Machine Learning: An advantage to Manufacturers

Let me take you all to the time when the packed food materials gained popularity, exports became easy and automation was the buzz word. Everybody trusted the robots made and packed juice, considering it more hygienic and still does. The technology builders are looking forward to build machines that can learn from humans and implement the task not just on the basis of a text book but human thinking.

The process of Machine Learning has been in the research papers for long but internet has made it possible to implement it using proper machine learning algorithms. The robotic machines in use right now are not smart but the machine learning claims that the ability of the robots to learn from humans can turn the robots into intelligent machines which can even beat the human brain. One such example is when the global champ Chinese player KE JIE lost to AlphaGo in a Chinese origin game Go, it is an abstract strategy board game which is played between two players and the aim is to surround the maximum territory than the opponent.

We have surrounded our everyday activities around the technology-driven devices but the minute the switches are turned off, it’s just human brain which governs it all. The concept of machine learning involves the updating of machine capabilities while working with human brains. The use of machine learning in manufacturing industries can result in creative manufacturing rather than by the book manufacturing.

Now, the need of machine learning for manufacturers can be pinned as follows:

The manufacturing units produce tons of products in a single go, the need is to customize the operations to keep the supply chain efficient. Its difficult for humans to suspect the change required in the planning while keeping the inventory which in return adversely effects the output of planning engines.

The scheduling of the order right from the time the order is received to the time its complete can be easy with machine learning which will overcome the delay in the orders due to manufacturing.

Although the machines are created with accurate output results which are only met if the engineer provides the appropriate set of inputs. The intelligent machines can learn from the engineer responsible to monitor it and can suggest instructions used in past to perform a particular task, which may increase the accuracy.

What Revolution can Machine Learning get in manufacturing?

The algorithms designed for manufacturing are iterative in nature and each iteration takes milliseconds, the iterations produce optimized outcomes which can be obtained in few minutes and the average manufacturing time can be reduced to days from months. Listing the possible changes for manufacturers after implementing the machine learning can be

1. Increased Production and decreased material consumption
The advanced intelligent systems designed for manufacturing provides the predictive results using the data analytics and machine learning. The General Electric graphics say that the smart manufacturing systems have lowered their material consumption by 4% and the production is increased by 10%

2. Integrated systems in the manufacturing Unit:
There are multiple divisions working in the manufacturing unit like finance, supply chain team, and operations team. In order to meet the same target on time, the coordination plays a vital role. The machine learning has the ability to take inputs of the progress from each team and calculate the estimated time for the completion of the orders. Hence, letting each team share the details required for progress.

3. Improving Maintenance and Repair Performances:
The integration of machine learning database, mobile application developments, and algorithms into the cloud platform provides the access to the generation of a fault in the industrial equipment which acts as an input for the machine learning model. The predicted model so obtained can be used by the local technician for maintenance and repair of the equipment in use for production.

To conclude:
Machine learning will change the face of manufacturing in the future, the manufacturing errors due to the human fault will be long gone. Integrating the manufacturing unit with cloud platform will generate the subscriptions for the retailers to choose the manufacturer of their choice and increase the branding of the product, digital marketing, and global selling.

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Designers of applications work on the front foot in the process of building an application. They are the one who designs the user interface by which it means the way the application appears, what all pages an application will have, how would it look on a full screen, the way the pages of an application will be switched and many more. The developer’s code for them and they come up with the different ideas that clearer makes with profile quite creative. Surely the mobile app developers have made their work easy by coming up with interesting tools to design an application user interface which can be understood by novice designers and makes things easy for advanced designers as well. Building a multi objective application is not just a job of a bunch of developers, different teams need to come together to have an exclusive application as an outcome.

It takes a hell of a brainstorming for creating a distinct looking application keeping in mind the technical specification. Well, the following tools for design have solved this to some extent and the communication between the developer and the designer doesn’t have any weak signals.

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Let’s check out some designer applications

  • SKETCH: This tool is similar to Photoshop but mainly focuses on User experience and user interaction designs. The app designers have to create a wireframe, visual design, and vector logo. This tool has it all and no other tool is to be used to sync into it for better results. The export of all format images is not a problem either, it can export PNG, JPG, and PDF.Sketch has some limitation with text editing, choosing a line which might get frustrating at times.
  • MARVEL: This application for designing an application supports .pds files. This application creates a prototype of a raw sketch of the application user experience on the paper and helps you demo the idea in a presentable way. Designers don’t need to have the advanced versions for after effects, transitions and other features in the application layout.
  • POP: The offline designing is provided by every application but POP helps you sync your designs with Android device to see the outcomes directly.POP has a good prototyping experience it lets you upload the pictures of your sketch or just upload the .psd files to Adobe creative cloud. The shifts between the views and transition are easily accessible through the dropbox and sharing over the cloud.
  • UXPIN: This application concentrates on the smooth functioning of the different layers of designing and transition from one layer to another is easy this way.The unique features of drag and drop make this toolkit dynamic enables one to build wireframes and prototypes which are compatible with more than one devices.Different devices have different screen size and the design has to be made keeping in mind all the specification of the screen. With UXPIN the altering of sharpness, contrast, and brightness is possible for editing the image of the sketch
  • in: This application is best suited for testing and it allows designers to sync the dropbox and UI libraries with the application. The application can be tested on different devices like iPhones and Android phones. Initially with was limited to Smartphones but recently it is emerging in all electronics trying to drive them through software.
  • Zeplin: This application is a web designing application which is compatible only with Sketch.The designers create the prototype and then the ios and android app developers code the technology to it but through this application, the developers come into the game way too early and can see the designing building and follow at the same time.
  • Axure: It is a zero coding platform for designers and the wireframing can be best exhibited with this tool.The Widget library provides the ready-made patterns for wireframing.
  • JustInmind: It is a wonderful tool for designing a prototype in business since 2008 and firstly the web-app designing was done through this application and you can add UI libraries and master pages easily and the best part is putting in add-ons from the already existing modules.


Designing is the second step in building an application after the idea is shared by the businessmen with the mobile application development companies. The code is same for every application what makes an android or ios application stand out are the features and appearance of the application. Let’s just say that the grounds for the user experience and user interaction in the mobile application development are set by the designers and the developers can just code accordingly.

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Electronics is not going anywhere so might as well get along with it!!!

The software is the super hero in the market of technology and mobile applications are his attributes but it’s nothing without an electronics circuit to showcase its logic. The technology community has not just done well to commercialize by ios and android application development its codes but also coded for the next generation to get fascinated about the components, process and circuit designing. The application store is loaded with millions of apps and around 200 applications are available electronics diggers to explore without any  short circuit damage of the components although electronics deals below 5volts and mA current but safety comes first.

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Let’s learn what mobile app developers have to offer in electronics

  • Electronics Toolkit:
    In electronics the first practical is to find the unmeasured values of the components using the measuring meters to determine the manufactures values. This application helps calculate the unknown values and has features like color coding for resistors, ohm’s law, serial and parallel combinations of inductors, resistors and capacitors. The component learning and implementation can be learned best through this medium.
  • Every Circuit:
    The invention of Bipolar Junction transistors is so far the best component made out of silicon. Components make a circuit and in order to perform the logics and arithmetic’s these circuits’ needs to communicate with one another. This application helps do that the flow of current in the circuit and voltage drop across the components can be tracked through the colorful waveforms. For example: the student learned about the rectifier today and he knows that the negative cycle of the sine wave is vanished and direct current is obtained but how can he believe that? Compiling the components in this application and watching the waveform can provide a clearer picture of the concepts taught in class.
  • DroidTesla:
    All electronic books tell you to deal with linear circuits for error free results but electronic components are non-linear and the practical implementations as well. Droid Tesla is like SPICE tool which had the bread board screen and we could just pick and drop the components to form a circuit and analyze Kirchhoff’s voltage and current laws .The application give that user experience to see the flow of current through different nodes and loops. It also has the ability to solve both linear and non-linear circuits.
  • Electro droid:This application is a must have for an electronics engineer; it has everything right from the components to circuits till the Integrated circuit design. This application allows the developer to come up with his own small scale integration.
  • Datasheets:
    Now this is a very necessary application to keep track of what IC you are dealing with while soldering the components into the PCB, the learning and simulation through the above mentioned application will automatically generate a need to see a hardcore circuit that you designed even if it is a power supply circuit. For which you will require a datasheet which is like the data center of all the electronic components you might deal with


To wrap up:
Electronics may be taught as separate field in the education than computing but they are interdependent. The hardware cannot gain attention with that black and green screen to perform tasks and codes can’t be just run on the blue screen. For real implementation they come together and do magical things like bring your ride outside your door and helps you discover your body readings through wearable app development Learning electronics applications can be developers New Year’s resolution and code generation using frameworks can electronics designer’s as well.

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Keep it Private: Your App, Your Screen, Your Life!!!

The right to privacy is protected in developed countries and is now a fundamental right in developing countries like India. It is important for an individual to protect his secrecy in a good way and not for hiding the crimes. Today your phone has your confidential scans, your private family pictures, your wallet and even your passwords so it becomes necessary to download security application for your Smartphone.  There are tons of ios and android application developer trying to secure your data but you have to choose it according to your requirement and privacy need.

The main work of security applications in your device is not just occupying a huge GB spaces on your phone but it has got more than that such as.

By boasting it means the security needs to shut down all unclosed and unused applications to free the device memory speed up the device by enhancing battery life.

The cache memory piles up quite a junk that lowers down the performance of the operating system, the security application should be efficient enough to get rid of junk files in all the three memory locations may it be RAM, Cache or internal/external memory.

Malware is the bad boys in an operating system that comes along with the application you are downloading through your internet connection. The security application looks for APK files for every download in your mobile operating system and scans to secure the rest of the applications and memory from hazardous binary destructors.

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Let’s check out few security applications

      1. 360 Mobile Safe

This application is designed by a Chinese company which provides the security of the mobile phone. It comes with many features such as scan for junk, Call and SMS blocks, antivirus, anti-theft, vault etc.

  1. Avast Mobile Security

Avast started off as a PC operating system protection software but then everything moved to mini screens and now they had to innovate too and then they came up with an Avast mobile security app for the mobile operating system. Just like our body the devices and computer need cleaning too.

It boasts the performance of the mobile software by cleaning up your junk files, battery saving add-on, Avast secure line, password protection and Wi-Fi finder.

  1. Kaspersky Internet Security

It is another security company launching a security application for Android. It blocks the harmful apps, website and web links, Guards your personal data on messing devices and helps to keep the communication details private.

To Wrap Up:
It may seem like an excellent product but it is nothing like Google account security. Although this application put up a password for your private folders I wonder if one just uninstalls the security application from your phone then all the security functions go away with it and the information in your private folders is accessible. There is a possibility I might be wrong and haven’t explored any unique feature of the application but my experience tells me there is a need for more secure application in the play store. Mobile application developers need to develop a security application which can just keep your sight away from your phone while your friend is going through your digital diary.

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From Startup to Brand: Whole nine yards can be yours

Being a brand is the ultimate success for the small enterprise which has just started their journey in the business world. With the internet being the most useful resource for every individual or organization in the market, one thing that everyone is clear about is displaying your banner everywhere. Going for an interactive mobile application development is a great idea but how are you going to reach out to every individual in the country to be a name which everyone knows of. Well if every activity is going to be monitored by the gadgets then so be it.

Let’s check out the different platforms for your business application
Digitalization is the new revolutionary movement in every country of the world and while getting well with the latest trend one needs to be smart enough to extend his horizons. Showcasing your business online is the way people market today but it has to reach everyone, that’s when mobile application developer’s efforts can be paid off. Here are ten platforms to hit your application over.

  • ANDROID: Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google which is used by maximum mobile manufacturers to complete their Smartphone. Android’s global share is 82% in the market which makes it a priority to make your application available on this platform.
  • iOS: iOS is another mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc. In fact, the best of its kind because it doesn’t entertain any other device for its operating system. Getting your business onboard with other applications in the app store the ios application developer has to be your first choice.
  • Tablet (iPad, Android tablet, etc): Not everyone is fond of small screen but some are more about reading, movies and browsing which can be more or less in number but an entrepreneur would target every customer for its product. So, the business application needs to be as efficient on tablets as it is on Smartphone.
  • Responsive Web: The appearance of the business model online is as necessary as the product because looking good gives a way to know the insides. Responsive web design is an approach for web design for mobile, desktop and tablet browser.
  • Desktop Windows/Mac: Although the mobile has taken over everywhere the research shows the average time spent on Desktop websites is more than the mobile websites which account for a desktop application for your business.
  • Wearable devices: The mobile application development companies are moving towards even smaller screens on your wrist to make your tech experience even better and more portable.

The final word

Let me tell you how these platforms are going to help you go from startup to brand. The availability of your business at every platform that exists in user interaction needs to be targeted. Now the question arises every platform uses different language for the application development then how can a startup manage the funds. Well, this can be answerable with the hybrid frameworks coming gaining popularity in the mobile application development companies circuit.

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Role played by Mobile Developers in Worldwide Digital Disruption

Am I doing some kind of introspection here?? Well!! The answer is somewhat in between YES and NO. Mobile technology has already portrayed its disruptive side ever since the tiny device entered the commercial market. Top mobile application development companies are much to be blamed for pushing the mobile technology to a verge of complete transition of the conventional approach to life by following the lead of disruptive modern technologies. Evolution is but a cycle where the latest innovations are bound to get replaced and or reshaped by the forthcoming ones. Mobile technology has given a tiny reflection of what human mind is capable of achieving if the grey cells are aptly employed with unprecedented technical innovations, stimulating a complete digital disruption.

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So, before we even try to discuss the role played by the mobile application developers, it is important to have an understanding of digital disruption

The term reflects an adoption of digital solutions, business model, and an alternate approach to defining a substantial shift in customer behavior and market trend allowing existing players change their strategies along the process. Manifold mobile penetration and Internet of Things connectivity has acquired a crucial role in disruptive digital transformation.

Now coming down to the part played by the developers, one thing that needs commenting and i.e. they are the proactive group involved with continuous experimentation to explore the different sectors and technological trends leading to monetization from the ultimate finds. They are the initiators of digitization converting most of the traditional approaches into a completely modified format. If we take an example of Uber-like taxi booking apps, we are flabbergasted with digital transformation kissing the transportation industry.

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Driving these major transformations, developers embrace the cut-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, cloud and mobile with the Indian developers projecting more activeness when it comes to adapting the disruption in comparison to their global counterparts.

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Transformation possibly achievable through:

  • Leveraging already existing technical skills comprising of knowledge on programming languages such as Java, Objective-C, Swift, and others, which forms the very base on which an entire mobile application is written. Tech giants try to formulate app development tools and tutorials which can be used by any amateur to design their application if availing the service of hired mobile app developers is not an option.

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  • Expand skills and knowledge around hot market trends is undeniable if the developers and enterprises have to sustain the competitive market where more than 80% app users remain online near to 24 hours round the clock. Enterprise mobility solutions offer an easy alternative for users to conduct their purchases right on their mobile handset. If they deny adopting the mobile technology, they stand to lose that many users in the market.
  • Build up the future through sharing ideas and acquiring alternate ways to generate their personal growth within the shared environment.

And there are few drivers that have triggered the entirety of digital disruption.

Let’s figure out which are these factors:

  • Technological innovation and modern invention in mobile technology and beyond have expanded especially in the current times. And their impact is undeniable wherein technology is not alone responsible for the latest transformation; it depends highly on the rate with which it is getting implicated with relation to customers, partners, competitors, and stakeholders.
  • Customer behavior defined by insatiable hunger is not directly related to driving disruption in digitization. Rather their behavior is defined by the change in modern technology. Mobile app developers present the new inventions in a platter disguised in the form of mobile applications. And these apps, in turn, reshape the customer expectation and their behavior followed by it.
  • Changing ecosystems through economical changes drive need and raise demand among partners or stakeholders in adopting digital technology and bring about changes in the enterprises. At times political and transformational ecosystems also serve as a major enabler of digital transformation.

Modern technological terminologies with AI and Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Blockchain, AR, and VR etc. form the major contributors as well to influence the digital disruption when influencing developers in redefining their applications structured on mentioned modern technologies.

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Coming down to the finale

Mobile developers did have a hand in driving digital disruption but there are other players involved here as well. Gradually the world is pushing beyond the threshold of smartphones into an entirely futuristic world courtesy the fast adoption of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The world might as well witness a future devoid of mobile phones. But that era is way beyond the current market situation.

Till then, top-rated mobile application development companies such as Fluper play along with whatever the trends offer into their developed applications to give a futuristic experience to its end users.

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Best Thing since Sliced Bread is Touch User Interface

The user interface is the most integral part of mobile application development. The user is not going to see how long did it take for you to write the code for a particular application. He totally has his first judgment based on the interaction he has with the application. Touch user interface enables the user to access the applications using his fingers.
The touch screens are implemented for almost every device, right from a mobile phone to any controlling device. Hence, it has made the user interface design engineers to put the user need in mind before creating a particular interface.

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Let’s see what things to keep in mind while designing a UI for Android.

Multiple Screen users
Each phone comes with different dimensions and screens, therefore it is very necessary to make the user interface which is flexible with any type of screen size. The user interface may contain different layouts which are specification based. Therefore, the user interface should be intelligent enough to fit the right layout for a particular screen.

Android runs over a range of screens which have variable pixel densities, the low, medium, high and extra-high pixel ranges. Therefore, it’s mandatory for the android app developers to specify the range for flexibility.

The App bar
It is the toolbox on your phone, different android versions have different default themes and the user can choose from different themes. The app bar features witnessed so far are like adjusting your widgets, hide the app bar. Swiping up actions is also implemented to adjust your applications.

Pop-ups monitors the user if there is a notification which the user needs to see before proceeding. It’s often seen even when your phone is switched off or you are indulging into some other activity on your phone, the messages your phone is receiving pops up so that the user doesn’t miss on any important piece of information. For a better user interface one can add an action besides the pop-ups.

Creation of Custom Views
User interfaces can be made more interactive by having the object respond in a similar way as the objects in real life do. For example, if the input to a particular object should give the output of the same object and not of any other object. The customers should be able to zoom-in, zoom-out, tap, pull and push.

Compatible UIs

Android keeps updating from time to time and the user interface engineer needs to create the user interface which is compatible with all versions of Android. The UI designed should match the backward layout and should know when to switch among the layouts.


The accessibility to your Smartphone includes the mode of input one uses to give to the applications such as speech or text. This feature is most beneficial for the persons with disabilities; voice can be their medium to communicate with the device. Hence, the user interface can be a hero for them to connect to the world.

Management of System UI

Managing the system UI includes dimming, hiding and using full-screen mode etc. The visibility of the screen can be modified such as tapping on screen triggers the app bar and it navigates itself what was the last action being performed on the device.

To conclude

The user interface is the appearance of the software of the Smartphone which needs to be top-notch to enhance the android application development companies to shine brightly on the market. The above are the practices a UI developer can keep in mind before designing the interface layout. Android provides with a variety of UI libraries which are helpful in bringing an existing feature on the screen or innovate.

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Beware!!! GPS Enabled Apps are stalking You.

There are apps which synchronize with your Smartphone’s GPS for conveyance. Location-based apps follow you wherever you go. Your whereabouts is tracked by android or iOS app developers because of the sensor on your phone that pinpoints the location. Although almost every application is using location based mobile application development to spread and improve customer relationships.
It opens the gate for immense business strategies. For instance, you enter a new city and the retailer has an offer circulating in that area so if you have a location enabled application, then you can totally take benefits of that offers.

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Let’s see the top 5 location enabled applications…

  • Foursquare swarm

It was probably the first location based application to cater the large customer. Swarm was introduced for better user experience by mobile app developers which allow customers to have a life log of all the places they have visited in a chronology. Swarm was introduced so that foursquare can explore and discover the locations where the customer is spotted.
Swarm lets you upload photos and the swarm database keeps records of all your check-ins and recommends you the most visited places in the surrounding.

  • Glympse

This application was designed to share locations in real time, although these days all the applications are adding it as an extra feature for their android mobile applications because of the access to build in Google maps in the smart phones. This application is quite flexible as it is accessed by all the receiving end hardware may it be a phone, tablet or a wearable.

  • Pokémon Go

The gaming application Pokémon Go provides you with an experience of having both the worlds. Its user experience puts you in the place between virtual and real. It has many distinct features; it enables you to reach out to other players in your surrounding which definitely uses the location of your device.
While playing the game in real time the Pokémon gaming series make it even more interesting when you find Pokémon eggs which might hatch after a certain distance you have walked, the surprise is you have no idea what will pop out of the egg, whole new Pokémon. The users can even team up and have battles among teams to chase the Pokémon.

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  • Family locator

GPS tracker is helpful to find people used for security reasons, but no one knew if it can be used in a family to know if your sibling was in town and forgot to visit you. It’s very helpful in tracking children; the parents can get notifications of wherever their child goes and in case their child is lost in the crowd the emergency button helps track the last location.

  • Gas Buddy

Running out of gas and waiting for some to help you to pull your car till the gas station is very common crises in the road trips and otherwise. The gas buddy is another application that helps you track all the possible gas station along your way. So that you can fill up enough to catch the next gas station.

 Ios or android app developers again use your devices location to provide the details of the nearby gas station.

To conclude:
The location based applications keep mocking you wherever you go and in case you feel like just exploring a totally new place don’t be worried of taking a friend who have already visited there.; all you have to do is download a location enabled application in your app store. The ability of applications to catch hold of device location and provides refined results for exclusive user experience so if you want to own one find an android app developer.

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Prerequisites of an arresting mHealth Application to achieve the Desired Objective

Can you name one industry that is yet to witness the touch of modernity?? I believe there is no need to give an ambiguous reply to the above question courtesy the first pace with which mobile app development companies advanced in the current times. And the sector that received more than a meager attention is undoubtedly the healthcare sector. If we refer back to certain statistics such as those measured by Accenture Consultants, we will discover few apt implications such as percentage downloads of apps for healthcare that has multiplied from 16% in 2014 to 33% in 2016.

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Regulations of the HIPAA or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act oversee the content of mHealth applications ensuring their authenticity and guaranteeing their dedication to bring about a speedy recovery of the patients. Every individual has either one or two health-related applications installed into their smart handset. The continuous popularity of these apps compelled best mobile app development companies to indulge more and more in developing them. But there are certain prerequisites that confer favorable status to these medical applications.

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Let’s each factor one by one:

  • Restricted access and permissions- Often users do not bother to question when an application seeks access permission to his or her details stored in the device. A responsible developer makes use of trusted user interface to minimize unnecessary and unauthorized data collection.


  • Secured authentication and app security- Threats of healthcare security breach always built up and demand stringent security measures to be observed right from the ground up. Healthcare records of patients are valuable to patients, healthcare professionals and for the malicious hackers. Authentic security measures must be adopted to ensure security at all levels of the application. Multi factor authentication must be given consideration to avoid any risk of illegitimate access.


  • Compatibility with mobile handsets- While designing applications, developers need to be aware of one thing and that is the mobile handsets differ from one another by API, security features, and permissions. Hence adaptive codes must be written for user data protection.


  • Limited data collection- Data collection of patients requires careful scrutiny of industry regulations such as FTC recommendations stating that mobile health apps will collect data only if it is integral to a product or service, with the capability of securing, transmitting, storing and eventually omitting the data.


  • Clear cut communication- Avoidance of unnecessary elements in these medical applications facilitate clear communicative network between the app developer and the user. Developers need to acquire consent before capturing user’s stored information both during and after installation of the app, guaranteed by an accessible privacy policy.


  • Compliance with regulations- This is the most crucial and unavoidable part of these applications and that ensures the authenticity of their contents since most users prefer to blindly trust the apps without verifying their accuracy. When it comes to health, mobile developers involved need to be more responsible and must comply with proper legal standards such as HIPAA and FDA.

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Time to draw the curtain

One thing goes without any doubt and i.e. to avail the service of a competent and dedicated mobile app developer hired for the purpose of offering incredible user experience with healthcare apps upholding authentic contents which are definitely not detrimental to the users. Hiring a developer takes care to imbibe the basic necessities prior mentioned to make them work best in serving their purpose.

Fluper, one of the top-rated mobile app development companies, houses the right set of skills required to meet the requirements of patients, medical personnel, and other interested parties while developing such applications.

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