Beware!!! GPS Enabled Apps are stalking You.

There are apps which synchronize with your Smartphone’s GPS for conveyance. Location-based apps follow you wherever you go. Your whereabouts is tracked by android or iOS app developers because of the sensor on your phone that pinpoints the location. Although almost every application is using location based mobile application development to spread and improve customer relationships.
It opens the gate for immense business strategies. For instance, you enter a new city and the retailer has an offer circulating in that area so if you have a location enabled application, then you can totally take benefits of that offers.

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Let’s see the top 5 location enabled applications…

  • Foursquare swarm

It was probably the first location based application to cater the large customer. Swarm was introduced for better user experience by mobile app developers which allow customers to have a life log of all the places they have visited in a chronology. Swarm was introduced so that foursquare can explore and discover the locations where the customer is spotted.
Swarm lets you upload photos and the swarm database keeps records of all your check-ins and recommends you the most visited places in the surrounding.

  • Glympse

This application was designed to share locations in real time, although these days all the applications are adding it as an extra feature for their android mobile applications because of the access to build in Google maps in the smart phones. This application is quite flexible as it is accessed by all the receiving end hardware may it be a phone, tablet or a wearable.

  • Pokémon Go

The gaming application Pokémon Go provides you with an experience of having both the worlds. Its user experience puts you in the place between virtual and real. It has many distinct features; it enables you to reach out to other players in your surrounding which definitely uses the location of your device.
While playing the game in real time the Pokémon gaming series make it even more interesting when you find Pokémon eggs which might hatch after a certain distance you have walked, the surprise is you have no idea what will pop out of the egg, whole new Pokémon. The users can even team up and have battles among teams to chase the Pokémon.

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  • Family locator

GPS tracker is helpful to find people used for security reasons, but no one knew if it can be used in a family to know if your sibling was in town and forgot to visit you. It’s very helpful in tracking children; the parents can get notifications of wherever their child goes and in case their child is lost in the crowd the emergency button helps track the last location.

  • Gas Buddy

Running out of gas and waiting for some to help you to pull your car till the gas station is very common crises in the road trips and otherwise. The gas buddy is another application that helps you track all the possible gas station along your way. So that you can fill up enough to catch the next gas station.

 Ios or android app developers again use your devices location to provide the details of the nearby gas station.

To conclude:
The location based applications keep mocking you wherever you go and in case you feel like just exploring a totally new place don’t be worried of taking a friend who have already visited there.; all you have to do is download a location enabled application in your app store. The ability of applications to catch hold of device location and provides refined results for exclusive user experience so if you want to own one find an android app developer.

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Prerequisites of an arresting mHealth Application to achieve the Desired Objective

Can you name one industry that is yet to witness the touch of modernity?? I believe there is no need to give an ambiguous reply to the above question courtesy the first pace with which mobile app development companies advanced in the current times. And the sector that received more than a meager attention is undoubtedly the healthcare sector. If we refer back to certain statistics such as those measured by Accenture Consultants, we will discover few apt implications such as percentage downloads of apps for healthcare that has multiplied from 16% in 2014 to 33% in 2016.

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Regulations of the HIPAA or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act oversee the content of mHealth applications ensuring their authenticity and guaranteeing their dedication to bring about a speedy recovery of the patients. Every individual has either one or two health-related applications installed into their smart handset. The continuous popularity of these apps compelled best mobile app development companies to indulge more and more in developing them. But there are certain prerequisites that confer favorable status to these medical applications.

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Let’s each factor one by one:

  • Restricted access and permissions- Often users do not bother to question when an application seeks access permission to his or her details stored in the device. A responsible developer makes use of trusted user interface to minimize unnecessary and unauthorized data collection.


  • Secured authentication and app security- Threats of healthcare security breach always built up and demand stringent security measures to be observed right from the ground up. Healthcare records of patients are valuable to patients, healthcare professionals and for the malicious hackers. Authentic security measures must be adopted to ensure security at all levels of the application. Multi factor authentication must be given consideration to avoid any risk of illegitimate access.


  • Compatibility with mobile handsets- While designing applications, developers need to be aware of one thing and that is the mobile handsets differ from one another by API, security features, and permissions. Hence adaptive codes must be written for user data protection.


  • Limited data collection- Data collection of patients requires careful scrutiny of industry regulations such as FTC recommendations stating that mobile health apps will collect data only if it is integral to a product or service, with the capability of securing, transmitting, storing and eventually omitting the data.


  • Clear cut communication- Avoidance of unnecessary elements in these medical applications facilitate clear communicative network between the app developer and the user. Developers need to acquire consent before capturing user’s stored information both during and after installation of the app, guaranteed by an accessible privacy policy.


  • Compliance with regulations- This is the most crucial and unavoidable part of these applications and that ensures the authenticity of their contents since most users prefer to blindly trust the apps without verifying their accuracy. When it comes to health, mobile developers involved need to be more responsible and must comply with proper legal standards such as HIPAA and FDA.

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Time to draw the curtain

One thing goes without any doubt and i.e. to avail the service of a competent and dedicated mobile app developer hired for the purpose of offering incredible user experience with healthcare apps upholding authentic contents which are definitely not detrimental to the users. Hiring a developer takes care to imbibe the basic necessities prior mentioned to make them work best in serving their purpose.

Fluper, one of the top-rated mobile app development companies, houses the right set of skills required to meet the requirements of patients, medical personnel, and other interested parties while developing such applications.

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Chalk out Your Corporate Conference using either of Top 5 Event Planning Apps

The current era of mobile technology simplifies our over-complicated life and facilitates completion of work effortlessly by a mere touch of the smartphone screen. Mobile application development services have altered our perception, dumping the age-old method of organizing the event using paper and pen.

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Organizing corporate events and conferences have never been that simple courtesy 5 such mobile apps for events thus described:

  • EventBoard- This is a less complicated mobile conference platform to allow effortless arranging and communicating with event attendees and allowing a common tool to view newsfeed, define agendas, conduct surveys and upload floor plans. Users can easily organize an event using this application in less than 24 hours with electronic session ratings to feed instant reviews. There is an option to gain its service on a free trial basis but for the very first event. Then you are charged based on specific packages for obtaining its service.


  • EventMobi- Yet another application that allows users to customize the organization of any event or conference with a tailored content manager, branding options etc. From scheduling to speaker bios, networking to notifications, this particular app renders most of the features that any user can expect to make the event fruitful. More so such an app caters multiple languages to facilitate seamless communication multilingual attendees. Also, this application can be secured with Login credentials to permit only approved attendees to gain access to it. Accessibility of stored information is made simple but highly secured to avoid any possibility of cyber theft.
  • Whova This is one of the great platforms for organizing any event be it social or corporate. Attendees can get an overview of the sessions and panel members to decide to participate in the right sessions and panels. Also, a built-in system offers social profiles of key attendees and participants can begin networking even before the commencement of the conference.
  • BusyConf- Comprises of a range of conference planning tools to offer better planning and organizing of a corporate event. Speaker and abstract management, event registrations and scheduling conferences on mobile give attendees an enhanced conferencing experience. The mobile developer involved with such an application creates mobile-ready websites, design a review committee and host a streamlined ticket page for the attendees. Such an application goes easily in your pocket with flexible pricing to cater different events.
  • CrowdCompass- The smart content features of this widely used event planning application offers myriad options such as personalized bookmarks, quick photo sharing, push notifications, social sharing, interactive polling and a lot more for the attendees to the arranged conference to boost user engagement and interaction. Allowing attendees a common platform to access details on the event and share the events’ occurrences on social sites such as Twitter and Instagram. The details of the conference can be accessed for future reference by the participants.

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Wrapping Up

Next time if your enterprise decides on organizing a corporate event or conference, you know where to look for. Android and or iOS application development companies are out there to lend a helping hand in offering enterprise mobility solutions to any organization catering its myriad services from both the client as well as the employees’ point of view. Organizing conference for the company can also harness the benefits of event app development services to offer an outstanding experience to the guests invited for the show.

But, if your objective is to offer event related services to clients, then you can look for availing the service of a dedicated mobile app developer hired such as Fluper, one of the top-rated mobile app development company, to meet your business objectives effortlessly.

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Get smarter with smart investments in Enterprise Server Solutions

Having a composite Enterprise File server for your company’s mobile application development service can boost up the overall performance of the organisation facilitating sharing of in-house data across departments seamlessly. You must be wondering how that is possible especially for new ventures given the cost of owning such a server can go way beyond their budget estimation.

To respond to the above query, I care to point out the fact that making smart investments can be considered an inroad to success. Adapting external file servers, initially, can create quite a big hole in the wallet especially for new startups and were mostly pursued by big firms initially. However, tables have turned for the amateurs as the current situation opened venues to offer lucrative opportunities hosting quite a handsome number of enterprise mobility solutions for both  matured and fresh startups in trying their hand to encash the ongoing market trends.

The growing complexity of the entire operation process has raised the imperativeness to indulge into enterprise server solutions investment.

Allow me to acknowledge you with the importance of attaching server solution to your enterprise citing the examples from Dubai.

We all know that work within an organization is usually done in a scattered way. If a group of individuals are involved in performing certain tasks, another group will be engaged in completing other set of tasks, all in combination pertaining to one particular project. Now each individual has one system dedicated to him or her but compulsive file sharing accomplishes the task in hand. However, sharing such heavy files via emails is quite humongous and costly affair or loading in enterprise app development framework may be subjected to security issues thus making collaboration difficult.

Owning an enterprise server solution comes in handy especially at times when the organization, categorized into different departments, each of which along with individuals segregated within a particular group, pool their energies together to accomplish a particular project differentiated by the multiple tasks summing up to the project but allocated distinctly.

Thus the importance of owning such a service can be briefed into following points:

Remote accessibility- Owning a dedicated file server eases unnecessary headaches in extracting files from a remote branch to meet emergency even if the individual employee, working on the file, is away from the office.

Permissions obtained from central management- File server allows centralized accessibility and controls permissible entrance for confidential company files minimizing chance of business information leaked out to competitors.

Data Security, backup and recovery- Enterprise file server is the perfect solution of creating backups for all the important documents such as client/customer database created over time thereby preventing permanent loss or damage of data in case local storage drives malfunctions.

Monitoring Employees- This is a perfect solution to track on employee activity over the internet, monitoring vital files exchanged with external parties and or preventing malicious file downloads to create permanent damage to the system.

More control over file users- Enterprise file server ensures centralized management of feeding access passwords, also denying any unauthorized users’ access to the entire system of files thereby preventing loss inflicted by any disgruntled evicted employee.

Wrapping Up

Three things to be kept in mind before you plan on investing into file server solutions for your enterprise:

  • The amount of storage required
  • Allow not so useful drives to maintain a backup
  • Do you wish to opt for a readymade solution for your enterprise?

Mobile app development companies have different file server solutions at their disposal  in guise of multiple portable devices or adapters such as USB drives and office Ethernet as well to share files across departments at a cheaper rate. However, these solutions though sound quite cheap yet manage to stretch your production process by delaying work progress. The idea is to render seamless service within the stipulated project schedule. What can better cater to instant sharing of files other than Enterprise file server solutions?

Often enterprise mobility solutions depend largely on such file server solutions to generate proper sharing of data across departments to facilitate seamless work process. Hiring the service of best enterprise app development company such as Fluper cater to designing application enabled with server solutioned to store and share data across different segments.

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Can Google Assistant give a tough fight to Apple’s SIRI??

The mobile technology is a wide space to explore options and mobile app development companies keep inventing ways to offer an out-of-the-world experience to the end users with their designed applications. The tech giants Apple have been in a long lasting combat with the search engine guru Google either in terms of the operating system or the applications specific to their individual platforms.

Lately, they have plunged into a fresh series of conflicts and this time it is the Voice Assistant feature that has pulled in other significant players such as Amazon with its virtual assistant SIRI and Samsung along with its pet Bixby.

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Mobile app developers are specially instructed to develop applications that can easily run in tune with the commands received from the respective voice assistants.

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So, what is the purpose of owning such virtual/voice assistants?

Voice assistants are designed with artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and voice recognition technology embedded into its framework to allow the end user in smooth exchange of communicative words to interact with the digital assistant. The sophisticated algorithms identify the information stored in the data input to predict the user’s needs. Few assistants are more advanced to meet multi-step requests and numerous interactions to perform more complex tasks, such as booking seats at a movie theater.

Commanding verbally the device to perform the specific task has evolved as a most convenient process than typing the requirements. Human beings are generally lazy, which is the exact factor that has been optimized by the best mobile application development companies and tech giants to popularize the voice assistant feature in smartphones.

As prior mentioned, we have few major assistants available in the market. But how can we be sure of each of their competency?? This calls for the importance of comparative analysis of each voice assistants.

With reference to Apple’ SIRI and Google’s Assistant, let’s find out which one proves the better assistant both in terms of their usability and functionality?

  1. OS compatibility- SIRI is only for iOS but Google Assistant is available for both the Android app developers as well as the iOS application development companies along with their specific user counterparts. However, the seamless performance of the Google Assistant might differ from Android to iOS version.

   2. Voice response time- Google Assistant has proven to be the fastest assistant in comparison to its competitors especially SIRI when it comes to response timings. Though Apple is not way behind Google standing right behind the Google Assistant followed by Samsung’s Bixby occupying the third position.

      3.  Functionalities:

  • Complex- Voice assistants have turned out to be incompetent to cater complex commands. Google Assistant will just open the application on receiving the voice command from the user. Both SIRI and Google Assistant have integrations with third-party mobile app development framework to understand app-specific commands. ‘Send a WhatsApp message to Charlie’ and the assistants will confer with that at once.

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  • Custom- Google assistant make user command crisp by selecting shortcuts in settings to map the short phrase into action.

    4. Contextual conversation- Google Assistant has proved its competency in exchanging more natural and contextual conversation with the user. It remembers the previous context wherein SIRI fails here in recalling the previous conversation and has to be instructed specifically each time.

   5. Exchange of textual messages- Virtual assistants in default messaging apps are capable of sending and reading messages out loud. SIRI offers a prompt response to the command but Google Assistant first displays the text and seeks user’s permission to read out loud.

    6. Translating to default language- Google Assistant owns the power to translate more languages courtesy Google Translate application. Contrary to it, SIRI currently translates English to the limited list of languages such as Spanish, Mandarin, French, Italian, and German.

    7. Responsive gestures- Responses to user commands differ from SIRI to Google Assistant. Examples:

(a) When questioned on weather, SIRI displayed an entire chart of the weather forecast wherein Google read out the current temp and highs and low for the day.

(b) When enquired about the current stock price of Tesla, SIRI provided with a handy financial chart accompanied by the answer asked while Google Assistant read out the stock price

Final verdict

Drawing a conclusive verdict on the ongoing debate cannot justify the two assistants. Both are equally serviceable in their respective areas and OS versions. In spite of the fact that Google Assistant works on both the Android as well as the iOS platforms, yet it goes without saying that SIRI is most advisable for iOS users wherein the Google assistant serves the Android devices better. Apart from this fact the above-mentioned facts aptly describe which voice assistant performs better and where. Mobile application development companies such as Fluper have the creative insight to design applications that work in sync with the voice assistant commands

Fluper, one of the top-rated mobile app development companies in Dubai, houses the right amount of skills required to design such innovative application features.

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Track your Financial Status with 5 Best Mobile Trading Applications

Good News Share Traders!! Now manage your financial investments and take wise decisions based on real time market news alerts from any of the mentioned 5 best mobile trading applications brought to you by few of the best mobile app developers in the market.

Mobile technology has expanded at a rapid pace encroaching upon varied sectors, bringing out such applications that has already crossed beyond human imagination resulting in its successful penetration into our routined life such that our lives have become indispensable without the smart handsets.

Smartphone users who are into the share trading industry can find useful mobile applications in the Play stores to aid them in their investment decisions. Investing in share market requires proper market study and analysis on the ongoing market trends, price fluctuations and other key factors working towards altering the share prices. There are some popular share trading mobile apps thought of by the developers involved with custom mobile app development process to be employed in taking corrective investment decisions even while you are travelling.

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Allow me to introduce to you such 5 best mobile trading applications among myriad options in the market.

Angel Broking Mobile App- This broking house is considered one of the top 10 stock brokers in India spread across many branches all over the country. Mobile developer involved with designing such an application for the broking house caters to a wide span of services ranging from getting trade reports, accessing ledgers, contract note, P&L statements; create customized device watch lists to trading across all segments and transferring funds and securities etc. Use the application to experience the beneficial features supported by the application.

Motilal Oswal Mobile App- This is yet another reputed stock broking company having pan India presence across 520 cities and towns with 1743 business locations. Available on both Android and blackberry devices, you can make use of their mobile trading application to know your share status even while you are travelling.

Money Control App- If you wish to earn money through stock trading, make use of this app specially designed catering to every user’s need. This financial management android application for share trading informs you on the current status of all the leading stock markets across the world. You can change the language from English font to Gujarati or Hindi if you so desire. Moreover, the application plays live news on top TV channels like CNBC Awaaz, TV 18, etc and can be installed on Android devices running on Android Ginger Bread 2.3 OS.

Stock Watch: BSE/NSE- This stock broking mobile app developer designed a user friendly user interface to feed real-time information on main Indian stock exchanges to update you with latest market trends that includes tools displaying intraday charts, equity futures of either Bombay or National stock exchanges. Also, you can check on all the stocks in your portfolio. This application is quite reliable as data displayed through this app is accurate. The updated latest version of this app, optimized to consume very little battery power, has come up with many exciting features like widget, expert views for stocks, forex data, etc.

Stock Alert- This mobile application sends alerts to your smart phone on stock price fluctuations and if the price reaches the certain level set by you. Also the app displays commodities on separate tabs and market trends of every economy you wish to see.

Wrapping Up

There are few other applications that are worth mentioning in this article:

  • Google Finance
  • Yahoo! Finance
  • Stocks App
  • Stock Quote
  • Stock Watcher
  • NSE Mobile Trading
  • Investar
  • Tradeplus Mobile

There are other such mobile application development companies involved in designing applications to fill up the gap on either app stores, all of which is not possible to mention within a single article. The mentioned 5 best mobile trading applications are user friendly accommodating you with updated fluctuations in share price and market trends so that you can take wise trading decisions to earn maximum return against your investment.

Fluper, one of the top-rated mobile app development companies in Dubai, accommodates the young developers in creating best share trading apps to help users manage their finances better.

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Make your tour plan hassle free using any of these 5 best android travel apps 2017

Are you planning to relax your senses and wish to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life??

Chalk out a tour plan to get lost in the mysterious silence of the Great Himalayas.

Do you think this is advertisement page?? Well!!To douse your confusion, allow me to clarify my point here. I am attempting to draw your attention to the best android application developers designing incredible travel apps that have successfully made to the top list for the year 2017.

Planning for a long tour has never been easy before. However, the android app development companies have come up with an idea, offering a one-point solution to plan out a long holiday seamlessly, wrapped up into a mobile application for the smart phone users.

You have a huge list of many travel guide applications crowding the app stores today, built for android and few for both android and iPhone users.

Let me list out the 2017’s 5 best android travel applications that have made to the top of the chart.

  • TripAdvisor- Making travel and accommodation arrangements by consulting the travel agents can be quite a pain in the neck task. But you have the option to avoid such a pain by harnessing this particular android application development service to enjoy a single platform that caters multi user requirements pertaining to any holiday planning. Right from price comparison of flights and hotels across different websites, fixing airfare drop alerts, images on hotel rooms, listing local eat outs with genuine customer reviews and nearby tourists spots to guiding tourists for any destination, it does every single thing for you.
  • Expedia- This is yet another example of android app development mastery offering free application for android users offering a one-stop solution facilitating your transportation and accommodation bookings. You can multitask from this app, right from booking tickets for flights, hotel room booking, hiring rental car service, book tickets for shows, theme parks, and museums etc. to getting notifications on flight delays, hotel check out times and also have a list of to-dos near your location.
  • Google Trips- Another free application, Google Trips feeds in necessary information pertaining to different destinations across the world to one single place. Search for a destination to get a list of to-dos that you can enjoy in the places that you visit that includes popular restaurants and bars, local transit information, and even some other useful information like health services and money – all within the single application. Use your Gmail account for booking trips and get all of these useful stuffs combined in a single section called “Reservations”. Irrespective of its small size, this application is handy and totally recommend for all budding travelers.
  • com- This is among the most popular, free and highly rated travel apps. The main feature is listing over one million hotels, motels, and other accommodations within its framework. Also, it has additional information on local attractions, landmarks, and even local WiFi hotspots. Other tools featuring offline maps, paperless booking, adding reservation dates to the calendar etc. are also mentioned in the application framework.
  • Kayak- Kayak application has been around for quite some time and continued to remain the most consistent travel apps for years. Again this an example of all-in-one platform offering a myriad services right from booking hotels, flights, and rental cars to exploring options for you to check out places to travel. Also, tracks your pre-existing travel plans even if you did not book with them. It rounds up the overall service combining things like price alerts, deal alerts, and price forecasts to help you decide on a better deal.

There are few mobile apps for tourists that, if installed, can actually benefit them in more ways than one.

  • Airbnb- hosts around the world offering rooms to stay on visit to their country
  • App in the air- flight updates, gate changes, airport navigation maps on real-time basis
  • Hopper flight booking
  • Packpoint- stuffing up items related to the destined place
  • Accuweather- weather check
  • Yelp yellow pages listing local restaurants and bars
  • XE Currency- currency converter
  • Trivago- compare hotel room rates

Wrapping up

The mentioned lists names 5 best android travel apps for 2017 are few examples amongst many tourist apps that android app developers got to offer in their kitty which you can consider along with the other complementary applications, together to make your travel experience hassle free and a memorable one. Release your headaches and bestow the responsibility on these applications that will chalk out a proper tour plan and fix the necessaries befitting your busy schedule.

 So which among the mentioned apps you likely to choose??

Fluper, one of the top-rated mobile app development companies, caters to designing travel applications befitting the clients’ requirement.

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An introduction to Mobile App Development in Dubai

People around the world, are shifting their attention towards the smartphones and tablets in the place of computers to gain maximum visibility for their business sites. The mobile app development companies Dubai are concentrating more on developing applications to reach out to the maximum user base since users prefer looking up for applications in the app store instead of seeking out the website in the web space. Designing an appropriate and user-friendly application necessitates its ultimate survival amidst the ocean of applications filling up the app store in the recent years. Companies can only gain increased visibility if they avail the expertise of dedicated mobile application developers hired to aid them in boosting their app downloads by exploiting their skills and experience.

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There are few important things pertaining to Dubai’s mobile application development process that you need to understand before embarking on the app development journey.

  • Incredible user experience- Too many clutter in the mobile application can drive away users from the application altogether. Users are mostly not interested in myriad features listed within the app interface. Rather they prefer such apps that can guide them directly to their sought-after objective. Hence to enhance the overall user experience with the application, a competent developer requires minimizing the complex and multiple navigation features in the application.


  • App designed with the touch interface- Time and again this point does come up and i.e to maintain a proper UX/UI of the mobile application that goes a long way in enticing users with the particular application retaining them for a long time. Also, the mobile developers have to pay attention to the touch interface from the UX and design perspective other than writing down the code of the application.

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  • Location-based mobile application- The location feature has gradually become the must-have of each and every modern application. Dubai app developers seek to offer a personalized service to their end users and hence location-based applications are specifically designed to service them with offers that are unique to their physical location. Developers must be responsive towards new technical advents in order to grab the opportunity as and when they come along their path.

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  • Phone memory and network- Different smartphones have their own set of technical issues as far as the network and the memory of the phone is concerned. There are ways to deal with the limited storage area of the tiny handset when it is compared to that of a desktop computer. The network connectivity must not be saturated with the requests for images. The proper network connectivity, a memory of the device and battery life of the device must be kept in mind while designing the applications so as not to disrupt the entire functioning of the handset on installing your application.


  • Synchronization of data- Avoidance of accumulation of unnecessary or corrupted data, the synchronization of data is highly crucial for android app development services especially.


  • Web and native development- Mobile application developers must have a proper insight into the benefits that the applications can draw if designed for the web or native platforms. The proper understanding of the procedure will only guide them in their selection of the suitable form for the mobile applications.

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The mentioned points are highly crucial for proper functioning of a mobile application. The best mobile application development companies in Dubai if hired will aid you in tasting the fruit of their expertise in mobile application development incorporating the mentioned key factors into the development process.

So if you are planning to design an application for your business in Dubai, consider contacting any efficient app developer such as Fluper.

Fluper, one of the top-rated mobile application development companies, have time and again proved its skills in designing App store optimized applications incorporating all the mentioned points to give an incredible user experience with the mobile application.

Care to learn more about Fluper’s work, get in touch with the team at:


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12 helpful tips towards composing an effective Mobile app specification

We have often discussed the different steps that necessitate an effective mobile application development process. But, composing an outstanding mobile app specification entails the huge investment of time and human intellect especially at a time where the mobile app market is overcrowded with mobile app developers offering stiff resistance to each other.

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This specification that forms an integral part of mobile app business planning is a quite time-consuming process and demands preciseness on the part of the app developer.

But, what do we actually know about mobile app specification??   

Google this term and the first definition that pops up on the web page defines this term as a product specifications document that forms the very foundation of the product that narrates the business logic, lists out the technical specifications and guides the mobile developers through the development process right from the conceptualization to the end product.

This particular specification is a document detailing the idea working behind the app development process that has to follow a specific structure or a pattern.

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Let’s follow the 12 tips that guide the composition of an effective mobile app specification:

  1. Prepare a background- This is the first base to commence the communication process with the developer engaged. Few details such as whether it is your first project or whether you have already had an experience with the application development before? Or are you willing to develop your mobile app for reaching out more audiences? Etc. answers to such questions help in defining a background to the developer to make them understand the project requirement better to help a developer in analyzing the business module.
  2. A brief intro to the app- A brief description of the type of application designed, whether a location-based app like Uber and food delivery or a health and or news based application,  must be clearly mentioned in the specification details to aid the developer hired.
  3. Identify potential customers- This is the crucial part forming most mobile application development processes and i.e to identify and narrow down to a specific customer base through extensive market research based on which app developers get to anticipate the preference of the users.
  4. Define a fixed goal- Ask yourself what the main purpose of developing an application is? The answer to such a question defines the goal. Conduct a SWOT analysis in the specification that will clear out the whole objective working behind the app development process to the hired developer.
  5. Zero down to a particular OS- Make up your mind first whether your application is likely to target either both or Android or iOS users separately and then mention such in the specification before you proceed to hire android app developer or iOS development company.

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  1. Functional requirements- Your mobile app specification must reveal the exact features that your application is likely to display and their functionalities targeting your selected customer base. Based on this the mobile application development company will quote you on the price estimation that you are going to be charged against their hired service.
  2. Choosing the appropriate platforms and language- The specification must also detail out the type of platform that you are planning to target. But if you are not so sure then consider taking advice from the developer. Also any dedicated mobile app development company hired will guide you in selecting the coding language that best suit the application.

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  1. Estimate the budget- App building is a costly affair and it is advisable to prepare proper budget estimation before you begin discussing the app development process with the mobile application developer.

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  1. Data storage- Acknowledge the requirement for database and its type, also whether there is any need for a web server or the API to be included in the mobile application to the hired mobile app developer at the time of app development process.
  2. App maintenance and designing- Both these factors are unavoidable elements in the app development process. The specification needs to be clear on the details pertaining to the application’s overall UI and UX, along with the maintenance process and schedules to keep it operational for a longer duration

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  1. Project deadline- Developing for a client often requires honoring project deadlines as desired by the client to be mentioned in the specification detail.
  2. Additional information- If any miscellaneous information not related to the above-mentioned categories such as details on people involved in the project etc are usually mentioned here.

Time to wrap up

Defining each of the above-mentioned 12 points in the mobile app specification benefits both the parties in more ways than one:


  • Raise the value of the project and win the best price from the app developers.
  • Converts ideas and concepts into life.
  • Involvement of minimal risk during the development process If the specifications are clear.
  • Prevents unnecessary cost incurrence.

It is advisable to hire the service of any top-rated mobile app development companies such as Fluper to give a proper shape to your idea in the form of an application. But even then mobile app specification plays the ultimate role guaranteeing the smooth development process if all the mentioned 12 points are clearly explained.

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