology has been investing in it and making fair profits by selling and buying at the profitable minute and monitoring the fall and rise of prices on mobile apps This led to a rapid popularity of bitcoin although there were other cryptocurrencies using the same technology could not get that popular worldwide. The first question on the investment of your earned money is How high are the returns? Well if you understand how it works it is up to you how fast can you make money out of it. Few bitcoin investors happen to take their relationship with bitcoin a step ahead by becoming the miners of bitcoin and gaining rewards for it.

Bitcoin Mining is the process of generating new bitcoins by adding bitcoin data to the global ledger. Since this is not maintained by any regulating body the currency circulates among the users and monitored by them itself. Mining is the maintaining of bitcoins which consumes computing and electricity to solve the mathematical equation running for each digital; transaction and updating the data by checking a fair transaction. A group of transaction makes blocks which keeps adding and are secured by the miners and the collection of these blocks is called blockchain which is the record of the past transactions to confirm the transactions to rest of the nodes in the bitcoin network. Now that we know what bitcoin is and how bitcoin mining works? There still is a lot of risks involved and the electricity consumption for mining will cost and calls for an investment. So, let us check out few bitcoin millionaires.

  • Yifu Guo
    Money Made: $5 Million
    Yifo Guo was the first one to build a bitcoin miner and the first batch was totally sold out later many competitors started manufacturing the same but Yifo Guo was the first one to create the miners and made it to the list of millionaires.
  • Winklevoss twins
    Money Made: $11 Million
    These brothers are the owner of first bitcoin exchange in Gemini but it was not where they started. Firstly they invested a huge amount in BitInstant Bitcoin and built a tracking system to track the average price of bitcoin, they named there company Winkdex. They have their own cryptocurrency on the exchange named ethereum.
  • Tony Gallippi
    Money made: $20 Million
    Tony Gallippi is the founder of the first payment processor for bitcoin and is the most trusted by the retailers for everyday payments. The company is known as bitpay and makes a worth of $1 Million payments every day.
  • Jered Kenna
    Money made:$30 Million
    Jered was the first one to open a mining pool company, which allows to mine in a group and the rewards are distributed equally. He started off when bitcoin was only worth 50cents now he is the owner of bitcoin dark mining pool and several other ventures.
  • Dave Carlson
    Money made: $ 35 Million
    Dave was the founder of a mining company called MegaBigPower which he started from the basement and he was making $8 million per month by 2018.
  • Charlie Shrem
    Money made: $45 Million

      Charlie Shrem is infamous for money laundering in 2014 although it is intriguing to know that he came to know about bitInstant and started buying bitcoins at low prices when he was 11 years old. Later after getting out of prison, he founded the company that sells investment portfolios to blockchain companies named Intellisys Capital.

  • Roger Ver
    Money made: $52 Million
    Roger Ver was already rich when he started to invest in bitcoin startups and became even richer. He is a popular investor in different blockchain startups such as bitpay, ripple, etc.

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Blockchain technology would not have been so popular in such short time if it was not for mobile app development company after bitcoin made it to the masses different mobile apps came into the app store and google store for people to know about it more and use it. All the above-mentioned millionaire were the first one which made them rich faster than the normal ability of anyone.


Do you install original or Copycat apps? Else, It is time for a reality check

Do you install original or Copycat apps? Else, It is time for a reality check

You probably have heard this more than once that the Google Play store and Apple’s Appstore continuously deal with the persisting issue of copycats and fake applications. And, you never know the applications that you have installed are the original versions or the copycats of the former ones. Reportedly, 40 out of top 50 free applications in the Google Play store have a fake version of the original one not only present in the official store but also in the third-party app stores. It is quite a challenging task for top-notch mobile application development companies like Fluper to feature their product in the app stores amongst millions of other applications along with the existence of the fake or copied versions of the original ones. And the next time you go searching for a popular application in the app store, you will get to see similar icons bearing same name and design but with minute differences normally overlooked when seen casually.

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Now iOS app developers are in a more secure position compared to Android developers and Google has much to blame for this. The very nature of Google Play store makes it all the more simple for the copycats to steal the idea from a genuine application, add a piece or two and then resubmit under a different name. But, this very idea of republishing original applications under the different name may not be that bad considering the users can get to taste a combination of different features wrapped up in a single application. However, copycats are definitely not waiting to fulfill their corporate social responsibility. Rather they are interested in earning few extra bucks. Now you probably have this question in your mind...HOW?

  • Though ads.
  • Steal contacts from users’ phone and sell off to third parties.
  • Spam twitter feed with links redirecting to malware-infected websites.
  • Rob the original applications of their market.

Plenty of authentic applications seek your permission to access gallery, contacts and other data stored on your smartphone. How can you deter which is the original application out of the copycats?

  • As an application user, you can follow few steps to identify the fake ones or at least safeguard yourself from them.
  • Verify the owner of the application or from whom it is released.
  • Read user reviews. However, there is a problem of spam reviews that shade out the original ones.
  • Try to identify the minute differences in either the text or icon of the application.

In short, you have to be on high alert when installing an application. Then, it is also the responsibility of the top mobile application developers to adopt preventive measures to safeguard their work and protect the users from falling a victim to malware.

1. Speak directly to the malefactor.
2. Publicly humiliate copycats.
3. Resort to legal measures such as:
* Sign up a non-disclosure agreement.
* Acquire copyrights over your application.
* Trademark your app’s name or logo.
* Do not forget to apply for the patent.

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Closing thoughts

It is not bad to draw inspiration from others but blindly copying others’ work is definitely not commendable. Then again, it is difficult to pull the strings against the copycats in the market. Nevertheless, both Google’s Play Protect feature and Apple have already taken a corrective step towards app store clearance from zombie and clone apps. But, It is also the responsibility of the users to adopt some form of cautionary measures when installing applications from the app stores. Wherein as far as top-rated mobile app development companies are concerned, they need to keep in mind that copycats can rip off the current version of their apps but can never steal the original idea, the audience, or the community. Resort to the mentioned preventive steps and take actions if mere verbal communication fails to do the job.

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Are Doctors prescribing Mobile apps to arrest loneliness?

And why only loneliness? I believe the mobile application developers are no less magical than today’s modern wizards are. Their applications are almost an answer to any possible question anyone ever can have. But, how far can an application be an alternative to human presence to fight loneliness is a question we need to ask ourselves. Now, you can come up with your own reason for argument saying we are not lonely in the digital world. However, we need to pause right here. Is the virtual world the only gateway to kill loneliness in the real world? Do we actually realize that mobile applications may be the real cause working behind human loneliness today? Yet the top-notch mobile app developers claim that you are no longer lonely or aloof. Apps are there to be your only best friend. Probably yes, our smartphones have turned into our soul mate and best friend. The average time spends with phones if we have to measure then it will turn out that more than 80% of the spare time and productive time have been invested in that tiny handset. Yet again, the developers have the solution to address this problem too.

Soon doctors and physicists will start prescribing their patient’s different mobile applications specific to the ailments.

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And when we are discussing on how to fight loneliness, you and me, we all are in for a BIG SURPRISE.

VOILA!! Our developers have long found a solution to this nagging issue faced by young adults mostly. So, let us dig into them to find out what these applications have to offer to the lonely people out there?

  • TalkLife

Are you lacking a friend who can sit and hear patiently to all your woes? Fear not, Talk life may be the right solution that needs installation at once. It is a common platform where users suffering from similar ailments come together and share their inner sorrows with one another. So eventually, you will have a willing ear always at the other end of Talk life to respond back when you desperately need one.  Most importantly, you can talk about almost anything and everything without the fear of being misjudged. Be an anonymous user or reveal your identity, a choice is yours. But you can be a guide to a depressed person by sharing your experience and offering tips. What are you waiting for? CHECK IT OUT at GOOGLE PLAYSTORE.

  • Replika

Who could have thought Artificial Intelligence can actually steal away someone’s loneliness. Replika is an application, which has artificially intelligent chatbot embedded into it. A series of questions is put across to the user in order to get acquainted with them and then indulge in sincere conversation with the users. The more one interacts the more Replika replies back gradually replacing the need to have a real friend. By level 15 or higher Replika start to respond back more like an intelligent human adult but remains detached from the user. Available on both Google Play store and Apple’s iTunes, this AI application can be a sure solution to lonely people out there. IT IS A MUST CHECK OUT APP FOR YOU….

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  • Tinder like dating apps

Now if you are unwilling to speak to an Artificial Intelligent Chatbot but still feel unable to bare your heart to your dear ones. Then you have to try the dating applications like Tinder and TrulyMadly. You can strike a lifelong relationship or end up in a short-term fling. However, these apps have their own pros and cons. So be careful before you trust an unknown person.

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  • Social media apps

If you are one of them who feel unsafe speaking to a stranger then try the social media applications such as Facebook and Whatsapp. Only your friends and others in your circle appear on your friend list. Stay online and you will always get someone or the other available to hear you. All you have to do is narrow down your choice to the most trusted person.

Now, there are few other similar applications available in the play store, which you can look up to if you wish:

  • Pacifica
  • What’s Up?
  • 7 Cups of Tea

Final Thoughts

These applications are nothing but a mere speck in the ocean of mobile applications. You are bombarded with myriad options since top-rated mobile application developers such as Fluper always try to cash on such unique app ideas. But on a personal note applications and for that matter smartphones cannot be the human replacement to ease your pain or medication for your illness. Fighting loneliness is only possible if real human touch is there and mobile applications are definitely not the answer for it.


Top 6 Android Games of 2018 for FREE!!

Not long ago Google announced it is going to push those applications in the Google Play store that pass Android Excellence Test. Keeping that in mind the top 6 Android gaming applications featured with the latest technology and incredible graphics have been listed here for you to check out and experience the thrill. Android application development companies are in constant competition with themselves to bring out the best experience for the players with their gaming apps. However, which one is the original game version or which is worth the shot can be pretty confusing. So, why not check out the mentioned list of top 6 android games, which are available for FREEE in Google Play store and compare them with the Android gaming applications of 2017. You will get to know which will make its way into your smartphone.

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  • Asphalt 8: Airborne and Asphalt: Xtreme

Free with in-app purchase, Asphalt 8 tops the list when it comes to car racing games available in Google Play store. Game loft, the mobile application developer and mastermind behind the 2 games did a noteworthy job by incorporating tons of magical contents and high definition graphics to keep the players hooked to the apps for the endless time. You can also compete with other players and win a few virtual matches. Remember!!All these boxed up in the games available free of any charges.

  • Hearthstone

A card dueling game, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft build decks, unlock cards and challenge other players using the deck you build up. A free of cost card game is simple to play and easy accessible by users of different age groups.

  • Fallout Shelter

This is yet another free android game, which has retained its position in the top list since its advent in the year of 2015. Players have to build shelters, take in survivors and design a flourishing environment. Overcoming obstacles such as fires, the raid by AI bad people and many similar difficulties fetches you points and push you through the different levels. Developers did well so far and keep adding updates and new content.

  • Pokemon Go

One of the first initiators of Augmented Reality in mobile gaming applications, Pokemon Go has continued retaining its position among the top 6 list of android games. It is the biggest ever application which has drawn a long train of followers in the Google Play store. Players explore the real world around them by catching Pokemon, bringing down gyms and find Pokestops. More features added to the existing application, which includes raid battles, legendary Pokemon and a lot more. It is continuing in its evolvement until now.

  • Critical Ops

All those aspiring fighters out there, Critical Ops is just the game for you. If you enjoy shooting your enemies but virtually all you need to do is install Critical Ops and you are good to go. Featuring a strong online multiplayer community where you can join your friends to shoot terrorists in a variety of urban-oriented levels. And the best part is the contents are FREEE.

  • Clash Royale

Supercell, the Android developer, came up with its latest masterpiece, Supercell that is nothing but an online card game. You earn cards, build decks and then square it off in one-to-one combat with online opponents. You earn or lose trophies, form clans to share cards, challenge other clans in hand-to-hand duels and unlock new cards. If you are a hardcore card game lover then this is the one for you.

Other noteworthy games need worth mentioning here that made their position on the top list of android apps for 2018 are:

  • Dots & Co
  • Final Fantasy
  • WGT Golf Game
  • Battle of Polytopia
  • Titanfall: Assault

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any suggestion

Top-rated mobile application developers like Fluper have mastered the art to define gaming applications using HD graphics or conceptualized on innovative ideas to stand out in the crowd of endless apps and games. But you need to keep yourself up-to-date and check out our blogs to grab the latest ones. Next time you need the latest gaming application, you know where to look.

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Will VAT leverage app Market in UAE?

For the very first time, UAE has introduced Value Added Tax in the Gulf for deploying mobile smart services to make the nations smarter than before and reaching each individual with smart services for their daily requirements. VAT in the Gulf is introduced at five percent and is believed to boost the revenue in all the nations of UAE. This tax will be imposed on food, clothes, electronics and gasoline, phone, electricity and water billings and also on hotel reservations. If we take a closer look at the services where the VAT is applicable happens to be driven by mobile applications in this era.

As per the ministry of finance in UAE has a vision of becoming the global leader in finical management. Under their Smart Government Initiative, they have come up with different mobile applications such as eDirham and Apple watch and Android wear watch. Other applications for reaching the correct use of VAT is done through mobile app development as well which cater the following to the citizens of Gulf Nations.

  • Customer queries replying
  • Gulf Economic Integration services
  • Suppliers Services for registration and follow-ups
  • Tax certificate issuing

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Now the question is why do mobile application development companies would care?


With this initiative taken by the government, the building blocks for the implementation is internet and the products of internet services are mobile applications. The gateway to innovate and solve the existing problems for the public to make the daily transitions smooth and efficient iOS and Android app developers has to take a leap. The UAE calls for a great number of deployment of mobile applications but the problem is the users of this technology advancement are few.

The possible real-time application development areas from a commoner’s point of view can be seen as follows:

  • Financial app development As per the statistics, there is only 31 percent of the population in UAE that uses banking services which calls for some high user experience finance management app Coming up with a banking and payment application will be a smart move by the developers but only after understanding the WHY? behind such low percentage.


  • Tax inquiry application
    Introducing the new applications on VAT can aware the crowd about its use during payments through their Smart Phones and people can’t be fooled anymore, therefore coming up with a simple step to step application for the people of UAE will empower the app subscribers.


  • On-Demand Service App
    This is one such application idea that can never go out of the market people have no time to actually do the things that consume quite a lot of time but they need to do so on daily basis. Therefore, on-demand service application has a bright scope when it comes to mobile app development.

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There can be enormous problems faced by people in the interior of the nations and solving all these problems can be a developers’ lifetime achievement business and can uplift the society of the Gulf nations. UAE has got the technology and the government is coming up with Smart service schemes for the Emirates but the numbers of users are not increasing which can only mean that the user experience of the mobile application development is poor. A rich user experience created by the designers can leave an impact on the user and popularize the application with an unexpected response. For an application to your raw idea can be created at FLUPER, a mobile app development company.


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Alter your approach to Brand storytelling with augmented and Virtual Reality

Why not experience a technically induced concept to shape up brand storytelling?? Mobile and the accompanying technologies scoped out opportunities, which can be tilted and molded to fit the different requirements. Wherein, mobile application developers play the role of a creator to drop down a new masterpiece whenever they come across an untouched object. Augmented and virtual reality is two examples of such latest find that are being widely applied in different sectors for extensive usage. And they actually prove to be undoubtedly beneficial. If we come down to the advertising industry, we find more and more companies prefer to keep their customers immersed with interactive add contents rather than the traditional methods. Such interactive advertisements aid in improved storytelling enticing the targeted customers to the point of actually convincing them to make their purchase decision in an instant. Enterprise app development companies prefer more to give their users a taste of augmented and virtual reality through their developed m-Commerce applications, drawing quite a revolution to brand storytelling.

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Such a revelation calls for examples to support the above statements. So, allow me to pinpoint few noteworthy examples where the technologies played a strong role to write down the brand story for few notable brands.

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  • Marriott Hotels, in collaboration with Framestore VR Studio, design a 4D tourism experience for the prospective buyers to transform the travel industry using VR technology.
  • TOMS Shoes gave a virtual tour experience to its users in a remote village of Peru offering an immersive yet emotional storytelling.
  • Volvo offered a test drive for their new XC90 SUV through their Volvo Reality application.
  • Oreo, promoting its new cupcake flavored cookies, created an animated and mystical fantasy virtual world for the viewers.
  • XFINITY and NASCAR where the user is placed right into the intense action through the 360-degree virtual reality technology.

And there are others…

  • Jaguar
  • Samsung
  • McDonald’s
  • Rebecca Minkoff

These brands did well using such technologies but incorporating any new approach is not devoid of obstacles.

One major challenge mostly faced by brands is the budget allocation and they keep searching for brand promotion methods that ensures an optimum utilization of the funds induced to market their name. And since the audience is getting more fickle minded and impatient to stick with an entire ad commercial especially if the content proves to be a really boring one. Such challenges but compelled companies to bring down the total duration of the ad to a six-second spot, not enough to narrate the whole story but sufficient to spread the knowledge to the impatient viewers. This is where modern concepts such as Augmented and Virtual Reality come handy. The immersive nature is induced with playful capabilities and adjustable platform to support more product information rendered within a span of mere six seconds. Such technologies pose the capability to breathe oxygen into a lifeless good to benefit not just the customer through feeding deep knowledge of the product before it is purchased but aids the brand to better narrate its story. Such potentialities are pushing more companies to opt for AR and VR to promoting their brand and offer a strategic position to render enterprise mobility solutions to the ultimate customers at the same time.

Having said that augmented and virtual reality actually prove to be a commendable alternative to age-old methods of marketing and advertising, there are multiple ways by which both can be creatively applied by brands to obtain a lasting result from their advertising strategies.

  • Extending live experience with the ad content to give a feeling of authenticity without altering what the viewers are experiencing.
  • Virtual tours for purchasers in brick and mortar shops through digitally constructed virtual elements, adding an element of fun along with educational contents on products or services.
  • Utility to consumers to test and or visualize products before purchasing them, something, which IKEA and L’Oreal Paris does for its customers.
  • A three-dimensional interface in contrast to the two-dimensional interface where ads were traditionally displayed with the option to offer a more detailed yet interactive content for the customers.
  • Proper product placements to directly emerge in front of potentially engaged users in order to beat off the competition.
  • Localized promotion and creative simulation with ideas that are specific to clients’ preferences.
  • Lasting impact on consumers through superimposing of virtual elements into their real surrounding where real-time interaction with the product is made possible.

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Final Words

Top-rated mobile application development companies such as Fluper are experienced enough with modern technologies such as virtual and augmented ones to offer instant enterprise mobility solutions to promote their brand to endless viewers. But, the question is how far the consumers are ready enough to embrace these modern technologies?? It goes without doubt that augmented and virtual technology when used in apps or advertisements, they tend to give an immersive experience but they are applicable to specific sectors only. However, there are few others wherein these innovations may fail to sell the message.

So, if your product can pay off better with AR and or VR induced ad contents as well as applications, then you might consider availing the service of a dedicated mobile developer hired to do the job for you.

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Machine Learning: An advantage to Manufacturers

Let me take you all to the time when the packed food materials gained popularity, exports became easy and automation was the buzz word. Everybody trusted the robots made and packed juice, considering it more hygienic and still does. The technology builders are looking forward to build machines that can learn from humans and implement the task not just on the basis of a text book but human thinking.

The process of Machine Learning has been in the research papers for long but internet has made it possible to implement it using proper machine learning algorithms. The robotic machines in use right now are not smart but the machine learning claims that the ability of the robots to learn from humans can turn the robots into intelligent machines which can even beat the human brain. One such example is when the global champ Chinese player KE JIE lost to AlphaGo in a Chinese origin game Go, it is an abstract strategy board game which is played between two players and the aim is to surround the maximum territory than the opponent.

We have surrounded our everyday activities around the technology-driven devices but the minute the switches are turned off, it’s just human brain which governs it all. The concept of machine learning involves the updating of machine capabilities while working with human brains. The use of machine learning in manufacturing industries can result in creative manufacturing rather than by the book manufacturing.

Now, the need of machine learning for manufacturers can be pinned as follows:

The manufacturing units produce tons of products in a single go, the need is to customize the operations to keep the supply chain efficient. Its difficult for humans to suspect the change required in the planning while keeping the inventory which in return adversely effects the output of planning engines.

The scheduling of the order right from the time the order is received to the time its complete can be easy with machine learning which will overcome the delay in the orders due to manufacturing.

Although the machines are created with accurate output results which are only met if the engineer provides the appropriate set of inputs. The intelligent machines can learn from the engineer responsible to monitor it and can suggest instructions used in past to perform a particular task, which may increase the accuracy.

What Revolution can Machine Learning get in manufacturing?

The algorithms designed for manufacturing are iterative in nature and each iteration takes milliseconds, the iterations produce optimized outcomes which can be obtained in few minutes and the average manufacturing time can be reduced to days from months. Listing the possible changes for manufacturers after implementing the machine learning can be

1. Increased Production and decreased material consumption
The advanced intelligent systems designed for manufacturing provides the predictive results using the data analytics and machine learning. The General Electric graphics say that the smart manufacturing systems have lowered their material consumption by 4% and the production is increased by 10%

2. Integrated systems in the manufacturing Unit:
There are multiple divisions working in the manufacturing unit like finance, supply chain team, and operations team. In order to meet the same target on time, the coordination plays a vital role. The machine learning has the ability to take inputs of the progress from each team and calculate the estimated time for the completion of the orders. Hence, letting each team share the details required for progress.

3. Improving Maintenance and Repair Performances:
The integration of machine learning database, mobile application developments, and algorithms into the cloud platform provides the access to the generation of a fault in the industrial equipment which acts as an input for the machine learning model. The predicted model so obtained can be used by the local technician for maintenance and repair of the equipment in use for production.

To conclude:
Machine learning will change the face of manufacturing in the future, the manufacturing errors due to the human fault will be long gone. Integrating the manufacturing unit with cloud platform will generate the subscriptions for the retailers to choose the manufacturer of their choice and increase the branding of the product, digital marketing, and global selling.

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