Top 10 Mobile App Development for Restaurants in the USA

Food is the best way to spend your money and have an amazing experience of taste but only if you know where to dine in. Some of us are experimental and some of us are calculative when it comes to spending money and mobile app development took care of both the types and gave all kind of information required by the user while booking the best meal. Your phone has the listing of the restaurants near you, reviews of people who have been there, the specialty of the restaurants and rating of the service provided. The lifestyle is quite busy just like the internet is getting day by day internet eats electricity but we settle for the satisfying meal at the end of the day. So here are the best apps for your I want to order food mood and I want to dine out mood.

1. Open Table

Festivals are the time when people offer their time in the queues to enjoy the best meal in the area but the wait is hell of a task, well easy booking can be made using this app to avoid the waiting and dine in at the exact time and enjoy the meal with family and friends without any pitfalls in your plans.

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2. Grubhub

GrubHub has a huge listing of the restaurants around the user and even the ones far away and provides the local menu pictures to choose from the variety of dishes and get the food delivered to your doorstep.

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3. Delectable

This app is more useful while you are at a restaurant which can show you the customer experience of that place and the user can know the information about the wine they order with the meal just by clicking a picture of the item in the mobile app

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4. Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor may not seem like it belongs to a list of restaurant apps but while traveling this app is your guide to fill your tummy.It has some interesting listing of restaurants with reviews, rating, and menu to choose the best place to dine out and not get mugged at a tourist place.

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5. Starbucks

Starbucks is an everyday stop for Americans because coffee is a necessity but with the app in the market people can now take offers while making digital payments for their purchases in the cafe anywhere with free snacks listing.

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6. Foursquare

Foursquare is quite a name in the iOS and Android app development market because of its initial presence and popularity in the app store when apps were booming in the industry so they have a restaurant app where you can socialize by following the people who have the same taste as yours.

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Zomato is like an online supermarket for all the food outlet listing restaurants, cafe, and bars with the reviews of the food bloggers and the users who have dined out there. The portal is quite user-friendly and the app is then an extension to it with excellent details of the restaurant, ratings, and comments.

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8. Postmates

The orders take a good amount of time to be delivered to your doorstep because first there is a queue of orders, secondly, the delivery man can get stuck in traffic and lastly the preparation time excuse. Well, post mates grantees a delivery within an hour which is good for people who like to eat on a run and not just the restaurants listed in their app but also the famous restaurants are covered by this app.

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9.Happy hour Finder

Happy hour keeps changing for different restaurants and you turn back from the restaurant disappointed ending up ordering food and buying a pint but the happy hour finder app is your saver and you track down the restaurant providing happy hours with delicious deals on the meal.

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10. UberEats

UberEats may not be executed in your city yet but has proposed to bring the food delivery extension to its taxi booking app where you can use the same uber account you use to book a cab and take advantage of the huge discount codes they have to offer.

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It may seem as a luxury to some by ordering food online but it actually solves many problems such as queue outside the restaurants, multiple options to order from, budget-friendly meals and ability to rate the food you pay for. Android app development and iOS app development may be competitors but their motive is to satisfy the customer with best user experience using the technology-driven solution to make life easy and free of human patience disruption. Online booking of tables or ordering food may have loopholes but they are transparent and you are not being fooled. Fluper is a technology provider who has build apps like Freshmenu, Foodora, and Deliveroo, if you are a businessman Fluper is the recommended mobile app development company for your services and if you are a customer enjoy the user experience of the apps build by Fluper.

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Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in India

India is one of those countries where all the development takes place of all the outsourcing projects over the globe. Here there is a hub of mobile application development company to cater the world using skills via the internet and making the profit by providing the right product at the right time in the right place. India may have a lot of population but then there are more developers to choose from and an affordable app can be made in India with a great number of developers, testers, and designers onboard. This list of selected companies in India is like a premium pass without any price compiled in one space on the internet.

Benefits of an Indian mobile app developers

  • Lower cost service
  • Young developer population
  • Huge marketplace
  • Low median cost per hour per platform
  • Multiple development hotspots


The market is full of mobile app developers so if you are developing the app for the first time then a good suggestion would be not to go for a freelance mobile app developer because that can be the risk and trusting an established mobile app development will be a smart choice. Here are some of their names not ranked in an order but a compilation of the best in the business.

1. Appinventiv
Appinventiv is focused on worldwide needs for technology through mobile apps to individuals, private enterprise as well as the government enterprise. The company is well equipped with talented developers, creative designers and smart testers making it one of the fast-growing mobile app development companies.

2. Konstant Infosolution
Konstant Infosolution is an innovative mobile app development which gets its quality from an experience of more than ten years. They have worked with a variety of sectors including eCommerce, transport, media, and entertainment.

3. Fluper
the youngest mobile app developer in the business with a high-efficiency rate of authenticity has made a place in this list of mobile app development companies in India and is already ranking first in Dubai for Android, web, and iOS app development company.

4. Mind Inventory
Mind Inventory focuses on different sectors for development but is more known for the work in gaming apps in all the platforms available for the display of apps. The company executes development with in-house development and even allows the app seekers to hire a developer for their team.

5. Hyperlink Infosystem
Another mobile app developer with the good amount of experience in providing IT solutions in countries like USA, UK, Japan, Canada and another part of the world. Hyperlink Infosystem has been catering web, iOS, and Android application development since 2011 and has a confident audience.

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6. Techugo
Techugo has an impressive client in India such as Airtel events and is on the march to reach up in the mobile app development game with big project coordination and effective in use real-time mobile app development.

7. OpenXcell
OpenXcell has all the solutions required by the mobile app industry right from static apps to dynamic apps in iOS, Android and web development. Along with the native app development, there is room for cross-platform development as per the demand of the business or individual.

8. Code brew labs
Code brew Labs started off in 2013 and has great technological solutions for all kind of business that is startups, big enterprises, small enterprise or medium enterprise. They have great expertise in providing user interactions and user experience.

9. TechAhead
TechAhead has a great team of web development because they keep playing with their website which depicts the dynamic development of the team at TechAhead. Like all the other companies on the list techahead deals with android as well as iOS app development.

10. Mobulous Technologies
Experts in native mobile app development with an advantage in the designing to provide excellent user experience and user interactions and native apps by developers are focused on both androids as well as iPhone app development.


Mobile app developers in India are in abundant but so is the demand for mobile app development in the world. The market carves to have developed an app in less amount and the best quality along with affordable people are found in India not only at one point but three locations. Fluper itself got into the business after experiencing the demand for mobile apps in the market and assured to be the best technology provider for the enterprise or individuals.

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Top 10 iOS App Development Companies in Canada

iOS App Development Companies in Canada

Mobile Industry made it to the global picture due to the idea of mobile apps for communication, business, retail and even transportation. For the business to choose the best company for their own mobile app development can be a hell of a task and the cost constraints are there too. The market is flooded with iOS app developers and they can perfectly hand you over any standalone app but when it comes to the development of enterprise apps, a team of designers and developers come together to plug your app with the backend of the business.So what really contributes to the cost of app making when the internet is cheap and uncontrollable? Well, iOS app development is all about the manpower invested by the developer per hour and the efforts of a team make the cost of any enterprise app with increased features in the app raises the time invested and the cost of course. The entire cost of an iOS app can be simply broken into the following :

  • Backend cost
  • Front-end cost
  • Testing charges
  • Visual design price
  • Content cost
  • UX/UI prices

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List of top companies to choose from in Canada

1. Hidden Brains

Hidden brains is an Ahmedabad, India based company with the presence in Germany, Norway, USA and Canada now. The fraction of this company is involved in iOS app development and has a lot of IT services to offer too.

2. Sphinx Solution

This iOS app development company has only one bar for the development process and that is excellence. The culture of innovation and committed clients is what they starve for into the making an iOS app.

3. seems to have had its hands on every sector healthcare, sports and business to provide the best IT solutions for the clients. This company is solely focused on web and mobile app development only.

4. Consagous

This company started as a web design firm in 2008 and an aspirant of mobile app development in the IT sector. They have their hands high when it comes to the development of the feel of the iOS app.

5. Debut Infotech

This company has a co-founder from Indian origin and didn’t get-go to India for cheap resources for its business rather fought the odds in USA Canada itself with excellent solutions in mobile app development sector with the proficient team of developers, designers, and testers.

6. Fluper

Fluper is the fastest growing mobile app development company in the world already at the first position in Dubai and worldwide clients believing in the solutions provided by the developers at Fluper. This company has the vision of becoming the number one mobile app development company of the world and the pace is quite high in spite of being the youngest company on this list.

7. IndiaNIC Infotech

This company builds iOS apps for individuals and enterprises at a fixed rate and has an upper hand in gaming apps.Many agencies approach this company to outsource the development of Android and iOS apps.

8. Y-Media Labs

This company is accessorized the mobile apps before introducing it to the digital market. The company is a dear friend of all the mobile app development companies because if the product doesn’t reach the intended audience the development is not a success then.

9. Simpalm

This company provides full lifecycle for the development of iOS apps and has all the services required to develop an app or web product for the small business and startups in town.

10. Dotcom Infoway

Dotcom Infoway provides end to end web and mobile app development for the business in the market and its portfolio has versatile apps in the gallery. This one may be last but not the least mobile app development company.

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The compilation of these companies in the mobile industry can be a good start for the startups as well as the industries in developing an iOS app. Fluper believes in giving all the brief information to its intended audience that it requires to make a decision for the iOS app development company and successfully provide a technological push to the business.

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Top 8 Reasons to choose Android App Development for Business Apps

Enterprises and business organizations have gradually adopted the BYOD policy within their business model. This policy entails catering to office work and staying in close touch with the team directly through your phone even when you are physically away from the office premise. Developers are hired or recruited to specifically render enterprise mobility solutions to stay on par with the changing market trends.

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But the major cause of dilemma that most of the companies suffer from is:

  • Whether to hire the mobile app developer to outsource the app development for internal purpose?
  • Which platform to target for both the internal as well as external application development?

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By internal, we meant are those applications, which are designed to be used for data, sharing among the company’s employees. Security must be prioritized here since the applications house confidential official data which if landed with the competitors can ruin the organization.

By external, we meant the mCommerce apps that bridge the gap between the company and the ultimate buyers.

Now speaking about which platform to target, the decision rests entirely on the business objective of the enterprise. Both the android as well as the iOS application development have their personal share of benefits and challenges. But, it is the company who gets to decide why android platform over iOS one.

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To make the choice a little simpler, let us club together points that will support the android application development for the enterprise apps.

  • Wide, fragmented market target since Android smartphones has a wider market compared to the iPhone ones. If the mCommerce application needs to have maximum reach android is the one for the enterprise. Even for internal purpose, a too android operating system is available to the major employees. So the choice is made.
  • Boost up productivity with quick and faster performance, which is necessary for in-house applications especially when decisions need to be taken by the team to meet the deadline. Delay in the process can lead to huge losses.
  • Open source of the Android platform allows easy leveraging of the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) without even worrying about the licensing costs or royalty. Developers can easily communicate with the Android developer community for the forthcoming versions such that they can also be easily incorporated into their existing Android app development projects.
  • Customization is one of the major opportunities for enterprises to design and develop applications that best suit their needs, exploring any levels of creativity with the user interface, data management functions and multimedia tools easily updated for custom business apps.
  • Minimal investment and maximum ROI are the two positive points that attract business houses to design application. Software development kit is available free of cost for the developers to use. One-time registration fees are required and rest of the process is simple and free. Low investment for interactive and engaging user interface fetching maximized ROI.
  • More than one sales channel to target with Android applications instead of relying on a single platform as is the case with the iPhone apps. Besides, Google and third-party stores, one can create own distribution and sales channels, one can build and publish the same app.
  • Quick adaptation for programmers with proper knowledge of Java coding can easily develop any android application matching any device specification. Also, the same application is easily launched by registering as a developer and submitting the .apk file.
  • Compatible with more devices since the Android operating system is distributed across multiple devices making way into different homes. So quite a big market to target.

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Wrapping up

Not only eight, rather reasons to opt for an Android operating system to design enterprise mobile application is endless. Even though arguments can be placed forward against the system still major world population still trust and use android phones. Especially companies who are looking for an expansive market to target with their mCommerce application, android app development service will fetch more customers than the iOS one. A market is widely fragmented usually dominated by Android smartphones. So for internal purpose as well, Android OS will the perfect solution.

What are you waiting for then? Your decision is made. Hire a top-notch android application development company like Fluper and begin your enterprise app building journey.

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Can Google Assistant give a tough fight to Apple’s SIRI??

The mobile technology is a wide space to explore options and mobile app development companies keep inventing ways to offer an out-of-the-world experience to the end users with their designed applications. The tech giants Apple have been in a long lasting combat with the search engine guru Google either in terms of the operating system or the applications specific to their individual platforms.

Lately, they have plunged into a fresh series of conflicts and this time it is the Voice Assistant feature that has pulled in other significant players such as Amazon with its virtual assistant SIRI and Samsung along with its pet Bixby.

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Mobile app developers are specially instructed to develop applications that can easily run in tune with the commands received from the respective voice assistants.

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So, what is the purpose of owning such virtual/voice assistants?

Voice assistants are designed with artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and voice recognition technology embedded into its framework to allow the end user in smooth exchange of communicative words to interact with the digital assistant. The sophisticated algorithms identify the information stored in the data input to predict the user’s needs. Few assistants are more advanced to meet multi-step requests and numerous interactions to perform more complex tasks, such as booking seats at a movie theater.

Commanding verbally the device to perform the specific task has evolved as a most convenient process than typing the requirements. Human beings are generally lazy, which is the exact factor that has been optimized by the best mobile application development companies and tech giants to popularize the voice assistant feature in smartphones.

As prior mentioned, we have few major assistants available in the market. But how can we be sure of each of their competency?? This calls for the importance of comparative analysis of each voice assistants.

With reference to Apple’ SIRI and Google’s Assistant, let’s find out which one proves the better assistant both in terms of their usability and functionality?

  1. OS compatibility- SIRI is only for iOS but Google Assistant is available for both the Android app developers as well as the iOS application development companies along with their specific user counterparts. However, the seamless performance of the Google Assistant might differ from Android to iOS version.

   2. Voice response time- Google Assistant has proven to be the fastest assistant in comparison to its competitors especially SIRI when it comes to response timings. Though Apple is not way behind Google standing right behind the Google Assistant followed by Samsung’s Bixby occupying the third position.

      3.  Functionalities:

  • Complex- Voice assistants have turned out to be incompetent to cater complex commands. Google Assistant will just open the application on receiving the voice command from the user. Both SIRI and Google Assistant have integrations with third-party mobile app development framework to understand app-specific commands. ‘Send a WhatsApp message to Charlie’ and the assistants will confer with that at once.

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  • Custom- Google assistant make user command crisp by selecting shortcuts in settings to map the short phrase into action.

    4. Contextual conversation- Google Assistant has proved its competency in exchanging more natural and contextual conversation with the user. It remembers the previous context wherein SIRI fails here in recalling the previous conversation and has to be instructed specifically each time.

   5. Exchange of textual messages- Virtual assistants in default messaging apps are capable of sending and reading messages out loud. SIRI offers a prompt response to the command but Google Assistant first displays the text and seeks user’s permission to read out loud.

    6. Translating to default language- Google Assistant owns the power to translate more languages courtesy Google Translate application. Contrary to it, SIRI currently translates English to the limited list of languages such as Spanish, Mandarin, French, Italian, and German.

    7. Responsive gestures- Responses to user commands differ from SIRI to Google Assistant. Examples:

(a) When questioned on weather, SIRI displayed an entire chart of the weather forecast wherein Google read out the current temp and highs and low for the day.

(b) When enquired about the current stock price of Tesla, SIRI provided with a handy financial chart accompanied by the answer asked while Google Assistant read out the stock price

Final verdict

Drawing a conclusive verdict on the ongoing debate cannot justify the two assistants. Both are equally serviceable in their respective areas and OS versions. In spite of the fact that Google Assistant works on both the Android as well as the iOS platforms, yet it goes without saying that SIRI is most advisable for iOS users wherein the Google assistant serves the Android devices better. Apart from this fact the above-mentioned facts aptly describe which voice assistant performs better and where. Mobile application development companies such as Fluper have the creative insight to design applications that work in sync with the voice assistant commands

Fluper, one of the top-rated mobile app development companies in Dubai, houses the right amount of skills required to design such innovative application features.

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Strategy and Factors to Consider for Website Designing

Strategy and Factors to Consider for Website Designing

Website designing is make  easy as it looks. There are many aspects that need to look into, it is not just putting content, images and graphics together. And with growing requirement for the web presence many web designing agencies are coming in the race. Having the website is not novelty but a necessity. But in between this is difficult to create an eye-catching website. If you know the programming skills required for website building, it might be easy for you to understand the process but if are a new to the town, it might be nightmare for you if you don’t follow the right path. From content to pictures and from domain name to site map, there are tons of things that need to keep in mind while designing and developing the website, or else you may end up with a website that doesn’t contribute to your business. So we have brought you the list of important factors that you should check before beginning your web project.

Domain Name

It is certainly the most important aspect to look at. Choosing the right domain name is as important as creating the website itself. The name of the website should be easy to memorize, spell and remember. It should also serve the SEO right, which is the required for the discover ability of the website. Getting the SEO right can bring drastic difference in traffic if it isn’t done. Right domain name is also crucial because it reflects your brand’s identity and hence it should be in synchronization with the brand’s message and aims.

Swift Loading

For users, nothing is more important than faster loading of the website. Slower sites irritate the user the most. So this should be kept in mind while designing the website that it should load faster on the browser of the user. In order to reduce the loading time, less images and graphics should be stuffed in the site. Simple and effective sites catches the eye easily. Testing the site before the launch helps in removing unnecessary items and reducing response time.

Social Integration

There is no promotion better and effective than mouth to word. And this can be achieved through social integration of the website. With over 1.7 billion monthly users on Facebook and over 300 million active monthly users on Twitter, there is no such platform that can reach out to so many potential visitors and even customers for your business. This also allows the users of your site to promote your business.

Color Coding

Colors are very important in retaining the user on the site. The color scheme should match with the message and product and/or service that you are providing on your site. This increases the look and design of the website. If used properly, colors can get you the permanent visitors to your site. Different colors have different psychological impact on the humans. The color should also in line with your brand. Using the same color on the brands name, other advertisement can gain you customer link.


With over 3 billion users on the internet, there is diversity on the browsers and even on the versions. You need to make your site compatible with all browsers and all versions as far as possible. This will allow you to target much more audience and much more potential users. Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet explorer are some of the most used browsers. But there are tons of others too.

SEO friendly

Last but not the least, SEO is the most important for the developers. This increases the visibility of the website. Top web development companies have dedicated teams for SEO that help targeting the keyword important for better search results on various search engines. Content such as blogs of the website should be in accordance with the keywords. Proper usage of SEO makes the site “search engine friendly” and gains more traffic through better rankings in the search results.

Want someone to craft your website?

Fluper is one of the top mobile  app development company  in India. With over 125 successful projects delivered we possess all the expertise in web development. We provide custom made solutions for your business at the most affordable prices. You may contact us at We’ll contact you back. +971526709598 .

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