Can Google Assistant give a tough fight to Apple’s SIRI??

The mobile technology is a wide space to explore options and mobile app development companies keep inventing ways to offer an out-of-the-world experience to the end users with their designed applications. The tech giants Apple have been in a long lasting combat with the search engine guru Google either in terms of the operating system or the applications specific to their individual platforms.

Lately, they have plunged into a fresh series of conflicts and this time it is the Voice Assistant feature that has pulled in other significant players such as Amazon with its virtual assistant SIRI and Samsung along with its pet Bixby.

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Mobile app developers are specially instructed to develop applications that can easily run in tune with the commands received from the respective voice assistants.

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So, what is the purpose of owning such virtual/voice assistants?

Voice assistants are designed with artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and voice recognition technology embedded into its framework to allow the end user in smooth exchange of communicative words to interact with the digital assistant. The sophisticated algorithms identify the information stored in the data input to predict the user’s needs. Few assistants are more advanced to meet multi-step requests and numerous interactions to perform more complex tasks, such as booking seats at a movie theater.

Commanding verbally the device to perform the specific task has evolved as a most convenient process than typing the requirements. Human beings are generally lazy, which is the exact factor that has been optimized by the best mobile application development companies and tech giants to popularize the voice assistant feature in smartphones.

As prior mentioned, we have few major assistants available in the market. But how can we be sure of each of their competency?? This calls for the importance of comparative analysis of each voice assistants.

With reference to Apple’ SIRI and Google’s Assistant, let’s find out which one proves the better assistant both in terms of their usability and functionality?

  1. OS compatibility- SIRI is only for iOS but Google Assistant is available for both the Android app developers as well as the iOS application development companies along with their specific user counterparts. However, the seamless performance of the Google Assistant might differ from Android to iOS version.

   2. Voice response time- Google Assistant has proven to be the fastest assistant in comparison to its competitors especially SIRI when it comes to response timings. Though Apple is not way behind Google standing right behind the Google Assistant followed by Samsung’s Bixby occupying the third position.

      3.  Functionalities:

  • Complex- Voice assistants have turned out to be incompetent to cater complex commands. Google Assistant will just open the application on receiving the voice command from the user. Both SIRI and Google Assistant have integrations with third-party mobile app development framework to understand app-specific commands. ‘Send a WhatsApp message to Charlie’ and the assistants will confer with that at once.

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  • Custom- Google assistant make user command crisp by selecting shortcuts in settings to map the short phrase into action.

    4. Contextual conversation- Google Assistant has proved its competency in exchanging more natural and contextual conversation with the user. It remembers the previous context wherein SIRI fails here in recalling the previous conversation and has to be instructed specifically each time.

   5. Exchange of textual messages- Virtual assistants in default messaging apps are capable of sending and reading messages out loud. SIRI offers a prompt response to the command but Google Assistant first displays the text and seeks user’s permission to read out loud.

    6. Translating to default language- Google Assistant owns the power to translate more languages courtesy Google Translate application. Contrary to it, SIRI currently translates English to the limited list of languages such as Spanish, Mandarin, French, Italian, and German.

    7. Responsive gestures- Responses to user commands differ from SIRI to Google Assistant. Examples:

(a) When questioned on weather, SIRI displayed an entire chart of the weather forecast wherein Google read out the current temp and highs and low for the day.

(b) When enquired about the current stock price of Tesla, SIRI provided with a handy financial chart accompanied by the answer asked while Google Assistant read out the stock price

Final verdict

Drawing a conclusive verdict on the ongoing debate cannot justify the two assistants. Both are equally serviceable in their respective areas and OS versions. In spite of the fact that Google Assistant works on both the Android as well as the iOS platforms, yet it goes without saying that SIRI is most advisable for iOS users wherein the Google assistant serves the Android devices better. Apart from this fact the above-mentioned facts aptly describe which voice assistant performs better and where. Mobile application development companies such as Fluper have the creative insight to design applications that work in sync with the voice assistant commands

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Strategy and Factors to Consider for Website Designing

Strategy and Factors to Consider for Website Designing

Website designing is make  easy as it looks. There are many aspects that need to look into, it is not just putting content, images and graphics together. And with growing requirement for the web presence many web designing agencies are coming in the race. Having the website is not novelty but a necessity. But in between this is difficult to create an eye-catching website. If you know the programming skills required for website building, it might be easy for you to understand the process but if are a new to the town, it might be nightmare for you if you don’t follow the right path. From content to pictures and from domain name to site map, there are tons of things that need to keep in mind while designing and developing the website, or else you may end up with a website that doesn’t contribute to your business. So we have brought you the list of important factors that you should check before beginning your web project.

Domain Name

It is certainly the most important aspect to look at. Choosing the right domain name is as important as creating the website itself. The name of the website should be easy to memorize, spell and remember. It should also serve the SEO right, which is the required for the discover ability of the website. Getting the SEO right can bring drastic difference in traffic if it isn’t done. Right domain name is also crucial because it reflects your brand’s identity and hence it should be in synchronization with the brand’s message and aims.

Swift Loading

For users, nothing is more important than faster loading of the website. Slower sites irritate the user the most. So this should be kept in mind while designing the website that it should load faster on the browser of the user. In order to reduce the loading time, less images and graphics should be stuffed in the site. Simple and effective sites catches the eye easily. Testing the site before the launch helps in removing unnecessary items and reducing response time.

Social Integration

There is no promotion better and effective than mouth to word. And this can be achieved through social integration of the website. With over 1.7 billion monthly users on Facebook and over 300 million active monthly users on Twitter, there is no such platform that can reach out to so many potential visitors and even customers for your business. This also allows the users of your site to promote your business.

Color Coding

Colors are very important in retaining the user on the site. The color scheme should match with the message and product and/or service that you are providing on your site. This increases the look and design of the website. If used properly, colors can get you the permanent visitors to your site. Different colors have different psychological impact on the humans. The color should also in line with your brand. Using the same color on the brands name, other advertisement can gain you customer link.


With over 3 billion users on the internet, there is diversity on the browsers and even on the versions. You need to make your site compatible with all browsers and all versions as far as possible. This will allow you to target much more audience and much more potential users. Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet explorer are some of the most used browsers. But there are tons of others too.

SEO friendly

Last but not the least, SEO is the most important for the developers. This increases the visibility of the website. Top web development companies have dedicated teams for SEO that help targeting the keyword important for better search results on various search engines. Content such as blogs of the website should be in accordance with the keywords. Proper usage of SEO makes the site “search engine friendly” and gains more traffic through better rankings in the search results.

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